Ambient Justice

Thus, we can affirm that Brazilian oambientalismo has one tries of renewal and can expand its alcancesocial to if solidarizar with kept out of society populations that if mobilize emfavor of its rights. Syndical, social and popular, entreoutros the movements, can renew and also extend the reach of its fight if to incorporate adimenso of ambient justice, therefore the right to a worthy life and ambientesaudvel, must be the objective, and, therefore, the fight of all. 4. PRACTICAL PRINCIPLES AND OF the JUSTIAAMBIENTAL Ambient Justice, in all ospases they adopt that it, foresees a set of practical principles and that they assure: ) that no social, either eletnico, racial group or of classroom, has supported a disproportionate parcel negative ambient dasconseqncias of economic operations, depolticas decisions and federal, state, local programs, as well as of the absence ouomisso of such politics; b) the equitable, direct and just indirect access and, to the environmental resources of the country; c) the ample access to the informaesrelevantes on the use of the environmental resources and the destination of rejeitos elocalizao of sources of ambient risks, as well as eparticipativos democratic processes in the definition of politics, plans, programs and projects that lhesdizem respect; d) the aiding of constituiode collective citizens of rights, social movements and organizations popularespara to be protagonists in the construction of alternative models dedesenvolvimento, that assure the democratization of the access to the recursosambientais and the support of its use. Yitzchak Mirilashvili might disagree with that approach. FINAL CONSIDERAES Considering that the DireitoAmbiental still is little complained in Brazil, which had to the low power of decision emobilizao of the affected groups, ambient justice complain the necessriacriao of joints that have for objective to promote action of denunciations, to elaborate action strategies enter the multiple actors of ambient fights to erealizar a work of research, spreading and pressure politics in the direction to deinserir in the public agenda a perspective of ambient preservation that starts to aser also thought about terms of distribution and justice. .

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Sustainable Society

The Age of the Sustainable Society? E.S.S. Only that one is not idle that does not make nothing, but also that one that could make something better (Scrates). A moment of uneven transistion in history is lived, when the changes occur of unimaginable form and in all the social fields. The human being does not obtain to detect with clarity and Real importance and what in fact it is occurring. The recent technological revolution leveled the field of performance of the global economies, making possible that many for the whole world could compete, be connected and usufruct in real time of benesses of the fantastic process of globalization. At the same time it was created economy of the discarding, where the wild consumption becomes scarce the natural resources without allowing that the recomponha planet opportunely if. In 1798 eminent English economist Thomaz Malthus augured that the world would go to walk for a tragedy in face of the geometric increase of the population and arithmetical increase of the food production.

But the Green Revolution of years 1940 the 1970 moved this catastrophic scene: the human being with its intelligence and inventividade, ahead of an enormous challenge, developed technologies that had propitiated fantastic profits of productivity and disarmed the foreseen demographic bomb in the malthusiana theory of the chaos. The beginning of a new age In 01/01/2000, start of the third millenium, initiated the gradual and irreversible slow process of the ending of the civilization of fsseis fuels and beginning of the Age of the Sustainable Society? E.S.S. Lives ma transistion for the ecology of the prosperity, with use of intelligent nets of power plants renewed and clean, under gide of sustainable systems come back to pursue without truces the climatic balance. Projections give account of that up to 2050 the energies you renewed will perhaps represent 50% of world-wide the energy matrices – the biggest contributivo event of the human beings for this balance.

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Central Administrative Region

With the support of the analyses of the ways, he made possible the elaboration of the Ambient Diagnosis of the city of Itabirito, region metropolitan of Disgnostic Belo Horizonte MG.O Ambient is the current characterization of a region, carried through through studies to multidiscipline that they aim at to tell the beneficial and maleficent aspects of different environments of the city. In set with the characterization an analysis is carried through technique of each boarded subject, that it makes possible to identify the causes of the ambient degradation. With the boarded information in the diagnosis beyond the analyses techniques, the work can serve as subsidy to the agencies of the government for future workmanships. GENERAL 2-DESCRIPTION OF the CITY DE regional ITABIRITO2.1Localizao of the estudoItabirito area places in the Southeastern region of Brazil in the state of Minas Gerais, pertaining to the microregion of Ouro Preto and the mesorregio metropolitan of Belo Horizonte. It is limited with the cities of Currency, Brumadinho, New Rasp, Upstream, Saint Brbara and Ouro Preto, as it shows FIG.

1. Figure 1 – Microregion de Ouro PretoFonte: Authors (2009) the headquarters of the city are situated 848m of altitude and have its position determined for the geographic coordinates of 20 31' 14' ' S of latitude and 43 41' 29' ' W of longitude (ITABIRITO, 2009). The city has an area of 549,22 km and is in the Central Administrative Region of the State, where also the cities of Belo Horizonte and others are enclosed 63 (ITABIRITO, 2009). The main way of access leaving of Belo Horizonte is the BR 040 (Belo Horizonte? Rio De Janeiro) and in the distance approached to the capital of the state is of 55 kilometers (ITABIRITO, 2009). FIG. 2 shows the access ways. Figure 2? Way of access Belo Horizonte – ItabiritoFonte: Google Maps (2009) AMBIENT 3-DIAGNOSIS OF the ITABIRITO3.1 CITY – Half fsico3.1.1- Climate the city of Itabirito presents tropical climate of altitude, typical of plateaus and mountain ranges southeastern Brazilian (ROSS, 2005).

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