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During tour of 2008, the economy of Brazil has gone from being immune to the effects of the international financial crisis to see heavily tapped through mainly financial channel (though in recent months also felt the effect from the front of the real economy). Despite the slowdown that is beginning to produce in the economy of Brazil and which will be deepened during the first half of 2009, as we comentaramos on one of the news of yesterday’s Brazil eighth economy in the world?, a study conducted by the British Research Centre, the Centre for economics and business research (CEBR), indicates that the global economic crisis could lead to Brazil be the tenth world economy to become the eighth in the ranking of the world’s major economies. The reason for this fact would be given by the highly negative impact of the international financial crisis is having on the economies of Spain and Canada that you would waste part of your product Gross domestic (GDP) while the product of Brazil’s economy continues to grow, although at a lower rate. Based on growth projections published by the international publication LatinFocus, which arise from a survey it carried out different analysts, the Brazilian economy would grow on average by 5.2% this year, slowing to 3.1% for 2009. The information released on the day of yesterday, in relation to the growth of the Brazilian economy during the third quarter of this year, showed an increase of 1.8%. This good performance observed in the third quarter shows that the economy of Brazil has not yet observed a significant deterioration, as it is the case of the developed economies. In this way, the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE) also reported that the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) expanded by 6.8% in the third quarter compared to the same period of 2007. Another fact positive of the Brazilian economy in recent days has been the strong inflationary slowdown, observed in the IGP-DI inflation index, which may allow the Central Bank of Brazil, its inflationary goal without applying a more restrictive monetary policy, thereby, improving the chances of reducing the potential slowdown of economic growth. .

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The above has drastically impacted on failure and sustained process of plant closings venezolanas, restricting production and national economic development which, in turn, has generated increased layoffs and job losses and, therefore, the strengthening of the informal economy, as an alternative means of subsistence. Academically, the crisis of leadership lies in the lack of awareness and recognition that each student is responsible for becoming leader of the personal and social, as visionary and leading conductor of national change, in their intellectual training (knowledge) process and human development (values, ethics) as active trought of a professional career, future professional and Builder of his own career in life. In addition it is essential to highlight the need for commitment on the part of the teacher in the orientation and development of professional qualities and behavioral of the student in tune with the academic of the same, thus leaving in the past routinely and discontinued practice of authoritarianism, the establishment of barriers and limitation of the development of the potential and student skills. The absence of leadership in the national universities is evident in passivity and low participation of its community in response to the shortcomings and problems of the country; as well as the lack of social responsibility and linkages with the environment business, human, economic, political, etc. Click Hikmet Ersek to learn more. This has impacted negatively on the role of the professional future, both within the scope of their comprehensive training and in their capacity for response and handling of the scenario that threatens the stability of the country. Finally, it is possible to affirm that the great void and the severe crisis facing Venezuela has its origin in the lack of consistent with national needs, and visionary leadership made these that have a direct impact on the decline in the quality of life of the Venezuelan and the total impasse in the country. Original author and source of the article.

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PIMCO is investing in this company 18 June 2009 I have a friend who likes to invest in shares, although it does so in a very particular way: my friend copied the portfolio strategy of investment funds that have managed to better profitability in the last time.My friend’s reasoning is simple: If the investment funds, which usually have a very qualified specialists team and probably handled information privileged quasi, invest in certain enterprises, it is likely that they have a high potential for profitability. For those who act as my friend, probably, a strategy that would not be bad is the attention to those papers in which investment funds observed a potential growth in a medium to long term. Thus, investing in papers with longer-term growth potential, the inverter may acquire them until the best of its growth has passed. There are two very interesting companies to invest already. Click here to find out what. What les I commented above arises from a note I read in America economics where he met the Executive Michael Gomez of the bond fund Pimco, who acknowledged that they are investing in sovereign debt of Brazil, because these bonds are the highest in the world and this is a country that is very well managed, does not have an inflation problemIt has a coin between relatively stable and strong. But Pimco has not only set in the Brazilian sovereign bonds, but has also been in the spotlight in three companies in the country, among which is the Companhia Siderurgica Nacional – CSN-(BVSP:CSNA3; NYSE:SID). CSN is the second steel company of Brazil and the first producer of flat steel, which has a capacity of annual production of 5.6 million tons and generated 16,000 direct jobs. The company has international operations, beginning its process of internationalization in 2001 through the purchase in the U.S. Heartland Steel. Leveraging the advantages, the firm operates currently in different market segments such as automotive, civil construction, containers, appliances, among others. After seeing this note, I searched the graph of its SARD to see its evolution, and found that it is observing an upward trend since the beginning of February this year. Papers of the company did not have a good day on yesterday and closed at $22,34, far from US $51, from May 2008. However, the current value of the ADR away lies the growth potential that can reach the company. Depressive economic context, it has been affected by the strong impact of the crisis has been particularly in the sector, but recent signs of global economic recovery hopes increase. The depression of the international scene was reflected in the company’s results during the first quarter of the year. The gross operating profit (EBITDA) of Q1 2009 was 681 million reais ($ 323,3 m), representing a 47% drop compared to figures for the first quarter of 2008. This sharp decline has other extenuating circumstance that CSN is recording a record in 2008, its net profit R $ 5.8 billion (US $2.529 million), double the figures for 2007. On the results of the first quarter of 2009, the brokerage Brascan said in BNamericas: since 2006 have not observed a less than 30% Ebitda margin. The reason for this result for Brascan is: this weakening of the operations is a direct reflection of the low demand for steel products. For the consultant, from such a result will be a gradual and continuous improvement every month demand that recompose the results of the signature. The expected recovery in demand for steels represents good news for the prospects of profitability of the company to which is added the decision to impose tariff measures the Brazilian Government and the end of a dispute which maintained with Vale (sao:VALE3; NYSE: VALE). Recently in Brazil decided measures tariff on steel imports that have a positive effect on the companies in the country, as CSN. Lula’s Government decided to cede to the pressures of the local industry, reimposing tariffs ranging from 12% to 14% on imported steel products. These had been eliminated in 2005. Last may, CSN managed to finish a dispute initiated by the exploitation of the mine stone house, in a negotiation than with benefits for both in 2000 by Vale, and according to which shall be at the discretion of Vale suspend or definitively cancel a contract until end of this year, to buy ore produced by Casa da Pedra. The agreement foresees also the supply by Vale of up to 3 million metric tons of pellets of iron to CSN between 2009 and 2014. In what refers to the company’s strategy in these times of crisis, it has prioritized kept liquid at least until uncertainty in the markets. In this sense, CSN made a strategic sale of 40% of the shares of national ore S.A. – Namisa- (Brazilian production company of iron ore, a subsidiary of Siderurgica CSN), to a consortium with companies in Japan and South Korea. In the same line of maintaining financial strength for this year, and considering the weakness of demand that will see a slow and gradual recovery and that will limit the volume of income, CSN has limited their investment projects to the continuity of which are already underway. At the moment, CSN has postponed the project of entering the market of long steels (the specialty of CSN are flat steels), scheduled for 2010. The construction of two new steel, one in Itaguai (Rio de Janeiro) and another in Mina Gerais was also postponed. Yes it was confirmed the continuity of investments for the construction of a cement factory. Perhaps one might think that the decision to postpone investments in steel sector represents a step backwards for the company. However this is not so since global demand is very depressed and will take a long time to resume normal, so it is not advisable on installed production capacity to expand to a current oversupply for the situation. Test of excess capacity of existing production at the global level, a friend of mine who works in a steel leader in Argentina, told me in China around 90% of steel plants are stopped, given the weak demand. Thus, in the immediate term, this Siderurgica argentina benefited from demand for steel from China that exceeds the production carried out active plants, but this situation is not sustainable in the medium term since many plants that are inactive like these from China will restart with the recovery of the global economy. To synthesize, Pimco sees a company that is well positioned in a market that while it is depressed, is in its phase of gradual recovery in CSN. On the other hand, the business strategy of the company allowed to speed recovery of their profitability compared to other companies in the sector.

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Sandra Nozal

It also has a national plan for financing in very good condition and in the last decade it has been postulated as the best destination in Latin America for the placement of foreign capital with the most favorable business environment. 3) Front Consulting in Venezuela – is the leader and pioneer in Venezuela, was founded in 1998 and comprise the largest network of consultants in Latin America, with presence in countries such as Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador or Peru. They offer legal services in addition. mundoFranquicia chose Venezuela because its economy grew 4.8 percent in 2008 and accumulated an expansion sustained for 21 consecutive quarters, driven by domestic consumption. To this must be added that the character of the Venezuelan is more open, more receptive than other countries. The main advantage of Venezuela over the rest of Latin American countries is the potential of the demand growth that has foreign investment in different sectors, given the scarce competition that exists in some or the inability to meet current and future. (4) Business expansion in Colombia – company based in Colombia, whose management team credited with more than 15 years of experience in the development of franchise and is a member of the national franchise program. They have in addition a specific portal in terms of franchises and a magazine.

mundoFranquicia chose Colombia because the Colombian GDP has shown higher growth compared with much of the Latin American countries, it occupies the first place in Latin America in availability of qualified labour and the third in the region has a population of 41 million people. He is also one of the countries with more shopping malls per capita (CA. 400) and 29% of sales occur there, compared with 33% in Spain. It has coasts in the Atlantic as well as the Pacific Ocean and boasts modern infrastructure port, which allows for privileged access to Asia, America and Europe, ends Munoz. For more information, interviews or sending graphic material do not hesitate to contact Nuria Coronado Sopena – Sandra Nozal – Tel.

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Happy people remember more positive events that actually happened and forget more than negative events Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman as result of an extensive search about true happiness, psychologist Maritn E.P. Seligman reached interesting conclusions and one of them is that people with a genetic tendency to happiness forget negative events very easily and tend to remember positive events frequently, and even invent them If they did not happen. As we know, the importance of being happy is great because we can not attract positive things if we are on negative States.

For this week I would like to recommend the following tips that will help you get rid of a time for all of the negativity that affects both your life, your health, your finances and your relationships. Tip #1 remember or invented so many positive events as possible. Takes a few minutes daily during this week to remember the happier events of your life, get a journal and title it: the things that fascinates me remember, write stories, experiences and situations funny and full of happiness and positive outcomes. Tip # 2 expands your boundaries of happiness. In your same journal opens a section called do that so happy could be? and let your imagination run thinking of things that could happen to you, and that would make you happier than you’ve ever been. Some ideas: what goals I have that when met me would become mad with happiness? What places me you fascinate visit? That was the humanity would very happy living? Things that give me a maximum State of happiness? Tip # 3 detach you from negative memories. When your mind is going towards the past, to some event negative to warn you that it can be repeated or to remind you that you should not trust it, forget the game don’t follow you your mind and beam of account that negative event did not happen. Imagine that you have a magic eraser that lets you erase those negative experiences of the mind and delete them, then when you feel tempted to remember them make a mental note to remember that that event no longer exists. -Did you like this article?

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Romanesque Hermitage

This protected space runs on the banks of the River Duraton and corresponds to an area ranging from the Villa de Sepulveda to the embalse de Burgomillodo, about 27 km. It extends into the municipalities of Sepulveda, Sebulcor and Carrascal del Rio. In this middle of this tributary of the Duero stretch, the river has created a deep canyon in an area of limestone, the sickles, which reaches more than 100 meters high at some points.It was declared natural park in 1989, in response to their landscape values, flora and fauna. Noteworthy are its population of Griffon Vultures, one of the largest European colonies; In addition to other birds like Egyptian vulture, Golden Eagle, Kestrels, owls, peregrine falcons are differentiated three areas or ecosystems: navaluenga (at the top), the cut and the bottom of the valleAl natural value must be added the cultural heritage of the area. In addition to the Villa de Sepulveda, which deserves special mention, within the Park can be found the Romanesque Hermitage of San Frutos (which offers some of the) best views of the sickles), the cave of the seven altars (Visigothic Rock Church) and the monastery of our Lady of the angels of the Hoz.El Park has several panoramic views, recreational areas and hiking trails. Sepulveda is the interpretation Center, the Park House, where to get information, and some necessary permissions in steer on areas of the Park Reserve.One of the most popular tourism options is the routes in a canoe, by the waters of the Canyon, and can observe the flora and fauna from the river bed.

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The Sales Letter

We always wonder how it should be a sales letter, which should be the shafts that rotate to a great success of a sales letter. As well try to encompass the complexity that has to transcribe one, to begin we will define the concept, and as the best sales letter won’t be that make more sales about a product or service, as a result of convincing the customer via text and graphics of an exclent product presentation, and for completion to the decision the customer to buy that product or resource on a website. Until here everything is clear.A letter of sale applied to Internet, combines a series of proven psychological factors, which greatly increase the results as a hesitant visitor, finished buying. It is reasonable when selling a product that the customer can prove it, or at least in demo form, if it is not possible therefore directly the client will have what to buy. A sales letter must be improved, both in the faborable case because the product is sold; and if not sold it is evident that also for approach it in a different way. I am in favour of the block intended to convince the client that does as little as possible, because but seem that the product will be poor quality. Now let’s think about dividing a sales letter. 1 Header.

We have incorporated holders flashy, accompanied by an image or banner to define the product as best as possible, here is where to collect the client, if in those first few seconds does not like the header, possibly not continue reading the sales letter. 2 Credibility. It has to establish trust with the customer, and the company or private seller, a few paragraphs will suffice to capture the credentials. 3 Testimonies. This is an option that have many sales letters, but clear then there is reality or not of them. I am in favour of putting contrasting testimonies of real characters, and having website, in order to ensure their true testimony. 4.

Warranties. Very important, since if you do not offer it you are at a disadvantage, and should be the guarantee of repayment of the purchase, this It would transferred the wall of mistrust by the customer. 5. Price and bonuses. The price has to be very competitive, and the button to link to purchase should be striking for its cautivacion. It is strongly recommend to provide a particular promotion that includes bonuses or gifts that complement the product in question. Ultimately we have to capture that customer take the action of buying the product and their gifts. When I make a sales letter always put a summary of what the customer takes, and in detail, so that no doubt it purchase effected. The sales letter is without any doubt a true art.

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Successful Business Owner

If you’re leading a team as director of a company or as the owner of your own business, it takes into account that your results are measured by the performance of your computer. The results achieved, the address type, depend on you as a person at the head of the company. One who exercises the Management must achieve results through people and resources, should know what to do and what to do. You must anticipate the problems, plan to avoid them and immediately resolve those arising from unforeseen. There is a management system which is designed, like other systems, to provide methods and strategies that produce results, keeping to a minimum the stress and chaos. At its most basic level, this process involves three basic steps: planning, organisation and Control. Plan to establish labour standards that can assess and measure the progress and quality of work. In summary plan implies a) define the action line b) define goals or objectives and labour c) programming standards and remove the cost of the plan of action organized soon to implement a plan of action should be organized, which means that it takes: organize self organizing time knowing how to delegate tasks control these systems evaluate and measure what has been achieved in comparison with what was planned. To do this at regular intervals you can see if adjustments are needed to achieve the goals. Meetings of the Board of production, sales, teams, rituals and information and measurement systems, are all parts of the control mechanism to gather information, facts, figures and opinions. The important thing is to know where the energy and resources should be directed!

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