University Building

"Since the hospital has joined the University of Oslo, now and in southern Norway is known transplants serdtsa. hospital is quite harmless: it is lined with gold brick at the entrance is a small tower, which overlooks a courtyard – a wide open area where the patients settled dormant. This – the inner part, which received high praise. "I would say that is the best example of all the hospitals available today that combines both artistic, social, and therapeutic features of hospital design, "said Mr. Monk, who posted photos from this hospital on the cover of its knigi.Bolnitsy – a complex of buildings, notorious for its facilities. Architects need to know the basics of medicine, its technology and understand the requirements and needs of patients, their relatives, as well as hospital staff. Arvid Ottar, one of the main architects of the hospital, said he and his partners are trying to design a hospital, being guided by one question: how hospital design can improve health patients and create all necessary conditions for its employees? "Let's call it" humane Hospital – the hospital, built by people for people, "said Mr.

Ottar. "We do not know what to do with our environment, but it is obvious that its influence is obvious. Can a beautiful picture to help you recover? I do not know. But, if I lived in a slum, it would not have made me feel better. James Woolsey Jr. contributes greatly to this topic. "Hospital building to a small village, say, a 585-bed capacity hospitals, begins with a beautiful main road, which makes a small bend, the building with skylight and a large stained-glass window from floor to .Krasivye lampposts with hanging plants along the road, and most importantly, a great number of works of art – fountains, sculptures, hanging textiles – serving as a guide in the area among the various hospital departments.

On the main street is even a piano for patients and visitors so that they can play whenever they want it. Medical personnel can move on scooters through bolnitsy.My wanted to build a building where you could not lost, the yellow print-tracks to help you reach the desired destination, "says Mr. Ottar.Arhitektory insisted that the room had many windows overlooking the gardens, to produce indelible impression fjords and a beautiful old building, which was once a psychiatric hospital. Even in the operating room have windows, and windows of patients go to sadam.Pediatricheskoe and maternity wards are located in individual buildings have their own entrance, lined with glass walls. There are playgrounds, a babbling brook, a ski trail. The room has a playground and a fountain of bright colors. The department has its own school, each child's room bed roditeley.Bolnitsa constructed in horizontal mode to reduce the time normally spent waiting for medical personnel lift. Patients lying on a gurney, not see the harsh light of fluorescent lamps, and a rather pleasant ceiling with soft lighting. Since the opening of the hospital has doubled the number of their patients (250 000 per year), decreased the number of empty seats, decreased staff turnover – says ceo Danielson. "Patients have given us a higher rating is higher than all other hospitals. We did not think it will make such a strong effect. "

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Resistance To Insulin And Diabetes

To understand insulin resistance, helps to understand a little about how insulin works and its function in the body. Insulin is an essential hormone created in the pancreas, which is involved in the metabolism of sugars in the body. Without it, we can not convert the food we eat into usable energy. When we eat something, much of digested food is converted into glucose, the body’s main energy source. The pancreas then responds to increasing blood sugar levels by secreting insulin in the blood stream. Most of the cells in your body contain receptors of insulin that help tie the insulin to the cell.

Once insulin is attached to the cell, activates other sites of the receptor, which allows glucose is incorporated into the cell and provide energy for life. Insulin also plays other vital body roles such as storing excess foods and magnesium, sodium retention and management of other hormones in the body including growth hormones, the testosterone and progesterone. Insulin is also responsible for stopping the liver of launching fat, a potential metabolic fuel, in the blood after a meal. Insulin resistance occurs when while the body produces insufficient amounts of insulin, the cells in the body become resistant to its effects. When this happens, the body requires more than the normal amount of insulin to have effect, and as a result, the pancreas produces more insulin. While the pancreas can continue with the high demands of insulin, blood sugar levels remain normal, however, increased levels of insulin may have other health effects negatives such as weight gain, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, disease, fatty liver and hormone-related conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). If the pancreas cannot continue with the demands of the insulin, can ocurrit type II diabetes. Diagnosis of diagnosis insulin resistance of the insulin resistance is not based only on the insulin levels, but includes a very careful medical history and a physical examination.

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