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American Treasure

While Obama continues preparing itself to take the rudder from the boat of the American economy that is sailing by stormy waters, it asks to him Bush who delivers the maximum attack to avoid that the crisis situation is deepened, during the days that remain to him in the power. But from the government of Bush they seem not to do too much case to him. That at least seems to be observed with some decisions that alter the nerves. In yesterday, the secretary of the American Treasure, Henry Paulson, announced modifications in the plan of salvataje approved by the Congress of the EE.UU., those that generated great preoccupation in the markets. Meanwhile, arriving at the end of his mandate, George Bush one is clear sorry by some errors: I regret some things that must not have said, said. Bush creates enough to have made the things or, since he recognized like errors only the salary requested alive or died to Osama Bin Laden and the considered salary that the war of Iraq was finished at the end of 2003. Perhaps the mega has forgotten that crisis that affects their country and to the entire world it is product of produced serious errors in its government. The American economy is now in a situation of great fragility, by the crisis not only prevails but also because of the economic disorders realised by the president who destroyed in his mandates all the work carried out by the Clinton management to order the fiscal accounts (accidentally with a serious deficit produced by the management of George Bush father). The common American does not let itself deceive by Bush and is why in the survey realised jointly by Cnn and the Company of Public opinion, 76% of the survey people expressed their displeasure by the behavior of president Bush during their mandate.

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End of Language

The well-known Phenomenon of End of the Language ( I know that I know something although I cannot remember it, although I have in the end of the language ) is a subjective state that, in certain occasions, a person undergoes when he is sure that she knows a word certain but, at the same time, he is not able to accede to her and to emit it. One would be a selective failure in the lexical recovery from the semantic memory. One is a design of an investigation that would analyze the effect priming, in two different varieties: semantic versus perceptual (visual), in phenomenon PL. In the experiment 180 subjects would participate (men/women), of ages between 25 55 years, distributed in different groups from age. Controlled the effect cultural level and the semantic type of priming, one only appears of associative type.

The formulated hypothesis is that it will be hoped to obtain better latency of answer when in the task of induction of phenomenon PL priming appears semantic that when priming appears visual. The obtained results of the investigations of Brown and McNeill would be discussed to the results considering, and in relation to the theories of the Conexionistas Models. Key words: phenomenon end of the language effect priming lexical access Introduction According to Levelt (1989), an adult of average education owns an active vocabulary that contains about thirty thousand words, which makes comprehensible that the study of the processes of access to the lexicon is so fascinating for the investigators, when trying to discover how a so quick election of the word adapted during the fluid speech can be carried out, requiring for it a series of processes of lexical recovery practically automated.

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