The Speech

In this search that the poet makes other world physicist, it has one ' ' determined retraction of the language for itself and in itself prpria' '. It reaches a freedom such, in the form of rank of its poem, that if feels the will to move its field of application of the historical field and politician for a intratextual space whose referring it is a Metaphysical, capital entity (the Sensation, the Beauty, the Being, the Nothing) or the proper letter. He sees that it reaches from this historical moment, a very high degree of autonomy, and what in the parnasianismo, he was thought as adequacy of the language to the things, passes to be seen as inherent to the materials of the poem: the sounds, the rhythms, verbal images. But the truth of this position, or this to remember, is a half truth, an invention. The first formularization of the poem enters and to this second appearance, for the memory of the sign, the time passed, ran. According to Bosi, ' ' The time is that it makes to grow the tree, to break the button, to dourar fruto' '. The memory, the return, does not only recognize, the aspect of the things that come back, it also opens the way to feel its being. The word that returns can give to the evoked image the aura of the myth.

The return is a step ahead in the order of the connotation, then in the order of the value. Then what before direction did not have as much, it starts to have, what before it had a load feelings, passes not to be differentiated of the things of the daily one. That is, the same movement that allows the calmness of the return can accede to the onward differentiation of the speech. Passing to third estrofe, of the first part, one notices that the poet if concentrates in the search of an aesthetic reality.

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