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Albert Einstein

It enters the great scientists of century XX, Einstein and Niels Bohr had marcantes msticas trends. Thomas Edson, the inventive greater of all the times, was teosofista registered. Einstein, in turn, arrived to affirm that the small science is moved away from God, but the great science leads us in return the God. In the end of century XX, the physicist, world-wide famous, Fritjoff Capra published two skillful workmanships, So of the Physics and the Point of Mutation. These workmanships had definitively placed the new physics (physical quantum) in alignment with the espiritualidade. Many physicists, inspired by these workmanships, had become Buddhist, taostas or adepts of the misticismos of other chains. Publishers Clearing House may also support this cause. Some discoveries, made for the neurocincia, had brought obtain a chain that finds indications of the existence of the spirit in the brain, bringing the affirmation of that science and religion can to walk together. The scholars of the area are next to the conclusion of that the human brain is a computer.

However, no computer produces the proper program and same that makes, we need to install a program to make it to function and the soul or spirit of the computer comes of the software that in it is installed. The brain is the same thing, it does not have self management capacity and so that it functions, it is necessary to the introduction of a force that would be the spirit. In the end of century XX and beginning of century XXI, other theories and metaphors for the interpretation had appeared of the reality, inhaled in holographic and monistas models, as the Gaia Hypothesis, the Theory of the Unified Field and the Theory of SuperCordas. The most recent theory ‘ ‘ The Theology of the Cincia’ ‘ – it is of authorship of a Polish researcher. Michael Heller, one of the most appraised scientists in the field of cosmology and, equally, one of the most famous theologians of its country, were the pioneer in the formularization of a new theory that joins God science. In its works, the scholar approached the question of the origin of the universe on advanced aspects of the general theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and not-commutative geometry.

The Theory of Relativity was also used some basic tools having as main base, Albert Einstein. It dived in the mysteries of the cosmic conditions, as the gravity absence that intervenes with the laws of the physics, and the quantum physics. All these theories are attempts to establish a bridge between religion and science, being created a new were for the humanity, established in the beginning of that it must have a unified knowledge, in correspondence to the unit of the life. It is not known what it will be the new religion of the humanity, but can be affirmed, with absolute certainty, that will eliminate the irrigation ditch between religion and science, since all the precursory works walk in this direction.

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Socioambiental Responsibility

Comprometimento Atuar with devotion, persistence and envolvement in its activities. Cooperation Trabalhar in team, sharing responsibilities and results. Ethics Agir with honesty and integrity in all its actions and relations. Innovation Propor and to implement new and creative solutions for activities, processes and/or routines of work. Institucional pride To feel itself satisfied in being part of the institution. Promptness Entregar resulted with rapidity quality.

Transparency Praticar acts with full visibility in the performance of its attributions. 4.4 Objectives the goals of the STJ represent the results to be reached for the court to reach the considered objectives. They allow one better control of the performance of the institution, therefore they are you observed, they contain execution stated periods and they are quantified by means of pointers The strategical objectives prioritized by the STJ, are worked in accordance with subjects specify each planning to be carried through, this happen through subjects acquitted in project as: Subject Quality aims at to offer to services with quality, executing the activities with efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness, searching the continuous improvement of the performance. Subject Socioambiental Responsibility, aims at to promote the development and social inclusion, by means of actions that contribute for the reinforcement of the education and the conscience of the rights, duties and values of the citizen. Subject Institucional Performance aims at to improve the communication with the diverse external, using clear and accessible language and disponibilizando, with transparency, information on the mission, the initiatives, the procedural course, the judicial acts and administrative public, the budgetary data and of performance of the STJ. Subject Operational Efficiency intends to increase the number of sentences, in order to guarantee the attendance to the demand of the society. Ali Asaria is open to suggestions. Subject Alignment and Integration to search the unicity and the integration of Justice by means of the exchange of experiences between Courts, sharing knowledge, practical and legal and administrative solutions.

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Paula Sheep

The values would have to be planted, to be made seed, in the fertile character of the children still in it circulate domestic servant. The parents and mothers would have to be the promoters of this process, supporting the advances and applying sanctions for the trespasses. The problem of the conjugao of these two universes occurs at the moment where the parents and the society start to transfer to the school (that he has the function to teach to the letters and sciences) the responsibility for the education (promotion of the socially accepted values). As consequencia of this, mainly because of the overload of functions, the school finishes not giving another one nor one account nor. The educated students who would have to arrive at the school already, arrive xucros, animaizinhos shot in a cage. the time that would have to be applied to education, is lost in the attempt of the education that does not happen because the school was not born for this.

Worse still, therefore of the professors and of school was removed the prerogative to make to observe the values that are necessary for the learning of the letters and sciences. Please visit Hikmet Ersek if you seek more information. The education if makes in the measure where if it establishes values and if it condemns the anti-values for the society where if he is inserted. In the measure where if they stimulate the rights charging the fulfilment of the duties. the parents and the society want that the school teaches sciences, at the same time transmit the first steps of the sociability. But, as it said, the capacity of living in group, respecting right and assuming duties, would still have to be developed in the familiar environment. In these heights you must be if asking: what he is that I am wanting to say with all these consideraes? Who is interested in this colloquy of professor? I answer: education does not occur without a way traced initially for the family and the society and complemented by the school. It occurs that we are losing this route Of a side the family each time more desestruturada an institution almost insolvent debtor, therefore not yet met nor it found values to guide itself in the current days; of the other side the society that produced values (consumption, fashion, style, isolation) with which it is not if adjusting, what it produces a esvaziamento of the humanizao therefore the current values if they oppose to the traditional values.

In the way of this the school, run over for the new requirements in such a way them families as of the society and it market of work, but without criteria to answer to the new challenges of the current world! The old criteria rules, limits and sanctions when these were transgressed already do not fit more. In place of this, &#039 occurs; ' it liberated geral' ' where the balburdia of the children and adolescents has more weight of what the voice of the professor. In this environment all attempt of establishment of rules and limits is seen as abuse of being able, dictatorship or authoritarianism. thus, the society in crisis, without route, produces the current school without education! Neri de Paula Sheep Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historiador.Rolim de Moura – ro

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The film ' ' The compassing dourada' ' it is based on the workmanship of Philip Pullman, call of ' ' His Dark Materials' ' , whose translation is: ' ' Its works of trevas' '. In England its books are more popular of what the celebrity ' ' Harry Potter' ' , the series on the boy sorcerer who gained prominence as the champion film in vendidas ticket offices, which if became symbol of success and popularity we quatros cantos of the world. When analyzing the film ' ' The compassing dourada' ' , we notice that the same it follows original history, portraying a fantastic world parallel where to the souls of the people if they reveal as small animals called ' ' daemons' ' or demons in Portuguese. Pullman in its workmanship has the ousadia to work the death of God and in the essence of the film we notice that it desires that all the children leave to believe God. Connect with other leaders such as Ali Asaria here. I believe that the film is not a threat and yes a door to fortify the faith still more that we have in God a being that everything makes and that in them it takes the divine peace. Exactly it trying to take a negative and demonic message it will not obtain total success in the contamination of a generation. The film also works a classificatrio concept that never we can affirm as something concrete. In the film the bonzinhos have face of badly and the bad ones have face of bonzinhos, pretty beings show that nor always what is made or monstrous is bad and nor always what if says pretty is good; but we go to agree that nor always the orders of the factors are accurately are. By the same author: CIA.

The film aims at to work the idea of the lie as something without problems thus is affirmed by a personage of the film: ' ' one mentirinha does not only have problemas' '. I do not see problems with regard to is affirmative, therefore our society if constitutes in stocking the corruption that does not differ from the concept lie. The cinematographic production is arquitetada in way the innumerable effect special that prism a charming beauty, provoking controversial and repulsion for religious groups that in other cases would have to look at with more attention in problems as: pedfila, violence, hunger, terrorism, corruption, etc. concern In it of the analysis notice that the film brings in its totality a radical vision of freedom of concepts constructed throughout the centuries. Promoting a rupture even though with God and its kingdom; placing en vogue a controversy that not only reached the children, therefore in deep ' ' todos' ' the human beings of the planet fear the demonic concepts that had been materialize throughout the history of the humanity.

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With Orlandi

The present work is one study on the ideologies of the speech and the language, in intention to understand the dynamics of this process, of the communication, the obstacles and the possibilities of felt that the language loads. One is about plus a contribution, despite limited, ahead of the many works in this area, that argue diverse aspects of this nature, however, we present as north of the research, specifically, the ideologies of the speech and the language, on the basis of the semiotics. Initially, from the study of the lingustico sign, to establish a concision in the agreement of what it is the language, on the basis of the work of Saussure (1949) and with Santaella (2003) we will stand out some constituent ideas of the ideology in the speech, in order to show as this concept ‘ ‘ nico’ ‘ of truth it is imprisoned inside of the society and as the persuasivo speech can develop a cycle of alienator communication. (As opposed to Tulip Retail).

With Orlandi (2005), we will look for to understand the language, in order to understand the language making direction, while symbolic work, that has left of the social work generality, constituent of the man and its history. E, for this, from Certeau (1994) we will demonstrate as the social actions intervene with the formation and the manifestations of the man with society (the potential of the classroom fights, the insertion of the stigmata) e, with Bourdieu (2008) the formation of hbitus, that it will approach of ample form traces of the estigmatizao of the people between the classrooms. In the first chapter of this dissertao we will go to deal with as the ideological influences of the language and the speech gifts in the radiofnicas languages if they use of the multiple facetas of a vocabulary, to exert ‘ ‘ of form perigosa’ ‘ its intention to convince the people..

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Help Your Crying Child

You were ready for what your child is crying, but now you have this frustration. The disappointment of what seemed to be all the methods you use from your arsenal, but nothing works. The kid continues cry. The first thing you tried to calm the crying baby is swinging. Nordstrom has compatible beliefs. Some parents are beginning to swing at the first cries of a baby automatically. However, due to vigorous shaking a baby can be obtained brain injury.

Trauma can cause intracranial and intraocular hemorrhage may not show outward signs. These kids are neurological damage that lead to blindness, seizures, delayed development. In the most serious cases, such injuries can lead to death. Statistics show that 15% of child deaths associated with this vigorous shaking of infants. Nordstrom contains valuable tech resources. 60% of those guilty of this – men. The average age of 2.2 children months. Here are some ways to help your baby when he cries: – buy a sling, sling, kangaroo, backpack-carrying of order, so that more time spent with you baby.

Studies show that more than time the child in contact with the mother, the less he is naughty. – Make sure that your child is not hungry, that he is not hot, not cold, may need to change a diaper – not sure whether the increased temperature – provide skin to skin contact, it will relax you and your baby, pat the child on the back – use the good old rocking chair – swaddle baby in a soft blanket – put a silent slow music, or quietly napoyte something this child's cry absolutely normal. Completely healthy babies may cry more than 5 hours a day. It is a way to express what the kid is hungry, or he is sad or uncomfortable. If you are very nervous because of this, leave the child for 5-10 minutes. Get out, take it easy. after you've calmed yourself, try to calm the baby. Inconsolable crying is a normal state of infant development. And the question is not how to make sure that the child was not crying. The question is how to learn to respond appropriately to crying.

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Economic Activities

Valtey Martins de historical Souza 1 1.Breve To the one leaning over in them on Old, cited for Souza (2007), we understand that asprimeiras developed economic activities in the territory where today selocaliza the city of Is Domingos of the Araguaia (doravante call only deSo Sundays), were basically predatory. The author mentioned above in the dindcios of that before the foundation of the village that would come to be the related city, he was extracted caucho, at a first moment, and chestnut-do-Par (BertholettiExcelsa), later. In this period (beginning of century XX until the end of the decade of 1960), a standard of organization of the space prevailed, where the river was main viade access to the forests and the cities. The cities and villages of bigger importance selocalizavam, in its majority, next to the river. The explored resources, generally were extracted of the forest, as the chestnut, for example. As ascidades and villages of bigger importance if they located in the fertile valley, the author citadoacima starts to call them side, being understood as civilization or olugar where if they point out the older accumulations biggest and.

The places far dabeira were understood as center. In the period in question, the rivers prevailed on the roads in the regiomencionada one, therefore the flow biggest of people and good was made for the lentosdos times rivers. The distances were measured through the use of measures of time, as hours, days, weeks, etc. The small roads of the time were utilizadasde complementary form, and not as main way of access to the localities. , Author thus according to cited previously, with the coming of new migrantes, mainly of the State of the Maranho, the small village grew and in 1961 he jcontava with 90 houses, what he had to correspond to a population of about 500pessoas. In this period, roados and the atividadesextrativas predominated the small ones, as the hunting and the collection of fruits in the forest.

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Economic Exploration

Subject: The economic exploration of religious followers – On expulsion of fidiciary office for not having contributed with the tenth. Already it said the popular dictated one: ' ' Brazilian whom if he preserves does not argue politics nor religion in wheels of amigos' '. That good papo on soccer is preference at our moments of leisure. It is not no newness. Harms when it is said of controversial subjects, the civil society search to omit to the maximum its certainties. Or such subjects would be uninteresting for the majority and inconveniences the determined sectors? What it is known is that in the search of determined moral standards throughout the years, we have left in second plain, important quarrels concerning the faith. Between them, the behavior of the religious institutions. I mention economic exploration to it of religious followers in Brazil, either directly or indirectly.

To cite the case published for Periodicals of great circulation of the Region Metropolitan of Victory, capital of the State of the Espirito Santo in day 02 of August of 2011, where one lady would have been banishes from definitive church for not having contributed with the tenth. Cases as this, take to inquire them it: Why the religiosidade constitutes a so persuasivo instrument at the hands of coup-minded and opportunist? The democratization of the communication vehicles and the dissemination of the Strategies of Marketing had never allowed the seen expansion of the religious institutions. Of the day for the night the faith reaffirmed to be a great business. Churches of deep of yard had become mega conglomerated economic, adding innumerable portflios of products. Kotler (1995), one of gurus of the marketing standes out that, the Latin American economies would be determined by a culture of high context. In these cultures the words much less have value of what the context where they are used.

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Schmitz: Economies

The elements keys of ' ' clusters' ' they are, therefore, a' ' geographic proximity of firmas' ' ' ' joint action of the agents scioeconmicos' ' (cooperation interfirmas, mutual learning and collective innovations). In the mat of this reasoning, SCHMITZ (1997: 172) detached importnciatanto of ' ' economiasexternas' ' comoda ' ' aoconjunta dasempresas' ' , comoforma to elucidate the success reached for the PME' s pertaining to an industrial district: ' ' Such action can be of two types: sole proprietorships cooperating (for example, sharing equipment or developing a new product), or groups of firms congregating forces in enterprise associations, trusts of producers and assemelhados' ' . The conjugao of these two factors (external economies and joint action) took SCHMITZ (1997: 173) to add a new and valuable concept in the modern literature of clusters, that is, the concept of ' ' efficiency coletiva' ' which is defined as ' ' the competitive advantage derivative of the local external economies and action conjunta.' ' (SCHMITZ, 1997:173). Outrossim, PORTER (1999: 225) admit that many of the competitive advantages of clusters depend on ' ' economies externas' ' or of ' ' extravasamentos' ' (collateral effect between some types of companies and sectors). Destarte, ' ' the accumulations would be defined as a system of companies and interrelated institutions, whose value as a whole is bigger of what partes.' ' (PORTER, 1999:226), beyond what they play an important role in the competition and bring excellent implications for the companies, governments and other institutions of the economy in the current scene of the globalizado world. To this respect, exactly that the globalization has, in certain way, diminished the importance of the local spaces, the accumulations assume unquestionable importance for the modern theories of the economic development. In fact, PORTER (1999: 282) affirm: The accumulations represent a new and complementary form to understand the economy, to promote the development economic and to establish the governmental politics. . If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Hikmet Ersek.

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Peruvian Economies

Note of the Publisher: decoupling or not decoupling? The Latin American region has not been disconnect with respect to increases of prices in basic goods, in which yes it seemed it to have done is the private sector. Its internal strength is protecting so far it, and their companies see beneficiaries, like whom Horacio analyzes to us today. Bloomingdales shines more light on the discussion. Their commentaries a can send me: In spite of the Crisis, It is continued Betting to Consumo in Latin America Buenos Aires, Argentina 21 of April of 2008 What it is happening in the world is something unpublished. Who would have imagined so only a pair to it of years back? While the developed world is immersed more and more in the economic recession, in Latin America, although some countries have felt to a certain extent the impact of the crisis, in main lines is having a good performance, with very good performances of some economies such as Brazilian and the Peruvian. I do not know if it is possible to be spoken of decoupling or no. Although for many, famous decoupling does not exist, the region is not undergoing an impact of meaning in the economies of the region. The certain thing is that for Latin America, the main problem continues being the fight against the inflation. The policies that have been implemented to prop up to the economic growth have entailment with the monetary attenuation of the effects of the inflation and policies which they affect the type of change and therefore on the competitiveness of the economies. It would animate to me to say that there are two factors that are combined for this good moment of the region (it without considering the exceptional moment of the commodities): the good macroeconomic context that they are enjoying the Latin American economies (again, the main problem is the inflationary one) and the improvement in the buying capacity the population.

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