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With the implementation of the prizes of Better Actor and Coadjuvantes Actress in 1936, new rules had been elaborated to differentiate which actors could be indicated to the most recent categories. Until today still certain confusion prevails, although that had a change of regulation in 1964, where was defined that the members of the interpretation sector would be responsible for the differentiation between what is main or coadjuvante paper. However, it is a category sufficiently waited in recent years and also for the Oscar of 2012. In 1936, the first actor to receive estatueta golden from Better Coadjuvante Actor was Walter Brennan, who acted for the film ' ' My Son is My Rival' '. During the years the rules for the definition had been modified innumerable times of indicated to this category, however until today it has certain confusion in the choice of the same ones. Already the last awardee, in 2011, was Christian Bale for its performance in ' ' The Vencedor' ' , film that was recorded in only 33 days. The indicated ones for this category in the Oscar of 2012 are: Kenneth Branagh for the film ' ' Seven Days with Marilyn' ' , Christopher Plummer for ' ' All Form of Amor' ' , Jonah Hill for ' ' The Man who Changed the Jogo' ' , Max Von Sydow for ' ' So Strong and So Perto' ' Nick Nolte for ' ' Guerreiro' '. The favourite actors of the awarding in 2012 are Christopher Plummer and Kenneth Branagh, followed of Jonah Hill. The first actor, Plummer, are being indicated for the second time after much time (the first one were in 1965 for the film ' ' The Rebelde&#039 Beginning; ').

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European Central Bank

The operator of the Web catalog to make the revised category ‘ banks Weiterstadt, 08 February 2012 – standstill is regression. According to this motto, operate the operators of the Web catalog and always work on improving and the quality of their Internet presence for this reason. This includes of course winning categories, providing added value in and of itself already. But must you with regard to timeliness and developments to keep up, especially in the often very fast paced Internet. From this occasion out the already award-winning section was banks’ revised and brought up to date. A number of categories and entries were added as well as optimized, so continue to professionals such as average citizens find a focal point, who quickly informed the relevant financial institutions and the Bank action. For example, the newly created category is exemplary for this help for Lehman injured”, in the affected notes and recommendations can find regarding damages. Several banks, including funding at the country level, have also been added to global, private as well as regional financial institutions.

Continue not only individual banks listed in itself but also also in related institutions and associations, as well as information pages with explanatory notes to specific topics and therefore correlated expression. Focus including references to the European Central Bank, the World Bank, international financial institutions a priority and foreign banks offering in Germany on German-language pages, as well as on focal points, which are of central importance. The Bank overview is a subcategory of TOP finance”. The section already excellent in the past has undergone a revision in critical locations. In addition to the already exemplary categorization of institutions after federal and land level or the type of Bank (cooperative, free or private), as well as the concise page descriptions with various The issue with relevant items to crucial, current developments expanded remarks. This has gained in value and benefits the Bank Overview and is equipped accordingly by the operators with a further recommendation.

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