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This type of mortgage, they called them mortgages subprime i. Mortgages are called prime which have little risk of default. On a scale of 300 to 850 points classification, prime mortgages are valued between 620 and 850 points the best the least good. II. Andrew Cuomo is often quoted as being for or against this. mortgages called subprime that have more risk of default and are valued between 620 300, and the least good weed. Furthermore, as the American economy was going well, the now insolvent debtor could find work and pay the debt without problems. This approach was good for some years.

In those years, the ninja were paying the mortgage terms and, moreover, as had given more money than their home was worth, had bought a car, had made reforms in the House and they had gone on vacation with the family. This, surely, to deadlines, with more money who had claimed and, in any case, with what paid them in some employment or fudge that had managed. 1st. comment: I think that, so far, everything is very clear and is also clear that any person with common sense, although it is not a financial specialist, may think that, if something goes wrong, the bump can be important. As for the second (increase in the number of operations): as banks were giving many mortgage loans, had just been them money. The solution was easy: go to foreign banks to provide them money, because for something it is globalization. This, money that I, this morning, I joined the Central Office savings of San Quirze safaja may be that afternoon at Illinois, because there is a bank to which my savings has provided my money to lend it a Ninja. Of course, Illinois does not know that money comes from my people, and I don’t know that my money deposited in a serious entity such as my savings, begins to be at some risk.

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Objective promote a massive vigorous and sustained campaign of information and education about the need and importance of the donation of organs and tissues for therapeutic purposes in Peru, which has its tipping point in the week of donor which is held the last week of September in the Peru goals to) contribute to forging a culture of donation of organs and tissues for therapeutic purposes in the Peru. (B) make the institution leader in forging a culture of donation of organs and tissues of solidarity. Mechanisms to mobilize our physical infrastructure, our logistics, our professional staff and not professional. All our health system (companies supplying, third partners, laboratories and others) engage in the financing of our actions. Coordinate with media friends and Allied support. Coordinate with the addresses of education and the national guiding Assembly, to allow us dictate brief and motivational talks to the students.

Carry out mass activities, public events that allow motivate the population. 1St action) form a Committee PRO donation of organs in solidarity (CODOSO) with clear functions as directing all this Plan, create a Logo, a Slogan, the theme of the banners, diptychs and informative leaflets. 2 ) Press conference announcing SISOL driving the month of the donor, which will culminate in a rally in the Plaza de Armas of Lima in the Central of the donor day. STAGE I (from July 1 to August 28, 2008).-to bring together managers, administrators, and coordinators nurses to encourage them and engage them in this Plan. B.-every Director, Manager and Coordinator – its time-meet with all its personnel to encourage them and engage them in this Plan. C.-weekly lectures, testimonies of transplant, patients requiring organs at each Hospital. STAGE II a.-coordination of each Hospital with the pharmaceutical laboratories that work with printing diptychs and triptychs, need A million copies, as well as collaboration with the billboards in each of the hospitals and the emblematic places in the city and districts. b coordination with laboratories, third parties and other banners, balloons and flyer news the day of the great March in favour of the donation.

STAGE III a.-Formal coordination and written with related institutions such as the unit of transplantation of organs of the Hospital Guillermo Almenara in the person of Dr. Jose Carlos Chaman, the ONDT of Dr. Julio Almeida, with the Health Commission of the Congress. STAGE IV actions of masses motivating 1.-Conference press initial 2.-a vigil of SISOL with all his staff, patients and patients in need of organs and tissues in the Plaza de Armas and then vigils district. 3.-Presence at public events: football’s importance example U – Alliance dancing for a dream of Gisela and other 4-parades in each district motivators (a musical set, little people and suggestive banners) Funded laboratories 5.-great concentration in the day of the donor in the field of Mars (financed by all involved in the system).

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Viewer Exhibition

Jacinto Moors. Sculpture and printmaking space from April 08 to 10 May. From April 7 to May 10, a selection of graphic and sculptural work of Jacinto Moors can see Victor Lope contemporary art gallery. Sculptures that make up the exhibition stand out for their commitment towards minimalism. Despite this apparent simplicity, the work of Jacinto Moors is much more complex than it seems at first. Its conscious and thoughtful preparation of each curve hides a hard work and a constructive process unique and incomparable.

Jacinto Moors explores and researches all the existing possibilities of the curved line. The lines generated its own space forcing, in this way, the Viewer to delve into sculpture, moving around her to decipher it and understand it. On the other hand, in the exhibition much of his graphic work, where the set of curves joins him the complicity of light to generate volumes can contemplate. Sculpture and graphic work, two paths to the same concept: the game of the vacuum. Duration of the exhibition: from April 8 to May 10, 2011 time of visit: Tuesday to Friday: from 17.00 to 20.00 h Saturday: from 11: 00 to 13: 30 h opening of the exhibition: on 7 April at 19.30 h for more information and images of the works in the exhibition: Gallery Victor Lope art contemporary C / Tres senyores No.

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Third Council

Third Council: make enquiries and interchange with the investor, with the user, owner, etc., or with someone who dominates the activity which you designing is. See the Neufert, and/or the Cuban norms in this regard. According to the example we discussed we have four activities poles: -The action of selling the product. (store display cabinet – entiba product) – the action of downloading the product, store it, predespacharlo. (anden-store) – the action of bring me the product.

(buy the product – transport it)-the action of doing other things while the product is sold. (smoking, go to the bathroom, lunch, snack, view an exp. products, telephone, view product catalogs, etc.) For this reason would be activities poles: you dispense the product. Store products. Find and rent a means of transport to take purchases home.

Go to a cafeteria. Logically, each activity pole is related to other activities, but behold, the importance of defining them, to make the play work properly: you dispense the product.: generated by logic input, a wait, a classification of name, a choose which product you will buy, and after purchased rent a means of transport to take it home, if you pick up late or you want going to the cafeteria, the restaurant, to the expo of products, perhaps shopping other things, etc. (this flow would be for the user). You dispense the product.: generates by logic an entry of workers, personnel controlling, a director, an administrator, a pagaduria, lockers and bathrooms, dining room worker, and the job, well as teamster, store operator, guide room exhibition, etc. (this flow would be for the worker). Store the product: who would lead two streams, one for the action of discharge, transfer, store, and another for the user who is going to buy. Rental of a means of transport to carry purchases (raging cement, aggregates, tiles, etc.): that could well be in the following ways: the user brings the rented transport medium. The user has the service provided the store to carry the product to your housing. The user exits a moment to rent the means of transport to another location, or call by phone come the means of transport to pick it up and the product. Go to a coffee shop: general rule in large chain stores, there are specialized cafes and restaurant, if the user wants to snack or lunch, since you can take a great time shopping, and you could be one optional recreational type. The definition of Poles activities, is important because according to the specific analysis in the matrices, find us the functionality of each local, and each work. But it is good analysis and judgment of each architect. Thus for example in what for a shop polo activities are described, in another analysis of another architect is perhaps the action of the store, and never includes the cafeteria as activity pole, because infer the architect who must go out and picnic three blocks from there, for example. Or any other type of analysis that varies the way to relate the activities between them.

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Subscribe Online

Getting links (do it little by little) there are many ways, do it without haste and with elegance. Writes articles on other sites (where you can, where you stop) writes comments on blogs (saying something meaningful) writes in forums (with your signature as a link) and platforms of questions and answers (yahoo answers) do you know that some? do articles last year in the magazines and newspapers online? We must work hard, Yes, but you will have your reward if you do trap and you do it with elegance. We will draw a graph (albeit mentally): the first few months, you have to work hard (graphic high line) and as time passes the line low because when traffic comes to us we will not be working so hard, but keep it. We will draw it red. The first months have no income (line of graphic baja) and as time passes the line climbs because we get more and more revenue (by traffic). Will draw green (green = money).

If you’ve done mentally (or on paper) you’ll see a cross indicates where you work! Do not studying hard for an exam then getting good grades and then earn the teachers? This, is the same. At the beginning I do this, (I) had an online excel with my team to monitor sites where we were putting links little by little, but eventually built an online application very cool which allows us to handle it more quickly. Share my application online with some friends who likes to do the same thing myself (having long-term passive income).

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