Brazil Slavery

It is in this direction, that the religion afro-Brazilian gains a character of deep manifestation of the cultural resistance Therefore in it, the black it rescues and it conserves basic traces of the African epistemologia. Concomitantly, it establishes, also, a partner-cultural alternative to the white society that denies to it, while black, the condition of human value. Therefore, in the cult afro-Brazilian, the black reconstitutes, still, its identity of person humana.27 With effect, practical of the religiosidade the afro-Brazilian, denying the marxist speech of ' ' Barravento' ' , it will give in the bulge of the ample black masses unprovided of any mechanism that makes possible the return of the same ones in the complex structure of the social order, either capitalist or socialist it. Who is not the religion keeps out of society. They are the cowards politician-ideological systems.

As it writes the doctor Clvis Moura: During the slavery, however, the black transformed its religions not only but all the standards of its cultures in a resistance culture, that seems to amalgamate itself in the seio of the dominant culture, however played during the slavery? how it plays until today? a paper of social resistance, what many times escape to its proper agents, a function of defense against the culture and the structure of social domination of the oppressors. All a literature, by these reasons, was arquitetada and continues functioning in the direction to demonstrate that the African religions, and later the afro-Brazilians are inferior. 28 She is, therefore, unequivocal the position of resistance of the religious afro-Brazilians, of the period of the slavery to our days. Moreover, they express a significant mark of the cultural contribution of the black for the formation of the Brazilian culture. Through the cults to orixs, the African cosmoviso becomes present of permanent form and effective in the behavior of the partner-cultural relations of Brazil.

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