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"The most promising kind of it outsourcing remains a support service – the director of the company MT-Projects "Maxim Filichev. – This is truly limitless market. And it can work with both large companies that need professionals with specific qualifications, as well as in fast-growing sector of smb, which is not necessarily create its own it department. " But a rapid decrease in cost after the it outsourcing should not expect. From the words of the head areas of technical support services and outsourcing company croc George Hovhannisyan, financial benefit in choosing this model occurs only with long-term (2-3 years) contracts for outsourcing. Regional companies are choosing outsourcing is very small. "Regional it outsourcing sector is now growing in mainly due to the large companies that have opened their branches and representative offices in the regions – commented Giorgi Hovhannisyan. – In such organizations, outsourcing model is common for all missions, and perform such contracts are usually large it companies that have the ability to provide services over a wide area.

" Most regional clients refuse to complex it outsourcing, while maintaining their it departments. Even when it outsourcing is given a certain direction, our own specialists often work side by side with the external. Often the leaders of many organizations are simply not prepared to use it outsourcing. "Sometimes, realizing principal advantages of working for an outsourcing scheme, executives have a very hazy understanding of how it is done in practice. "- says Valentin Mayura. "Most companies in it outsourcing are not ready yet, – said Maxim Filichev.

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International Television Competition

10/05 January by a trip to the Carpathian Mountains, where in , Ivano-Frankivsk region, held semi-finals of the International Television Competition "Southern Express". From the university attended college student Social creative teams from Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Our female students have just conquered all. Jurors could not restrain her tears, listening to the song Polina "Light the candle." Despite the fact that the composition of participants was strong, our girls were the best: Christina took 1 st place, and Paulina – 2-e. Now we have to fight for the Grand Prix in the finals, which will be held June 25 in one of the most picturesque cities in the Crimea – Yalta.

In the city students rscu in cooperation with other Festival contestants laid flowers at the cenotaph at the Heroes' Square. At the memorial slabs with inscribed names of the fallen soldiers during the Second World War, there is always a flower. Says chairman Board of Veterans rscu Vladimir OIC: "Holding the final competition of patriotic songs in Ukraine in the Crimea – a landmark event not only for young people in Ukraine, but also other members of the cis countries. Data events bring together young people form the young people respect for wwii veterans, careful attitude to the study of national history. Ultimately, the process of forming a patriotic consciousness, strengthening the spirituality and morality of youth. "Grits Says Christina:" Such competitions are very helpful in the creative development, communication, promote career. At the tournament we Polina recorded a few songs, which are now broadcast according to the Ukrainian radio. We were given the opportunity to meet with representatives of Ukrainian mass media, our university was reported in newspapers.

On rivals – each of them was a worthy competitor, all prepared thoroughly. About the tournament – it is very interesting. It's nice that we were met by friendly. Conducted tours to places of military glory, to the museums. In those places are very beautiful nature. Now we wait for the call to the final. Lot of work ahead – because everyone wants to be first. " February 18-19 in rscu will host the second festival – competition of patriotic songs "We are the heirs of Victory", on "the Day of Defender of the Fatherland." Contestants of the festival will fight for the right to participate in International Youth trains, in honor of 65 anniversary of the end of World War ii under the motto "The road of peace, friendship and harmony" on the route: "Volgograd-Moscow-Berlin-Elba, also take part in a gala concert in Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Hill. In the framework of events dedicated to the 65-year anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, last summer in the Crimea was a student festival and competition "Heirs of the Victory." The initiator of the festival was our university and the International Academy of Spiritual Unity of the peoples of the world, whose president is the Hero of the Soviet Union, Soviet cosmonaut, assistant to the rector (in the rank of vice-chancellor), Vladimir V. Kovalyonok. First place was taken by our Miss Helen rscu Zavodskova.

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