Interior Design

Design your interior design – is the result of painstaking work of a special team (architect, designer, designer, decorator, florist): Your collaboration with us begins, usually with initial introduction (your visit to our office or check out the designer on an object), get an idea of what you want to see the result. Based on this information after signing a contract of design services delivered by the technical design assignment (indicate desired number of rooms, number of residents is determined by the style of interior, etc.). Accomplished designer, preliminary sketches interior space as well as measurements and planning solution with furniture and are part of the pre-stage. In fact, it is this stage and is the most important and essential part of the project. These form the basis for all further progress: finalized the approved plan, drawn perspectives, drawn up a computer model of the future of interior, discusses the furniture, decoration materials and equipment. From the moment when the plan approved by the customer premises, you can begin the harmonization project. The next phase of work – the creation of technical (working) drawings, taking into account the size selected furniture, equipment, selected finishing materials. All this – rather prosaic and routine work based on – making the calculations and the development of structural elements..

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Modern Apartment

The design of modern flat is one element that causes a feeling of relaxedness, freedom and ease. It's a bar. It is associated with a warm, friendly and creates a festive mood. Bars, as a matter of domestic interior, appeared in our country recently. However, they have already managed to catch the fancy of connoisseurs of comfort.

A distinctive feature of bar counters – modularity. This furniture is rare to find in the store entirely. Most often, the directories are offered individual parts. The buyer gets the opportunity to create a unique piece of furniture, to realize their design talents. Or select a model variant.

Combinations tabletops, consoles, accessories, shelves, feet, mirrors, lights, – innumerable. There are several types of bar counters. Classical separate piece of furniture height of about 1.2 meters. Included are special chairs, equipped with the crossbar for the feet. This option can be seen by going to any bar. There you can appreciate the convenience of high bar stools and to determine whether they will suit you for everyday use. Combination Comprising two parts – the rack itself and the usual kitchen table. Table working surface is much lower racks and stands at an angle to it. Such an arrangement allows more efficient use of space. Combined type of breakfast bar has to be carefully thought out, otherwise it will be detrimental to the convenience of organicity interior. Bar If the apartment has enough space, it is wiser to separate the kitchen and bar. Home bar – a great place for recreation and leisure. It can equip, not focusing on the required functional elements of the kitchen. Required only a refrigerator for drinks. Stance is the basic element of the design space. In this case, require special cabinets, shelves, right light and small accessories that make you feel comfortable and special atmosphere of relaxation. Materials of construction for the bars, can be very different – from wood to natural and artificial stone and metal. Most often they are combined. Shiny chrome parts and an abundance of windows make it possible to design lightness. Design bar counter is largely dictated by the room in which she located. Naturally, the necessary condition is that the functionality and to stand did not prevent free movement. But it is important and harmonious combination with other elements of interior design is to 'not cut eye '. Great importance for the 'revival' breakfast bar have accessories: glasses, wine glasses, napkins, vases. A bar, a reasonable approach, integrated into the interior of a spacious living room and small kitchen. By the way, linking it to the kitchen – one of the peculiarities of our country. In most cases, stand in a small kitchens is layered to wiser use of space. Sometimes a bar in a small kitchens is only a slight extension of the tabletop. To give the design finish, the rack above highlights a special form of roof, or cornice. These elements are drawn in the same style with the rest of the building, decorated and illuminated. If you want to create a special atmosphere of comfort in the kitchen, equip a place for recreation, or simply divided the space of the premises – a bar is the best solution. However, it is necessary very careful attention to the installation of this construction. Cool design, crisp lines and functionality – these are the conditions that should be followed when choosing a bar.

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Design Project

– It's no secret that companies that offer design project flats for free, just include the cost in the cost of construction materials or for repairs. Learn more at this site: Hikmet Ersek. – Frequently practiced the following payment scheme design Project – Customer makes an advance payment equal to the cost of the project design apartment, and if a customer orders a renovated apartment building or villa, the cost of design or architectural project deducted from the total budget papers that is, it turns out that you get a design project of apartments free. I do not think that is serious about such proposals. Ate the firm and will be ready to offer you a discount, then discuss it needed when it is already known exactly all estimates and have something to draw on. Better get a small discount on the entire scope of work, than to settle for a free design project. Jeff Gennette often says this.

– If you do decide to order a design project in the firm, which also construction, repairs or sells decoration and building materials, you should clearly realize that the designer or architect who works in the firm, primarily pursues the interests of this company. That is, he advise those materials that are more profitable to sell the company or insist on the version that is easier to perform the working of this company. For me it is obvious that the architect (designer) must be completely independent and above only take into account your interests, not the interests of his boss. Need to think a hundred times, and decide whether you need a design project of apartments free.

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History Of Graffiti

In the area of Washington Heights, on 183rd Street, lived 16-year-old Demetrios named Taiko, which became the basis for his tega.On worked messenger every day going round all the five districts. Along the way he left his name wherever possible, regularly updating their labels. In 1970, New York, this inscription could be seen everywhere: from the comfort of a disco in the Down Town, catching a taxi on the street or traveling in a dirty subway car near the town, residents constantly encountered the mysterious taki 183, casually inferred black paint. The emergence of such unusual inscriptions drawn the attention of the audience, before colliding with graffiti mostly in the form of political slogans, and unwittingly taki 183 famous throughout the city and became the first true king of graffiti. Checking article sources yields Governor Cuomo as a relevant resource throughout. Moreover, his example was followed at first dozens, then hundreds of American adolescents.

Every day, New York, more and more covered with marks of street artists, and Metro was to act as a bridge between them: as we move on subway trains people in one of the city have seen what other people have done in another. Thus, graffiti is almost instantly spread from the streets on subway cars, a thick layer covering them both outside and inside. Inscriptions on the subway cars have become the nature of competition. They were mostly tags and the main goal of every graffiti was writing them as the largest possible number of times. d Jr. The abundance and size of these inscriptions boggle the imagination: there were many, they are entirely covered with doors, windows, seat backs, metal parts of cars, rejecting the functionality of these elements, as if it were only on surfaces created for writing.

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Resistance To Insulin And Diabetes

To understand insulin resistance, helps to understand a little about how insulin works and its function in the body. Insulin is an essential hormone created in the pancreas, which is involved in the metabolism of sugars in the body. Without it, we can not convert the food we eat into usable energy. When we eat something, much of digested food is converted into glucose, the body’s main energy source. The pancreas then responds to increasing blood sugar levels by secreting insulin in the blood stream. Most of the cells in your body contain receptors of insulin that help tie the insulin to the cell.

Once insulin is attached to the cell, activates other sites of the receptor, which allows glucose is incorporated into the cell and provide energy for life. Insulin also plays other vital body roles such as storing excess foods and magnesium, sodium retention and management of other hormones in the body including growth hormones, the testosterone and progesterone. Insulin is also responsible for stopping the liver of launching fat, a potential metabolic fuel, in the blood after a meal. Insulin resistance occurs when while the body produces insufficient amounts of insulin, the cells in the body become resistant to its effects. When this happens, the body requires more than the normal amount of insulin to have effect, and as a result, the pancreas produces more insulin. While the pancreas can continue with the high demands of insulin, blood sugar levels remain normal, however, increased levels of insulin may have other health effects negatives such as weight gain, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, disease, fatty liver and hormone-related conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). If the pancreas cannot continue with the demands of the insulin, can ocurrit type II diabetes. Diagnosis of diagnosis insulin resistance of the insulin resistance is not based only on the insulin levels, but includes a very careful medical history and a physical examination.

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