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Romanesque Hermitage

This protected space runs on the banks of the River Duraton and corresponds to an area ranging from the Villa de Sepulveda to the embalse de Burgomillodo, about 27 km. It extends into the municipalities of Sepulveda, Sebulcor and Carrascal del Rio. In this middle of this tributary of the Duero stretch, the river has created a deep canyon in an area of limestone, the sickles, which reaches more than 100 meters high at some points.It was declared natural park in 1989, in response to their landscape values, flora and fauna. Noteworthy are its population of Griffon Vultures, one of the largest European colonies; In addition to other birds like Egyptian vulture, Golden Eagle, Kestrels, owls, peregrine falcons are differentiated three areas or ecosystems: navaluenga (at the top), the cut and the bottom of the valleAl natural value must be added the cultural heritage of the area. In addition to the Villa de Sepulveda, which deserves special mention, within the Park can be found the Romanesque Hermitage of San Frutos (which offers some of the) best views of the sickles), the cave of the seven altars (Visigothic Rock Church) and the monastery of our Lady of the angels of the Hoz.El Park has several panoramic views, recreational areas and hiking trails. Sepulveda is the interpretation Center, the Park House, where to get information, and some necessary permissions in steer on areas of the Park Reserve.One of the most popular tourism options is the routes in a canoe, by the waters of the Canyon, and can observe the flora and fauna from the river bed.

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The Sales Letter

We always wonder how it should be a sales letter, which should be the shafts that rotate to a great success of a sales letter. As well try to encompass the complexity that has to transcribe one, to begin we will define the concept, and as the best sales letter won’t be that make more sales about a product or service, as a result of convincing the customer via text and graphics of an exclent product presentation, and for completion to the decision the customer to buy that product or resource on a website. Until here everything is clear.A letter of sale applied to Internet, combines a series of proven psychological factors, which greatly increase the results as a hesitant visitor, finished buying. It is reasonable when selling a product that the customer can prove it, or at least in demo form, if it is not possible therefore directly the client will have what to buy. A sales letter must be improved, both in the faborable case because the product is sold; and if not sold it is evident that also for approach it in a different way. I am in favour of the block intended to convince the client that does as little as possible, because but seem that the product will be poor quality. Now let’s think about dividing a sales letter. 1 Header.

We have incorporated holders flashy, accompanied by an image or banner to define the product as best as possible, here is where to collect the client, if in those first few seconds does not like the header, possibly not continue reading the sales letter. 2 Credibility. It has to establish trust with the customer, and the company or private seller, a few paragraphs will suffice to capture the credentials. 3 Testimonies. This is an option that have many sales letters, but clear then there is reality or not of them. I am in favour of putting contrasting testimonies of real characters, and having website, in order to ensure their true testimony. 4.

Warranties. Very important, since if you do not offer it you are at a disadvantage, and should be the guarantee of repayment of the purchase, this It would transferred the wall of mistrust by the customer. 5. Price and bonuses. The price has to be very competitive, and the button to link to purchase should be striking for its cautivacion. It is strongly recommend to provide a particular promotion that includes bonuses or gifts that complement the product in question. Ultimately we have to capture that customer take the action of buying the product and their gifts. When I make a sales letter always put a summary of what the customer takes, and in detail, so that no doubt it purchase effected. The sales letter is without any doubt a true art.

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A research study by MarketWave in 1991 asked 6,000 people who had never had a business to respond to a question: If all barriers were removed, would like to owning your own business? 85% said yes. This means that 85% of people want to get into his own business. Is why it there much more employees that owners of their own business? Fear the investigation concluded that there were four main reasons why 85% never had the entrepreneurial leap. He is not quit on their own is an easy decision, but it is surprising, the study notes that while fear is a key factor also it was the lack of knowledge that the decision of the persons concerned to not to start a business. This is a composition: needs much money most people in the survey said that they were not hundreds thousands of dollars needed to invest in a business and not know anyone more than he did. It takes much time to them do not want them the idea of working more than 80 hours per week to lose money the first couple of years to get their business underway. There is too much risk without a safety net of a regular payment, paralyzing fear of starting a business.

Do not know how without any business experience, no formal training and no knowledge of taxation, accounting, marketing or any other important skills required by some businessmen, which was easier to simply continue to do what they were already doing. A common response in the survey was not be like and who considered that it was too late to start. Many had to pay mortgages, a family to feed, and basically, he felt that owning your own business already is had sailed.

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