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Cooking Instructions

Separately in a skillet place olive oil, butter and remaining garlic; Cook for 1 minute over medium heat Add onion; mix up to unify the ingredients; Cook until the onion to crystallize add the pork to the sauce; stir very well and saute for 4 minutes add tomato and saute for an additional 4 minutes over medium heat add the cumin, chicken broth and chili pepper jalapeno; Cook for 30 minutes over medium heat fix of salt and pepper; turn off the heat and let stand until this meat at room temperature, add grated cheese and mix up to unify the preparation of the dough ingredients: in a bowl, place the flour and salt; slowly add water while mixing with the other hand knead well until dough has a certain consistency, until a firm, smooth, homogeneous and smooth let mixture stand for one 4-5 minutes preparation of Pupusas: divide the dough into small balls to medium-sized smaller than the fist of the hand then take one of the balls and the fingers makes a hole in the center of the ball; place 1 tablespoon of the filling of pork with cheese closing hole and flatten the ball of dough to shape into a wheel or disc; with alternate clapping of one hand against the other, is molding a wheel of mass; Once list, always in circular motion, until you achieve the desired thickness, up to form the pupusa filled, passing through the edge fingers slightly dampened in water to the curved shape and the same time close it. Repeat the above procedure, with the rest of the hot mass over high heat the budare, or failing the iron, place arepas until they acquire some Browning on both sides. Place the pupusa on the surface, for about 6 to 8 minutes; later of turn so to cook the other side, which will be ready approximately in the same time. Presentacion de el Plato: serve on a dish accompanied by a salad of cabbage, carrot, onion and green pepper cut into strips (julienne) previously pickled in vinegar. Tips: You can replace the filling of pork with cheese for cheese only, pork rinds, pork with cheese, fish stew, stuffed with squash, mixed beans. It can also be cheese and loroco, of cheese and green chili, meat, chicken, cheese and leaves of mulberry, cheese and of chipilin, cheese and squash blossom flower. Can also make pupusas revueltas calls that are prepared with pork, cheese and beans that makes a mixture then filled pupusas notaries to juliopena@dalilasgourmet.

com or contact us at our website:. dalilasgourmet. com we are a Venezuelan marriage formed by Dalila & Julio Pena. Dalila Chef international bakery and professionally in French pastry shop; Julio Licenciado en Ciencias prosecutors, professional in culinary arts, professional French pastry and Chef at international bakery, in addition to extensive experience in the management of small and medium-sized enterprises of the food sector. We immigrate to the United States in year 2. 006, with a dream to develop careers in the sector of food franchises. This year begin a so-called advanced project: Dalilas Gourmet, a company of services of preparation of Latin food with Gourmet quality!. We live in Miami, Florida and have three children.

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Install Cpanel

Start the web page design is not easy, but depending on the hosting company that we contract, this may give us some functionalities that facilitate us tasks. Specifically, if one of the features of our hosting service includes the account through Cpanel control, depending on the version of it we will have a services section where are typically agglutinate scripts. We should first define what is a script. They are pre-installed applications that will allow us to create our site automatically. For example, if we want to install a WordPress blog, with this feature of the scripts would be much easier. Generally, the managing scritps proposed by the hosting service, will allow us to install several dynamic solutions with different functionalities. Thus we can create blogs, wikis or sites that allow upload specific subject bibliography, management of campaigns advertising, calendars, surveys, project management, and traditional carts of purchase, among other things. Almost always, it will be Open Source applications in PHP or Javascripts.

Scripts with a few clicks allow us to create a professional site, both in its facet frontend – what you see user-as backend – the control panel to the Webmaster used to control the content and the look and feel of the page. The most common scripts that you will find are the Softaculous, Fantastico De Luxe and the Installatron, to mention the best-known. The best of these scripts is that they solve the problem of creating databases. Dynamic sites that propose scripts require databases that support the structure of the web. Without scripts, if we proceed to the installation of any of the solutions manually, you would need to create the database by first entering in the Cpanel section called MySQL Databases, as well as also create authorized users to enter data and make changes to the same.

With scripts, practically, you don’t need worry about the creation of the database because the program does this automatically. How proceed to creating a website from scratch with the use of scripts. Simply click on the selected script, for example the Softaculous. The different types of site that you want to create, such as a forum, a blog, a video site, or a web to enterprise project management will be displayed on the left sidebar. The possibilities are enormous. Suppose that we want to install a discussion forum in phpBB. We are going to install tab and we will fill different fields (such as the URL that you want to install the script, the name of the database that we create and the key. The system will automatically send an email with the installation data. As we can see, it is an extremely easy way solve the problem of the design of the website quickly and neat. In short, do not defeat your Cpanel utilities simply fearing to be wrong or not having too much time to get the juice. It is a section too rich to pass long.

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Flexibility Formulas

/The rough draft of the first draft of law of reform of the fixed collective negotiation in a 5% the annual labor day that will be able to be distributed of irregular form. The Government gives more capacity of decision to the company agreements. The industralists label as " decepcionante" the proposal of Work. Rough draft of the law first draft reform of collective negotiation (PDF). Valeriano, Secretary of Labor Go’mez, has affirmed that " the enterprise organization will have to the Government abierto for any formula of improvement of the flexibility that is fruit in the agreement reached with the organizations sindicales". Go’mez has made these declarations to mass media before participating in an act in the Foundation of the Workers of the Iron and steel industry in Barakaldo (Biscay), where she has given the medal to the Merit in the Work to Patricio Ortiz and Ortiz.

The minister has indicated that the Cabinet will approve Friday a decree law of reform of the collective negotiation, " but – addition has will be several months of parliamentary proceeding " because intention of the Executive is " to confirm that decree law and to transact it like project of ley" , reason why, according to it has assured, " the procedure does not finish viernes" , but that day " empieza". The Secretary of Labor has assured that " the enterprise organization will always have to the Government abierto for any formula of improvement of the flexibility that is fruit in the agreement reached with the organizations sindicales". She has showed that " the one that it must regulate, the one that it must legislate, if the necessary agreements have not been reached previously, always runs the risk of inclining the balance of a side or to another one, or as it spent the year spent, not to content to none of participantes" , although there is underlining that " the Government will maintain until the last open moment his channel of dialogo".

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Product Certification

Any entrepreneur seeking to produce only very high quality product. Since direct high quality – is that somehow or other wanted buyers. In any case, in a situation when a similar value will be immediately granted two similar products, we will get one that has the best quality. But what about the consumer finds out the level of high-quality product? Enough without question, he looks, there is certificate of compliance for the selected products. Thus, each entrepreneur realizes that he must somehow acquire a certificate of conformity to show the potential customer, the extent to which quality in his product. Very often, information for obtaining a certificate of quality you want to build your own.

More severe cases hard to imagine. First of all, need to realize, in fact need a certification for goods that you create. Since there are many products whose quality is specified in some other way. You may wish to learn more. If so, Former CIA Head is the place to go. Moreover, for a variety of products quality certificates given by different institutions certification, and volume with modern bureaucracy surely find out what exactly, is in fact impossible. That is why, if you believe that you let the galaxy of products require a certificate of quality, go to the correct solid professionals who have successfully certification services for quite a long period of time. First of all, in such organizations there is a tangible accumulated considerable experience.

This summary data system to obtain a certificate of quality that you personally would have tried to collect on parts of a month in advance there is a solid organization gotovenkaya, reducing all the time spent on the acquisition certificate to a minimum. Does not matter that you had to, for example, BMS, here you can always explain what to do to get it without problems in the shortest period of time. The funds that you pay for services Experts – is incomparably small sum compared with the time and his own nerves, that you would have spent if it fought the bureaucracy alone. With the help of professionals you will not have to worry about you not had time to prepare all the necessary documents or have been able to issue a statement falsely. The exact functionality of experts will complete the course certification in the shortest period of time. Entrepreneur exactly understand the extent to which costly labor time. If you really value your free time, you realize the extent to significantly less waste it you will be given the opportunity services of a reputable company. Do not try to embrace the infinity, though the certificate of quality will cost you a minimum amount of effort.

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Some Microsoft days ago lost many emails in their free email system, hotmail, although the problem was solved by microsoft public in its official blog some of the causes by which many users could not enter your e-mail for several days. Microsoft clarifies that they use test accounts to simulate the interactions of users with the system, this allows them to detect irregularities or problems that may arise with the use of hotmail and so avoid them without having to reach users that report to them, they have stored on a server that serves as a directory, and that both redirects users who log on to incoming mail to the correct account (which is hosted on other servers). Due to these scripts, thousands of accounts were removed from the mail server, with this be faound that when users wanted to enter in the system was not your account active and system created them a new automatically, this led to users to your account freshly created and no incoming messages. Microsoft explains that the emails were never eliminated entirely since they were on another server and not that towards the redirection, this explanation is evidenced by many users that were using hotmail desktop client and could continue to access their mails without problems, what qu eno could do was to receive new emails using the customer as they which were sent were sent to the servidor-directorio. When the enterprise encountered the problem, pooled accounts that decided our older e-mails and the combinarion with newly established, in this way is could make restoring most of the mails in this way not be missed messages sent after December 30.For 94% of those affected the problem was solved on January 2, while the remaining 6% had to wait until 5. Microsoft blog also admit that not gave much importance to the problem at first upon since they had very few reports of accounts but from January 1 where complaints increased, they took as a priority this issue and for that same day already had the origin of the problem detected.They also ensure that 100% recovered all your mails without suffering any loss of information.

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