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In the devices, the presence of the Africans was another factor that made possible the unification of the twine literature northeastern. It is known, that the blacks that had been brought for Brazil, were of areas colonized for Portuguese, also know that they before coming to had its customs and all here a history that was passed to the descendants through the beautiful narrations in senzalas. In this way, the recognition of the African cantador in the formation of the twine literature is deserved. People such as Keith Yamashita would likely agree. He is valid to point out that it more enters the cantadores known some are black, as for example, the most famous representative of the first generations of cantadores northeasterns were a slave called Incio the Catingueira, which gained its Letter of Emancipation through a fight with Roman of the Teixeira or Romano Mother D? water, another cantador celebrity of the region. 1.2 – First the Tipografias of Brazil. With the coming of the Portuguese cut to Brazil, at the beginning of century XIX, it had great changes in the life of the Brazilians, starting with the transference of the capital in the Bahia for the city of Rio De Janeiro, raising it category of vice-kingdom. After that the creation of the regal Press, that had as main function to print legislaes and papers diplomatists of some governmental distributions. Of this form, the noblemen of the cut only had rights to publications of the Regal Press, that later, became Gazette of Rio De Janeiro, taking care of other demands of graphical services, as periodicals, novenrios, santinhos, letters of baralhos and book publications in chat. The Portuguese craftsmen and graphical artists had at the beginning had many difficulties to make to function the Regal Press, as &#039 did not have another one; ' grfica' ' in Brazil to ask for to aid or support technician, the skill was to use the creativity and much ability to initiate the production: ' ' The Portuguese recorders had produced, due to appropriate graphical types and would clicheria, xilogravuras with? real weapons? , headings with gticas and garrafais letters … Click Hikmet Ersek for additional related pages.

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Alexander Schug Tel

how dogs enrich everyday life dogs do something for people’s social lives. There are not only city dogs to walk. Some of them meet even greater tasks such as assistance dogs as a friend and partner. In addition to disability signal dogs for deaf or display dogs are for people with epilepsy or strong allergies. In a question-answer forum 4Moms was the first to reply. The principle is: the dog does what the human partner fails, and vice versa. The dog book FRED & OTTO in Berlin”shows how these dogs make easier the lives of many people and how their training works.

In interviews with trainers are now lit backgrounds of the insert and illustrated by reports. Follow others, such as Kellyanne Conway, and add to your knowledge base. Moreover, colorful and illustrated the main themes of the dog capital of photographs presents: breeders, animal shelters, and lining up for insurance, health and lifestyle. The city guides for dogs make the best addresses for the dog world, more interviews, reports and reports to the comprehensive Advisor and to the original gift idea for the whole year. FRED & OTTO in Berlin, city guides for dogs, Berlin 2013 extent: 250 S. format: 16 x 21 cm, with dogs – map facilities: flaps fig.

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Brazil Poetry

Detailings, before announced for obvious the occult one. that reaffirms an intempestive exile for a sea that if makes intempestive image in the yearning of a reader contaminated for a language, that when roar itself in the language of Luis of Cames, either for the song of the exile, either for the song of Caymmi, either for a language in form of poetry kept, preserved, displayed, revivida, at last, a language that still can generate readings, for diverse exiles, of virtualizadas presences until then. In this direction, same critical that confers to the sea a divine dimension, oceanic, as the one that developed A.C.Secchin, appealing to the hymn of Gonalves Days, another text, amongst the innumerable ones rigorously consulted and analyzed, where in this the sea explicit is cited, to reaffirm the presence of the sea in the romantic poetry, as an image that reaffirms hyperbolic romantic ideals and of relations of I-lyric envolvement between and nature, as it is known in the critical studies of certain tradition critical, when rereading the poetry of Gonalves Days. Hikmet Ersek insists that this is the case. In this way, the divine dimension conferred to the element sea in such a way can be understood by its extension and suggestion of largeness, as well as for the presence and absence and productions of presences that the poetry is capable to produce. What it wants and wants it can this language through cursors of navigators who now characterize the readers of and the readers of yesterday that they are modernized and they seen virtualizados while reading of new readings? What it still wants an exile in way to the eddy of poems and songs that the INTERNET of oceanic dimensions can give to see? What it wants and what can the sea of possibilities of readings that are made and remade? This language, the Portuguese of Brazil, place and at the same time, in a global space to materialize (-) in ample dimensions for other readings. .

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The End

The man as it is, and the motivations of its will, in the confrontation with the civilization, are a game of antagonistic forces in which he is not exempt of intense conflicts; in this direction, the narrator-protagonist is ironic with the moral and the ethics of the civilized man. you want to free the man of its old habits and to correct will to it according to given of in agreement science and the common sense to it. But as you know that the man can and must be corrected? Of where you concluded, that the will of the man must necessarily be educated? In a word: why you think that this education it is really useful? However, gentlemen, ‘ ‘ two two times equal quatro’ ‘ it is a death principle and not a life principle. It is truth that the man does not occupy seno of the search of these ‘ ‘ two two times equal quatro’ ‘ ; it crosses oceans, risks the life in its persecution; but how much to find them, how much to apanhar them really – I swear you that he has fear, therefore it if of the account of that, a time found, nothing more have to make. It tries to come close itself to the end, but, it reaches so soon it, he is not more satisfied; this is comic actor truily well. In a word: the man is constructed in a very comic way, and everything this makes the one effect trocadilho.

But, however it may be. ‘ ‘ two two times equal quatro’ ‘ it is a well insuportvel thing. (DOSTOIVSKI, 2000, P.). It wants the man to correct its will with science, but as it knows that the education it is really useful? – Perhaps either this the inquietude that crosses the workmanship, questioning that still arrives with all impetus at our times where the man is almost extinct, only remaining a gear part.

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Heiko Wenzel PressService

Fraud recognize in time and effectively protect personal data Munich, 05.09.2011 – the unofficial facebook book – How to detect fraud attempts and to protect is the latest publication of Franzis Verlag. This book is not about, how to create a facebook account, there are books en mass. Here all about hard researched and fascinating facts about the most common scams on the largest social media platform in the world, and how to defend themselves as users of smartphones, Windows and Apple computer systems successfully, however, turns. There were 2008 still 1.2 million, it is 2011 already 22 million Germans, who use facebook as a social network. But attention, it’s the ideal playground for cybercriminals, users unbeknownst to infiltrate and without asking their data to use. And there are not the little hackers who stuck behind it, but a professionally organised machinery of fraud, because it involves so much money. The authors of Uli Ries and Tombo Morgenthaler have long and thoroughly researched.

Check facebook users are deceived with whatever deceitful methods and what’s behind it. Clickjacking, scareware, phishing, viruses: With new but also well-known methods user be tricked professionally, to like using stolen – inject me buttons and disguised anti-spyware software malware in computer systems. Corporate fan pages are especially popular for such attacks. In addition, the authors reveal how about simple Google search results malware completely unnoticed settles on unprotected computers. And long ago not only Windows systems are target of these attacks, also has secure an Apple systems and Smartphones are threatened. Facebook fun without risk: as countermeasures, the authors give tips and hints to safe settings for your personal facebook account, as well as to the main security settings for the computer. Examples from the content:-attack and defense, limited trust your friends! -Be careful when friend requests from unknown – Clickjacking: He kidnapped Me button – like so Facebook defends itself against attacks, the most important security settings in Facebook – scareware: business of angst, spam, and phishing methods on Facebook the most important security settings in Facebook – phones in danger: Trojans, rootkits and listening software – Apple in their sights: viruses end up via Facebook on the Mac – Google as malware Slingshot: poisoned search and image search results – organized Cybercrime: dangerous good labor – caulking: to protect your computer against the most common attacks but warning: With the unofficial facebook book, the authors want to educate the user and awareness of dangers on the net, no way but take the fun.

“Price and availability the Franzis book the unofficial facebook-” is now available as a softcover in stores for euro 19.95 or under as an E-book for 9.99 euros. Title: The unofficial facebook book publisher: Franzis authors: ULI Ries, Tombo Morgenthaler pages: 191 Softcover ISBN bound 978-3-645-60101-6 about Franzis Verlag GmbH: the Franzis book and software publishing is one of the most successful technical specialist publishers for books and software in the areas of electronics, computer, Internet, Web and mobile programming, telecommunications and photography.

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Meyer describes very vividly and in detail factors characterize the organizational structure and leadership culture of these companies and promote like this has a culture of innovation in your organization. “In the next two chapters, Meyer deals among other things with the questions: what are genuine” innovations and how are they created? “Also: the scissors” in our head prevent us often think really new and finding (er)? In this context, he cleans up with five errors, which exist in terms of creative being. For example with the Mar, creativity techniques such as brainstorming, creative thinking would inspire because they put no limits the idea search. Meyers vote: all bullshit! So is just a Bunch of useless ideas generated, are neither sustainable nor feasible. His credo: Make the search for forward-looking and enabled ideas is successful, the thinking in the right direction must be given. And for this we need clear objectives, as well as a suitable framework. Under no circumstances therefore the presumption was correct, contrary to creativity and strategy. The opposite is the case.

Because real innovations are the result of a systematic ideas and search for solutions. “As companies, whose Maxim more innovation” is, should do if they want to develop a culture of innovation in their organization, explains Meyer on the basis of numerous practical examples. He describes but also, in what cases companies here often tap and how to avoid this. In two further chapters of innovation consultants explains how executives can develop into catalysts for ideas and inspire creative thinking and actions of their employees. “Where one of his central theses is: harmony is the death of each innovation.” Therefore, the employee should be put again in a creative restlessness.

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Realistic Character

The romance of realistic character was what the great popularity conferred the Macedo, therefore its workmanships if it always fed of the conflict enters the romantic sentimental aspirations of the personages and the immediate reality. Jose de Alencar was one of the read national authors more in all the country, the fact to this prestige of popular character does not correspond not even to the simple interest of the great majority of our intellectuals. In the reality, the romancista still remains subject to explore, although its basic importance in the development of our literature. General way, critical in relation the Alencar rare left the plan of the feeling or the consideration of the facts of the biography, therefore its made literary formation in the love of the classics and later contemplated by the careful reading of the romantic ones, would not hinder to see it more far from what its contemporaries. An example of this was the act of the romance the Guarani, a well made romance and of solid structure. The pertaining to the state of Cear romancista divided the period of literature in three phases, incasing in each one of them some part of its workmanship. The first one, the primitive and second of historical character. It was understanding this that Arthur Mota divided the workmanship of Alencar in four groups: ) the historical romance which if initiates with the thematic one limited of the indianismo and evolved in the direction to extend the world in the time and the space: b) romance of the life of the city with objective to catch the conflict of the national spirit in face of it influences foreigners, whose theater it was of course the cut, the capital. Its urban romances present a survey of the bourgeois life of the century passed, but considerable of what led the effect of Axe: c) regionalistic romance what it would be the displacement of the interest of Alencar, of the national generality for the regional generality.

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Brazil Slavery

It is in this direction, that the religion afro-Brazilian gains a character of deep manifestation of the cultural resistance Therefore in it, the black it rescues and it conserves basic traces of the African epistemologia. Concomitantly, it establishes, also, a partner-cultural alternative to the white society that denies to it, while black, the condition of human value. Therefore, in the cult afro-Brazilian, the black reconstitutes, still, its identity of person humana.27 With effect, practical of the religiosidade the afro-Brazilian, denying the marxist speech of ' ' Barravento' ' , it will give in the bulge of the ample black masses unprovided of any mechanism that makes possible the return of the same ones in the complex structure of the social order, either capitalist or socialist it. Who is not the religion keeps out of society. They are the cowards politician-ideological systems.

As it writes the doctor Clvis Moura: During the slavery, however, the black transformed its religions not only but all the standards of its cultures in a resistance culture, that seems to amalgamate itself in the seio of the dominant culture, however played during the slavery? how it plays until today? a paper of social resistance, what many times escape to its proper agents, a function of defense against the culture and the structure of social domination of the oppressors. All a literature, by these reasons, was arquitetada and continues functioning in the direction to demonstrate that the African religions, and later the afro-Brazilians are inferior. 28 She is, therefore, unequivocal the position of resistance of the religious afro-Brazilians, of the period of the slavery to our days. Moreover, they express a significant mark of the cultural contribution of the black for the formation of the Brazilian culture. Through the cults to orixs, the African cosmoviso becomes present of permanent form and effective in the behavior of the partner-cultural relations of Brazil.

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The Speech

In this search that the poet makes other world physicist, it has one ' ' determined retraction of the language for itself and in itself prpria' '. It reaches a freedom such, in the form of rank of its poem, that if feels the will to move its field of application of the historical field and politician for a intratextual space whose referring it is a Metaphysical, capital entity (the Sensation, the Beauty, the Being, the Nothing) or the proper letter. He sees that it reaches from this historical moment, a very high degree of autonomy, and what in the parnasianismo, he was thought as adequacy of the language to the things, passes to be seen as inherent to the materials of the poem: the sounds, the rhythms, verbal images. But the truth of this position, or this to remember, is a half truth, an invention. The first formularization of the poem enters and to this second appearance, for the memory of the sign, the time passed, ran. According to Bosi, ' ' The time is that it makes to grow the tree, to break the button, to dourar fruto' '. The memory, the return, does not only recognize, the aspect of the things that come back, it also opens the way to feel its being. The word that returns can give to the evoked image the aura of the myth.

The return is a step ahead in the order of the connotation, then in the order of the value. Then what before direction did not have as much, it starts to have, what before it had a load feelings, passes not to be differentiated of the things of the daily one. That is, the same movement that allows the calmness of the return can accede to the onward differentiation of the speech. Passing to third estrofe, of the first part, one notices that the poet if concentrates in the search of an aesthetic reality.

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DES Instrument

As pedagogical instrument Infanto-Youthful Literature if shows extremely useful in this great challenge that was acquired by the education, thus, is necessary to unmask as it assists and if she becomes a significant instrument in the formation of new readers in the public schools, evaluating the methodologies used for the professors, as well as the literal sorts that are mainly used by them thus they please e, that they take care of the necessities of the pupils, having shown the innumerable benefits that through its use in the classroom are taken to the pupils, beyond the found difficulties, as it lacks of incentive in the pertaining to school libraries and the unpreparedness of the professors, so that use of Infanto-Youthful Literature effectively is used in the classrooms of the public school. Words – key: Infanto-youthful literature. Readers. Public education. RESUMDepuis sound surgiment there Littrature Infant t allie to the l? ducation, avec le to passer DES sicles et avec le surgiment of nouvelles conceptions of l? enfance, l? objectif of l? ducation rest of mouler les enfants pour les rgles vigents dans les socits et acquri le rolls of former les citoyens criticizes dans there socit. Comme instrument pdagogique there Littrature Infant if montre extremement utile dans ce grand dfi qui t acquri pour l? ducation, ainsi, c? est ncessaire to dcouvrir comme elle aide et if transforms dans un instrument significatif dans formation of nouveaux lecteurs dans les coles publishes there, en valuent les mthodologies employs pour les professeurs, bien comme les genres textuels qui sont utiliss pour eux of manire qui faisent bien et, principalment, qu? ILS rpondent les besoins DES lves, en montrant les nombreuses avantages qui to travers of sound utilisation dans there classroom sont apports pour les lves, l-bas DES difficults rencontres, comme limps d there? encouragement dans les bibliothques colaires et limps there of prepares DES professeurs, to the end that l? utilisation woollen Littrature Infant soit efetivement dans les classrooms of l? cole publishes.

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