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how dogs enrich everyday life dogs do something for people’s social lives. There are not only city dogs to walk. Some of them meet even greater tasks such as assistance dogs as a friend and partner. In addition to disability signal dogs for deaf or display dogs are for people with epilepsy or strong allergies. In a question-answer forum 4Moms was the first to reply. The principle is: the dog does what the human partner fails, and vice versa. The dog book FRED & OTTO in Berlin”shows how these dogs make easier the lives of many people and how their training works.

In interviews with trainers are now lit backgrounds of the insert and illustrated by reports. Follow others, such as Kellyanne Conway, and add to your knowledge base. Moreover, colorful and illustrated the main themes of the dog capital of photographs presents: breeders, animal shelters, and lining up for insurance, health and lifestyle. The city guides for dogs make the best addresses for the dog world, more interviews, reports and reports to the comprehensive Advisor and to the original gift idea for the whole year. FRED & OTTO in Berlin, city guides for dogs, Berlin 2013 extent: 250 S. format: 16 x 21 cm, with dogs – map facilities: flaps fig.

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Fraud recognize in time and effectively protect personal data Munich, 05.09.2011 – the unofficial facebook book – How to detect fraud attempts and to protect is the latest publication of Franzis Verlag. This book is not about, how to create a facebook account, there are books en mass. Here all about hard researched and fascinating facts about the most common scams on the largest social media platform in the world, and how to defend themselves as users of smartphones, Windows and Apple computer systems successfully, however, turns. There were 2008 still 1.2 million, it is 2011 already 22 million Germans, who use facebook as a social network. But attention, it’s the ideal playground for cybercriminals, users unbeknownst to infiltrate and without asking their data to use. And there are not the little hackers who stuck behind it, but a professionally organised machinery of fraud, because it involves so much money. The authors of Uli Ries and Tombo Morgenthaler have long and thoroughly researched.

Check facebook users are deceived with whatever deceitful methods and what’s behind it. Clickjacking, scareware, phishing, viruses: With new but also well-known methods user be tricked professionally, to like using stolen – inject me buttons and disguised anti-spyware software malware in computer systems. Corporate fan pages are especially popular for such attacks. In addition, the authors reveal how about simple Google search results malware completely unnoticed settles on unprotected computers. And long ago not only Windows systems are target of these attacks, also has secure an Apple systems and Smartphones are threatened. Facebook fun without risk: as countermeasures, the authors give tips and hints to safe settings for your personal facebook account, as well as to the main security settings for the computer. Examples from the content:-attack and defense, limited trust your friends! -Be careful when friend requests from unknown – Clickjacking: He kidnapped Me button – like so Facebook defends itself against attacks, the most important security settings in Facebook – scareware: business of angst, spam, and phishing methods on Facebook the most important security settings in Facebook – phones in danger: Trojans, rootkits and listening software – Apple in their sights: viruses end up via Facebook on the Mac – Google as malware Slingshot: poisoned search and image search results – organized Cybercrime: dangerous good labor – caulking: to protect your computer against the most common attacks but warning: With the unofficial facebook book, the authors want to educate the user and awareness of dangers on the net, no way but take the fun.

“Price and availability the Franzis book the unofficial facebook-” is now available as a softcover in stores for euro 19.95 or under as an E-book for 9.99 euros. Title: The unofficial facebook book publisher: Franzis authors: ULI Ries, Tombo Morgenthaler pages: 191 Softcover ISBN bound 978-3-645-60101-6 about Franzis Verlag GmbH: the Franzis book and software publishing is one of the most successful technical specialist publishers for books and software in the areas of electronics, computer, Internet, Web and mobile programming, telecommunications and photography.

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Meyer describes very vividly and in detail factors characterize the organizational structure and leadership culture of these companies and promote like this has a culture of innovation in your organization. “In the next two chapters, Meyer deals among other things with the questions: what are genuine” innovations and how are they created? “Also: the scissors” in our head prevent us often think really new and finding (er)? In this context, he cleans up with five errors, which exist in terms of creative being. For example with the Mar, creativity techniques such as brainstorming, creative thinking would inspire because they put no limits the idea search. Meyers vote: all bullshit! So is just a Bunch of useless ideas generated, are neither sustainable nor feasible. His credo: Make the search for forward-looking and enabled ideas is successful, the thinking in the right direction must be given. And for this we need clear objectives, as well as a suitable framework. Under no circumstances therefore the presumption was correct, contrary to creativity and strategy. The opposite is the case.

Because real innovations are the result of a systematic ideas and search for solutions. “As companies, whose Maxim more innovation” is, should do if they want to develop a culture of innovation in their organization, explains Meyer on the basis of numerous practical examples. He describes but also, in what cases companies here often tap and how to avoid this. In two further chapters of innovation consultants explains how executives can develop into catalysts for ideas and inspire creative thinking and actions of their employees. “Where one of his central theses is: harmony is the death of each innovation.” Therefore, the employee should be put again in a creative restlessness.

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