Business Intuition

Where are the entrepreneurs? Quite often, a business inherited from his parents. In other cases, life brings you to the people who offer themselves to you engage them in proportion. And there are those times when you simply head falls off ready-made business and your duty is only to maintain and develop it. In life there are any. But in this article we will consider this option when your parents never doing business and has always employed. Accordingly, the only thing they can do for you, so it does not bother you to build your business. You may find Western Union to be a useful source of information.

And friends besides you enterprising either. And the business on its head like you've never will not fall. Follow others, such as Crawford Lake Capital Management, and add to your knowledge base. This article is for those who are the typical office worker who works five days a week from 9:00 to 18:00, every month goes to the accounting department to receive their wages once a year at best, goes to rest in Egypt or Turkey, and at night, secretly dreaming of his home, a comfortable car, travel, free schedule and more about the many pleasant and inviting the soul and consciousness of things. Just want to note that those successful entrepreneurs who "Lucky" to get business by inheritance or they were on time in the right place – not lucky, that you should be jealous. These entrepreneurs are also ordinary people like you and me. But they are distinguished by one thing – positive attitude, the right belief and faith in himself. And on their thinking and positive thoughts attract into their lives the right events and people. Such thinking is difficult, but possible to learn almost every one of you.

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Introducing Business To The Capital Market .

A business owner near Moscow may subsequently wish to open a branch in Moscow – in today's business environment is a very common phenomenon. Promote your business in the capital – the case to some extent risky, the level of competition here is high enough, and the cost of rental space, not all can afford, especially if you own a small company that exists in the market for just over two to three years. One of the primary most important tasks is to monitor capital market demand for your product / service and part-time familiarity with the competition. Monitoring and part-time acquaintance, of course, you can make using the Internet. Next, you need to make a clear business plan for the implementation of their product or service in the capital market. Of course, it is necessary to calculate the financial stability of your company. Because there is a possibility and not a little that the first months of your capital subsidiary will not bring you any profits, only losses. Following the successful market research and correspondence dating from competitors and after a series of simple calculations, which, hopefully, with highly likely to report on the financial stability of your company even in a temporary loss of capital affiliate, you are ready for immediate execution of his plans.

Search for office space future deployment of your capital affiliate you can make on the Internet, the main thing is not lost on its open spaces among the dozens of proposals, which are often in reality are just nice to do advertising baits. You can also do "field research", ie choose in advance a couple of the most suitable areas for you and spend a few days of scrutiny for the existence of the selected suitable areas of the business center. Field Studies "less than a month ago, doing my good friend – the owner of a small company, with offices previously based in and Reutovo. Accordingly, it interested in the areas east of the administrative district of the capital, somewhere near the Third Ring Road, near the main transport artery hlw – road enthusiasts. Spending a couple of days, my friend thoroughly studied the selected area, his search was not in vain.

Now his new office has already successfully operates in the business center of class B Persona Grata at Andronovskoe highway, 26. It is worth noting that for my friend office in bc "Persona Grata" in addition to favorable geographic location, proved to be very cost efficient. So, imagine that your actions have been as successful, and you find suitable for you business center on the first try and without any difficulties. To have your capital branch started to work only lacks professionals. You can draw for the first time has proven manager of your regional branches – provided that these same affiliates very affected by the outflow of high-quality personnel, or their will on anyone to replace. Otherwise it is necessary to recruit new people. If your company has no HR-manager, you can use the services of recruitment agencies personnel or personally select interesting candidates on numerous Internet resources for employment. Certainly, the introduction of business on the Moscow market – is half the battle, the most important thing to be able to stay afloat, and this depends only on your personal leadership qualities and skills creatively to emerging challenges. Innocent Lukas.

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Independent Internet

“Who is left among the people, in order not to lure back” (People) Reflections on the theme: ‘And why, for what purpose a person who comes to the Internet subscribes to the mailing list about earnings in the Internet? “, Led me to think about the full Information dark, in which abides any internet novice. Some time ago and I was in complete ignorance, embarked on the path of Internet commerce. During this time it passed a lot and do a little done. And most importantly, has been created newest innovative online trading system. All this gives the right to tell me today with confidence – we made a revolution in online commerce. I’ll start with the story that the average beginner is not spoiled and is not tempted the latest technology information.

He still spends his calories, health and time, gathering the information bit by bit. It takes years and remarkable analytical skills … Starting with this letter, I will try to explain and demonstrate the ease and affordability of these technologies. I’ll tell you about the mistakes and errors Beginners Internet entrepreneurs. Tell how to solve them. You will learn about the revolutionary approach to the online business education. I’ll tell you about ‘Professional-group’ – the Association of Independent Internet entrepreneurs who revolutionized the methods and technologies of electronic commerce. About that, specific business projects working members of the Association, and why of them.

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The Answer

Motivation at work can be created simply by having a goal. After all, their job – this is first and foremost, fun, and fun person always likes to receive. In this case, if the goal is set incorrectly, could happen next – you wake up in the morning and feel the zealous opposition and reluctance to do anything, you cannot bring yourself to work. One of my colleagues, I somehow said he did not want it to constantly pull, forcing pa-bot. At this got the answer: “Pull me, Dmitry E., pull!” So he told me thus said that without my control it will not be effective. and Indeed, many people watching, I noticed when there is no purpose in life, work is not glued. Willpower – the second important quality of a businessman.

Firstly, we are alive, and can not always be right to work efficiently and burn just because of the motivation, and the lessons are not all and not always my favorite. Sometimes you just have to tune in to work, as if to send itself to disperse. Here and help willpower. Also, it helps when you need to go through trials, and in company with the belief the success of will-power works wonders. The best test of these important personal qualities – work at home. If you work in a familiar house without supervision manager does not relax, but on the contrary, mobilizes, it means that with all these qualities normal. To me, these observations were a good incentive to work on yourself – the ideal school in which for several years, I was able to fix their dreams and better to go to them.

Are you doing your business or is a top manager, you must understand the psychology of relationships with people and be able to create high-class team. We all know – a man without a team of associates is unlikely to make serious results. And how else can you build a team, if not your own hands? Need to inspire other people shared and interesting every purpose. It is also an indispensable and very necessary skill is the art of negotiation. After all, business market trends, the development of its services to your company. Build a team and range of services necessary so that every month, every quarter, every year the company was close to the intended target.

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Product Certification

Any entrepreneur seeking to produce only very high quality product. Since direct high quality – is that somehow or other wanted buyers. In any case, in a situation when a similar value will be immediately granted two similar products, we will get one that has the best quality. But what about the consumer finds out the level of high-quality product? Enough without question, he looks, there is certificate of compliance for the selected products. Thus, each entrepreneur realizes that he must somehow acquire a certificate of conformity to show the potential customer, the extent to which quality in his product. Very often, information for obtaining a certificate of quality you want to build your own.

More severe cases hard to imagine. First of all, need to realize, in fact need a certification for goods that you create. Since there are many products whose quality is specified in some other way. You may wish to learn more. If so, Former CIA Head is the place to go. Moreover, for a variety of products quality certificates given by different institutions certification, and volume with modern bureaucracy surely find out what exactly, is in fact impossible. That is why, if you believe that you let the galaxy of products require a certificate of quality, go to the correct solid professionals who have successfully certification services for quite a long period of time. First of all, in such organizations there is a tangible accumulated considerable experience.

This summary data system to obtain a certificate of quality that you personally would have tried to collect on parts of a month in advance there is a solid organization gotovenkaya, reducing all the time spent on the acquisition certificate to a minimum. Does not matter that you had to, for example, BMS, here you can always explain what to do to get it without problems in the shortest period of time. The funds that you pay for services Experts – is incomparably small sum compared with the time and his own nerves, that you would have spent if it fought the bureaucracy alone. With the help of professionals you will not have to worry about you not had time to prepare all the necessary documents or have been able to issue a statement falsely. The exact functionality of experts will complete the course certification in the shortest period of time. Entrepreneur exactly understand the extent to which costly labor time. If you really value your free time, you realize the extent to significantly less waste it you will be given the opportunity services of a reputable company. Do not try to embrace the infinity, though the certificate of quality will cost you a minimum amount of effort.

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State Application

And the first one will be granted a patent for an invention, utility model or industrial design. Next, we explain how the patent on the objects industrial property in practice. First, you need to check the spirit of the invention in terms of its novelty and industrial applicability. In accordance with the Patent Law of the Russian Federation invention is new if it is not known in the art. At this stage it is necessary to inspect the bases of the Patent Library of the existence of analogous inventions and inventions of identity.

The most close analogue of the invention taken as the "prototype" and identifies the distinctive features of the invention of the "prototype". The next step is to analyze the present invention to meet the criterion of "inventive step". Patent Law of the Russian Federation establishes a requirement that an invention involves an inventive step if it is for the specialist (the inventor), not obviously follow from the prior art. You can then take up the preparation of an application for a patent for invention. It is necessary to fill out an application itself, observing all the bureaucratic rules required.

Especially when filling out applications to draw attention to the definition of the subject matter and correct claims. They are correct and beneficial title will not only expedite the review process, but also to prevent the emergence of "clones" of the invention. The application shall be accompanied by a receipt of payment State filing fee for a patent for an invention (it currently amounts to 600 rubles), 300 rubles for filing an application for a patent for utility model, 900 rubles for filing a patent application and examination of the design.

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Management Accounting

In calculating the target cost estimate calculation traditional 'cost + profit', which determine the price of the product, based on the required expenditures and expected return should be replaced by the following calculation scheme. Target price – it's a price that customers are willing to pay for the product 1. 211. Thus, it is determined by the price predisposition customers, which can be determined using various methods to search for prices on a new product. Target price on how target costing need to be defined by the market, ie either through market research. Achievable target price, some enterprise managers, reduced by the target profit. Profit – a pre-planned business rate.

Ideally, the value of the target revenue (plan) should cover the needs of the enterprise to his development and satisfaction of owners). The difference between target price and target profit gives the allowable costs, ie such costs, which in theory should not be exceeded in the production process in order to ensure the market success of the product in the long term 3, c. 17. Depending on the competitiveness and economic strategy of the company target cost, which it tends to be located between the admissible costs and regulatory costs. In the applied aspect of target costing can be attributed a number of different calculation methods related to the calculation and analysis of the target cost. However, global practice development target costing suggests that, in most cases, the target cost management system is mandatory aggregated with elements of activity-based costing, which is dictated by the orientation target costing on customer specific requests 4. Thus, we conclude that the target cost management as a tool for strategic planning allows controlling the production of new products control costs, calculate the target cost in accordance with market conditions, which directly influences the level of competitiveness. References 1.

Drury, Introduction to management and production accounting: study guide for high schools. M: Audit, 2004. – 265s. 2. Koltyarov SA Managing costs. – St. Petersburg. Peter, 2004. – 160s. 3. Mishin, Y. Managerial Accounting: cost management and production results activity. Moscow: Delo i Servis, 2002. – 176s. 4. Pashigoreva GI Savchenko, O. Managerial accounting and analysis. St. Petersburg. Peter, 2003. – 237s. 5. Sysoev, NI Reflection of costs in Management Accounting / Bookkeeping. 2002. 6. – 55c.

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Civil Code

In order to secure the transfer of the documentary funds of one person to another, that is when the money given in debt, the easiest way to fix it – making receipts. Often our clients law firm raises the question of whether it is possible signature notarized? Notary may assure the loan agreement, as it is as stated by the Civil Code. In order to conclude notary loan agreement, the consent of the spouses of the parties, specify the essential terms of the contract (the loan amount, repayment period, penalties for non-payment of debt). Conclude / sign a receipt must be necessary, as in the case of dispute or conflict, the parties will be a document confirming the agreement of the parties and the terms of this agreement. And when a party who considers that his rights have been violated (usually do not give money when the time comes to return them), go to court.

what if the chances of a positive outcome receipts court decision increases to 90%. Jurisprudence of our company, we often find receipts that are left by negligence, error or 'faith in the word', so in the future make it very difficult to obtain a receipt for money back or lead to a situation that the court can not confirm the transfer of money borrowed. Several practical advice for drafting and signing a receipt. 1. Write the entire text of receipts by hand. Each party receipts (who takes the money, and who give money to) write his own text receipts. .

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Internet Experts

Manual for Survival in the Internet Experts companies say that about half of Runet (and this is 15 million today) from time to time uses dating sites to meet, without leaving the office or at home. But today we'll talk about more important things than dating, relationships or love – about the money. We have tried to calculate how much and in what ways can you make in dating online, if you do not own popular site of acquaintances. Slide closer calculator and a blank sheet of paper. The first way is for girls, and lies in the fact that you go to dinner with new friends male, who met with you on a dating site. During the dinner, your new friends are trying to please you, and you simply dine.

In the past year has flown ooiao story girls from St. Peterbruga that way half a hearty and comfortable to live, eat, paid expenses, and even rented a flat in a strange foreign city at the expense of all new casual acquaintances from the web. Necessary skills: a) to be a girl, b) have the initial skills of managing men. For the second method will not to be a pretty girl, but be sure to have pictures of these girls. You place them in 'their' form and invites visitors to sites on the 'my' home page, which is entirely hung with advertisements. Blogger Alex Exler estimated that showing ads to hundreds of defrauded customers and using dozens of such 'home pages', you can earn up to $ 500 a day, or 15,000 dollars per month.

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World War Economy

But work on some foreign orders is really questionable. The crisis is not only in Russia. In other countries, the problems no less than ours. And not only in the West, but also in the east. Now there is no money from anyone, all roughly equal. Think you have a dynamic economy of China has no problems? There is, moreover what. Most of the Chinese-made goods sold in the U.S. where consumption has fallen substantially.

prc authorities announced that economic growth is not 18%, while only 8%. Such a decline has not been for many years. Well, our defense enterprises will have to improve the production of goods consumer, civil products. Work will be less, but I think that without orders, our defense industry will not remain. We have experienced a difficult restructuring, the horrors of 90 years, defaulted – and survive a crisis. Though it will difficult. – Do you think that the crisis will reach its bottom? And as long phenomenon? – By my calculations, the lowest point of the crisis will be March-April 2009. The program will start a gradual recovery, growth, and I think, to the end of next year's major economic indicators return to pre-crisis rate.

year skinny bull – Judging by your projected 2009 promises to be difficult. Year of the Ox will require us to truly bullish strength, endurance and perseverance – Year will be difficult in social terms, not easy for people, but very useful for the economy. After all, any disasters contribute to the development of society. Ever wonder why, after World War ii Germany as quickly forgot? This is despite the fact that there have taken out all equipment, machinery and equipment and the Germans have left virtually nothing to revive the ruined economy. Great stress on a national scale has become powerful incentive for rapid development of the country. Germany has had only two options: starve or quickly revive its economy. Chosen, of course, the second one. Or closer to the present day example of the Russian history. Remember the nightmare of 1998 and following it five years. In 1999-2003 was the rapid economic growth, falling inflation. These years were very prosperous for many generations. Now the situation is much more favorable than ten years ago. But again we need to go through a period of "skinny cow" in order not to lose the momentum of development. Fortunately, this phase should not last long I do not need to panic, panic – it is generally the worst that can be. You just need to be ready for the come difficult times. Warned in advance – pre-armed. We all need to tighten their belts, cut spending and start saving, as far as possible to protect themselves from dismissal. Must accept the fact that some time salaries have become so rapidly as before. All this will benefit our generation, because in the present circumstances the cost of production will decline, and its competitiveness in the market will rise. The word "crisis" comes from the Greek word "catharsis". And it meant not only "breaking", "disaster" but also "cleansing". Crises purified economy from speculators, and are powerful stimulus for development and improvement of production. And even though people are struggling, the economy as a whole still moves forward. In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, what does not kill us makes us stronger. – Thank you for simple answers to complex issues.

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