Webmoney Keeper

varied climbs infection – viruses, worms, trojans. And if a particular user in the worst case full cost 'drift' of the system, and a few 'dead' hours to install the necessary software and games, for a person who is engaged in online business, such promiscuity in its working tools can be fatal. System failure can cause loss of important data – and this is indirect financial losses. Governor Cuomo may not feel the same. Moreover – missed a trojan could lead to direct financial losses. My case was, even confess – two when due Use of unlicensed (and therefore does not update) OSes and missed trojan, just stupid to have climbed on my eGold and took quite a tidy sum cu Continue to science. 🙂 So just enjoy the silly antivirus and firewall compromised – that you definitely jeopardize the security of your computer and your financial security. Still, in my view, very bright and obvious example, do you know for sure aaplet 'Webmoney Keeper' – a program leading-purse payment system Runet. Imagine for a moment that it applies not free, but for some certain (quite lift) amount. Now tell me – a lot of people would have found in their right mind, who would enjoy such kryaknuta (cracked) software to manage your money? ;)) After all, the answer is quite obvious, is not it? So why do not particularly enjoy thinking kryaknuta antivirus – because the situation here absolutely similar to! From this grows legs in the second part of this article – make money on software.

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LLC Systems

Company JNet systems LLC introduced an integration platform iJANet, built on the principles of SOA, at the II International exhibition-forum e-Kazakhstan, which was held in Astana, the official support of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 2 to 4 April 2008 year. In further implementing the State program for the formation of "electronic government" in the Republic of Kazakhstan, presented solutions to overcome the "digital divide", system integration, information security software. Company JNet systems LLC supports this initiative. During the exhibition, a presentation of the first Russian SOA-platform iJANet, which aroused the interest of public structures and visitors information and communication technologies. The exhibition reached an agreement on future cooperation with a number of companies in Kazakhstan. Implementing an SOA will allow them to to integrate business processes, extend the functionality of the systems, to implement a centralized data management, business applications. "Our company took part in the exhibition e-Kazakhstan . We felt interest in SOA and our product JNet, – said Leonid Gladkikh, director JNet systems LLC..

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CMOS Sensors

Greater the number of megapixels is only due to a special use in the professional field, and such models do not come to market consumer-grade digital cameras. Image quality with such a resolution is quite enough to create a beautiful family albums. Also, in the amateur segment will emerge with the type of camera CMOS sensor (CMOS), but consider this standard is not worth it, most likely, this type of matrix will increase the cost apparatus and will not affect significantly the quality of the images. Optical stabilization was necessary function in the last year and the year this will strengthen its position in all segments of the amateur cameras. Also, almost All cameras will be used double stabilization – a combination of optical and digital. Optical zoom (zoom or zoom) lets you zoom in far away from you and make a better picture.

On Today almost all the cameras are equipped with optical zoom, the most inexpensive models, he makes a threefold increase in focal length, some amateur models he reaches 12. Many Manufacturers also has a function of the digital zoom, ie increase due to mathematical treatment (approximation), but be aware that when you use it unambiguously deteriorates the image quality. In our look at this year's most in demand are cameras with 10 – 12 x optical zoom camera with zoom from 3 to 10-s well worth your attention, but to a lesser extent and it is more likely due to cost savings. Size display in 2009, also ceases to grow, because further increase the size of the display is simply not the size of the camera. Thus, manufacturers face a choice either to produce a compact digital camera with Display 2.7 '- 3.0', or increase the size of the chamber simultaneously with the display.

The second option will likely not become a mass phenomenon, because compactness of the camera is still very strong argument for his choice, especially if it is of rest, when you do not want to take a not that big machine, extra towel does not always capture. So the ideal size of the display in 2009 will be equal to 2.7 '- 3.0'. Please note that many manufacturers this year Announce cameras for outdoor activities or cameras strength. Moreover, active recreation can not only be on the hot beach, but in winter the ski resort. They are waterproof, impact-resistant and dust-protected, they can withstand cold and heat and controlled by taps and claps on the case. While in the past for the camera with these characteristics come up with a special cover, now the design is absolutely no damaged and the camera looks as stylish as usual and no extra features. Of the novelties of this format, we note 12.1-megapixel Canon PowerShot D10 and Olympus TOUGH-8000 and 10 megapixel Olympus TOUGH-6000.

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Computer Information: Keep Or Not To Keep ?

At present, man has become so busy the computer information that he increasingly is needed automation to deal with it, that is to restore order in their files, letters, photographs or documents. Each is painfully familiar with the situation when you know exactly what the file is you have to drive, but do not remember where – and the fun that full-text search finds nothing. The file is located in a month – it turns out, was called is not the case, and lay not there. Or need a file that has remained in office – and you're at home, or better yet – on a business trip. It is these applications that make life easier for the active user, and is dedicated to my review.

As has become clear from the above, there are two broad categories of problems to be solved such applications – is on the one hand, centralized storage of their information – files / notes / phone and on the other hand, systematization of their personal or corporate data, and, quite possibly, the combination of two. Let's start with a very interesting application DropBox (), and the only one whose essence in keeping their files in so- called the Cloud – a server on the Internet. That is, in simple words, you can write to a special folder on your computer, any file that is immediately synchronized with the server on the Internet and immediately become available owner from any other computer or even mobile phone. Very convenient – no need to carry a stick or send by mail. In the simplicity of the force. Went a little farther creators EverNote () – they not only place the user data in cloud and make them accessible from anywhere, but also offer the beginnings of systematization – to facilitate further search. In EverNote, all information is divided into pictures, notes and voice, as well as have an opportunity to tie each block information to a specific tag. Although it is worth noting that this feature is not home, and is not very convenient – in the depths of the interface that is easy to navigate through the information pushed to the background.

The creators of the third program – CuteTag () – On the contrary put forward the idea of organizing to the forefront. Tags displayed on the main screen and always in sight, though they have not yet properly synchronized with the server itself – or rather is in development according to Laid information on the site. In general, the idea of maximum simplicity dominates in such applications. For example, NotationalVelocity () is just a sample of simplicity: just one window, where you can enter any text, and if such word or phrase is already in the database – to give a hint. Following article I would like to devote the second aspect – the systematization and organization of information – and bring a number of interesting and fascinating programs dedicated to organizing information.

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