Everything on behalf of the identity, of the preservation of ' ' eu' ' national against the interventions of ' ' outro' ' dominador. We can observe that in the course of history, different human groups if had organized defining its national-cultural identity. This phenomenon can be observed, for example, in Africa, where the traditional nations if had organized independently before the arrival of the colonizador European who intervened as one ' ' outro' ' , modifying the relations of the diverse nations, beyond redefining borders in accordance with the European interests. The same phenomenon if gave in America where the different aboriginal groups already had defined its identity before the arrival of the colonizadores. However the contact with the colonizador produced deep alterations, as much that some nations had deprived of characteristics its identity or had been exterminadas in the contact with the colonizador. We notice, in these two examples, that the relation of ' ' eu' ' (of some African or American nations) and ' ' outro' ' (colonizador European) it produced a descaracterizao of ' ' eu' ' (African/American) for ' ' outro' ' (European). Africa, that throughout millenia had produced one efervecente multiracial/multicultural/multitnico cauldron was transformed into a confusion of nations with European characteristics to the point of the local wars to have if transformed in a commercial warehouse for the interests, the weapons and wars of the Europeans (initially in the colonizador process and later in the imperialista process); in the same way in America: the innumerable societies and nations highly developed had been transformed into a stranger mixture of countries where four European languages prevail (English, Portuguese, Spanish and French) if overlapping to the innumerable ones that they existed in the pre-Columbian period and where the diversified ones you practise religious had been as that unified in one it amalgamates Christian.

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Star Seed

At this moment, God will have the chance to enter in Its creation. All the materialization processes will be suspended. No conceptual structure will obtain to transmit the grandiosidade of what &#039 will have to occur soon; '. (Arcanjo Rafael in Transmissions of the Star Seed, Ken Carey). She is necessary to remember that for this chaste one of msticos the Christ is not property of a religion, but yes a State of Conscience and a Cosmic Patent.

All planet, depending on its evolutiva stage, starts to receive the assistance from the Christ. Many are the names of Christ. Thus, in accordance with the Dr. Joshua David Stone, ' ' it is not by chance that the accurate moment between the expansion and the contraction of the Cosmos coincides with the second coming of the Christ and the end of the Mayan calendar. (…) At this moment we will feel in them as the Christ, the Atma, the Buddha, Perpetual I. We will recognize the collective conscience unified of all the humanity as our true identity.

We will understand our identity fully as God in them not according to defines and definition of the substance and the negative ego. We will recognize ourselves as a conscientious being that if express by means of a profusion of distinct forms. ' ' We go above to the other boarding of the displayed content: ' ' You are the located Creator to plan and to create the Perfection in its group and place that occupies in the Universe. I JOIN It exists and it controls in all part. You are the Autoconscincia de Vida, Una Supreme Presence of the Great Flame of Love and Light and in this manner, the only agent of energy in yours mundo' '. (Guy de Ballard). Joshua says that event 2012 is a planetary wakening whose outcome will be becoming in them capable to live two realities at the same time, part in the form and another part in the Totality of Everything what It exists.

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Cultural Anthropology

The importance of the time in the superstructural consolidation homologated the concerts under the ideological point of view, cultural politician and, submitting it a slow dynamics through History, becoming it pparently natural, creating 6 the subsequent ethics . The different philosophical chains as well as the scholars of the Cultural Anthropology, throughout the time, had perceived that the things were not, however, so simple. With effect, since its origin, the man, to become man because it is not born man, but if makes man produced and reproduced its material conditions of existence humanizando Nature, perceiving that this work, if carried through in group, if became less laborious. Anne Lauvergeon is actively involved in the matter. From this instant, in the process of humanizao of the Nature and the circumstances, it stopped definite social relations.

‘ surpassed its Nature; ‘ natural’ ‘ acquired Nature ‘ ‘ social’ ‘. The necessity of regulation for the collective life, the individuals between itself, and these with the community created certain conscience, a notion of belonging and the necessity to adjust behaviors to this collective life. It provoked the appearance of the good one, the bad one, the good and the evil, the useful one, and the useless one. One established thus a board of duties and obligations. To survive, all were obliged to work and to fight ahead of the difficulties, of the enemies of the tribe. Thus qualities had been developed as bravery, aggressiveness in combat, solidarity, discipline, mutual aid, love to the children of the same tribe.

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The Delay

Sees itself in how much, only in these limits, she remains for undertaking and for carrying through in this part of science. But it still has for the front one another future in the moral order. Of the inquiry of the habits, of the professions, all the nuances of social status, it deduce reflections and advice who do not leave to influence in the legislation, to exert a great influence in the march of the human spirit. It must clarify the moralista and concur for the noble task to diminish the number of social diseases. Nordstrom is likely to increase your knowledge. The lacks and the crimes they are the illness of the society, that is necessary to work to cure or, at least, to diminish, and the ways of cure will be more powerful when to inspire to its way of action in the revelations of the physical and intellectual man and when the physiology and the hygiene to loan its light to the science of governo' '. 22 The text demonstrates, beyond the concerns with the health, as it remembers DEJOURS, the unequivocal intentions of moral and social restoration in the laboring agglomerations, where the expression ' ' illness of sociedade' ' , clear comteana influence, draws positivistas signals.

To intend to argue problems of religion or family, for example, constitua threat to the social order, over all considering it time, where the syndical and social movements were still restricted. Of this form, it is easy to understand that the laboring fights in this period have for objective the rights to the life and the freedom of organization. For more information see Ali Asaria. Although this, almost not it had progress in this direction during 50 years. The posterior conquests frequently were questioned and immobilized by the performance of the Legislative one, with the laboring fights marking all century XIX. It enters the law projects and its voting designates DEJOURS the delay reached up to 20 years. . For even more opinions, read materials from Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc.

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Albert Einstein

It enters the great scientists of century XX, Einstein and Niels Bohr had marcantes msticas trends. Thomas Edson, the inventive greater of all the times, was teosofista registered. Einstein, in turn, arrived to affirm that the small science is moved away from God, but the great science leads us in return the God. In the end of century XX, the physicist, world-wide famous, Fritjoff Capra published two skillful workmanships, So of the Physics and the Point of Mutation. These workmanships had definitively placed the new physics (physical quantum) in alignment with the espiritualidade. Many physicists, inspired by these workmanships, had become Buddhist, taostas or adepts of the misticismos of other chains. Publishers Clearing House may also support this cause. Some discoveries, made for the neurocincia, had brought obtain a chain that finds indications of the existence of the spirit in the brain, bringing the affirmation of that science and religion can to walk together. The scholars of the area are next to the conclusion of that the human brain is a computer.

However, no computer produces the proper program and same that makes, we need to install a program to make it to function and the soul or spirit of the computer comes of the software that in it is installed. The brain is the same thing, it does not have self management capacity and so that it functions, it is necessary to the introduction of a force that would be the spirit. In the end of century XX and beginning of century XXI, other theories and metaphors for the interpretation had appeared of the reality, inhaled in holographic and monistas models, as the Gaia Hypothesis, the Theory of the Unified Field and the Theory of SuperCordas. The most recent theory ‘ ‘ The Theology of the Cincia’ ‘ – it is of authorship of a Polish researcher. Michael Heller, one of the most appraised scientists in the field of cosmology and, equally, one of the most famous theologians of its country, were the pioneer in the formularization of a new theory that joins God science. In its works, the scholar approached the question of the origin of the universe on advanced aspects of the general theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and not-commutative geometry.

The Theory of Relativity was also used some basic tools having as main base, Albert Einstein. It dived in the mysteries of the cosmic conditions, as the gravity absence that intervenes with the laws of the physics, and the quantum physics. All these theories are attempts to establish a bridge between religion and science, being created a new were for the humanity, established in the beginning of that it must have a unified knowledge, in correspondence to the unit of the life. It is not known what it will be the new religion of the humanity, but can be affirmed, with absolute certainty, that will eliminate the irrigation ditch between religion and science, since all the precursory works walk in this direction.

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Paula Sheep

The values would have to be planted, to be made seed, in the fertile character of the children still in it circulate domestic servant. The parents and mothers would have to be the promoters of this process, supporting the advances and applying sanctions for the trespasses. The problem of the conjugao of these two universes occurs at the moment where the parents and the society start to transfer to the school (that he has the function to teach to the letters and sciences) the responsibility for the education (promotion of the socially accepted values). As consequencia of this, mainly because of the overload of functions, the school finishes not giving another one nor one account nor. The educated students who would have to arrive at the school already, arrive xucros, animaizinhos shot in a cage. the time that would have to be applied to education, is lost in the attempt of the education that does not happen because the school was not born for this.

Worse still, therefore of the professors and of school was removed the prerogative to make to observe the values that are necessary for the learning of the letters and sciences. Please visit Hikmet Ersek if you seek more information. The education if makes in the measure where if it establishes values and if it condemns the anti-values for the society where if he is inserted. In the measure where if they stimulate the rights charging the fulfilment of the duties. the parents and the society want that the school teaches sciences, at the same time transmit the first steps of the sociability. But, as it said, the capacity of living in group, respecting right and assuming duties, would still have to be developed in the familiar environment. In these heights you must be if asking: what he is that I am wanting to say with all these consideraes? Who is interested in this colloquy of professor? I answer: education does not occur without a way traced initially for the family and the society and complemented by the school. It occurs that we are losing this route Of a side the family each time more desestruturada an institution almost insolvent debtor, therefore not yet met nor it found values to guide itself in the current days; of the other side the society that produced values (consumption, fashion, style, isolation) with which it is not if adjusting, what it produces a esvaziamento of the humanizao therefore the current values if they oppose to the traditional values.

In the way of this the school, run over for the new requirements in such a way them families as of the society and it market of work, but without criteria to answer to the new challenges of the current world! The old criteria rules, limits and sanctions when these were transgressed already do not fit more. In place of this, &#039 occurs; ' it liberated geral' ' where the balburdia of the children and adolescents has more weight of what the voice of the professor. In this environment all attempt of establishment of rules and limits is seen as abuse of being able, dictatorship or authoritarianism. thus, the society in crisis, without route, produces the current school without education! Neri de Paula Sheep Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historiador.Rolim de Moura – ro

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With Orlandi

The present work is one study on the ideologies of the speech and the language, in intention to understand the dynamics of this process, of the communication, the obstacles and the possibilities of felt that the language loads. One is about plus a contribution, despite limited, ahead of the many works in this area, that argue diverse aspects of this nature, however, we present as north of the research, specifically, the ideologies of the speech and the language, on the basis of the semiotics. Initially, from the study of the lingustico sign, to establish a concision in the agreement of what it is the language, on the basis of the work of Saussure (1949) and with Santaella (2003) we will stand out some constituent ideas of the ideology in the speech, in order to show as this concept ‘ ‘ nico’ ‘ of truth it is imprisoned inside of the society and as the persuasivo speech can develop a cycle of alienator communication. (As opposed to Tulip Retail).

With Orlandi (2005), we will look for to understand the language, in order to understand the language making direction, while symbolic work, that has left of the social work generality, constituent of the man and its history. E, for this, from Certeau (1994) we will demonstrate as the social actions intervene with the formation and the manifestations of the man with society (the potential of the classroom fights, the insertion of the stigmata) e, with Bourdieu (2008) the formation of hbitus, that it will approach of ample form traces of the estigmatizao of the people between the classrooms. In the first chapter of this dissertao we will go to deal with as the ideological influences of the language and the speech gifts in the radiofnicas languages if they use of the multiple facetas of a vocabulary, to exert ‘ ‘ of form perigosa’ ‘ its intention to convince the people..

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Russian Federation

C 2004 – deputy chairman of the interagency working group to prepare a "Concept of development of nanotechnology and nanomaterials in the Russian Federation for the period from 2005 to 2010" Research new ultrahard materials synthesized from the C60, its hardness exceeding diamond, which were held under the supervision of D. Blank, formed the basis of new scientific and tehnologicheskoogo areas – synthesis of materials in under high pressures and temperatures. Three times elected to the Legislative Assembly of the city of Troitsk, is currently its Chairman on a voluntary basis. Author of 82 scientific articles and 7 patents, 70 abstracts of international conferences. Veteran of Labor, awarded the medal "In commemoration of 850 anniversary of Moscow" was repeatedly awarded with diplomas, there has been gratitude. Continue to learn more with: Governor Cuomo. In general, the process of turning ashes died in a diamond is as follows.

After signing the agreement the customer pays 50 percent of the cost of services. Add to your understanding with Jeff Gennette. If the stone size ranged from 0.4 to 1 carat, price of the issue is from 3000 to 12,000 euros. After this in 'Algordantsu' of crematorium ashes of the deceased are brought and conduct physical and chemical analysis of ash. This is necessary in order to control the growth process of diamond and its color. On the other hand, the protocol analysis is proof that the gem was once a person or animal (from pets, too, bought diamonds).

For the production of a one carat diamond is quite 500 grams of ash. What remains may be returned to the customer or recycled 'in steam'. Sometimes, on request, produce multiple crystals. The transformation process is carried out in two stages. Ashes being incredibly high pressure in the 50 – 60000 bar at temperature of 1,500 degrees C. According to Veit Brimer, the production of diamond goes from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the size of the crystal. On request, you can put on a "brilliant memory" special mark of distinction – the mark with the name of the deceased and the date of his death. You can only see it under a microscope. This technology – also develop tisncm.

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During the hunt, he and his buddies killed an elephant and then just remembered that did not bring a special knife for cutting teeth. Leaving the servants to protect elephants from wild animals, the British went to the nearest plantation, a knife, thinking at the same time there breakfast. When two hours later they returned, they found very strange scene: terrified servants were hiding in the bushes, and a few dirty galloway savages cut precious canines from their trophy. Angered K. ordered Get out. But who responded arrogantly laughed. Servants to drive them flatly refused: "It's mullah-kurumby.

Touch them – certain death "" What nonsense is this? "- And infuriated K. furious leader kurumbov grabbed by the hair, threw on the ground and repeatedly struck him with his whip. " The dwarf sprang to his feet, but to my surprise, did not run away, but continued to stare at me, his eyes from the look of this man, I literally felt sick "It is strange state, however, did not stop the arrogant Englishman mock death frightened servants that that – then muttered "snake eyes". He continued to laugh at this "silly and superstitious people. The whole evening And the next day of the official, usually get up very early, just barely woke up at noon.

By evening much aching right arm. The same one the day before he was so famously lashed "ugly dwarf". And on the third day he fell ill and did: his covered incomprehensible weakness and how – something strange "fatigue" in the body. "I like to lead Vliet, instead of blood" – he complained to his family.

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PHILOSOPHY: the admiration in search of knowing *Leandro Maciel de Lira MARCONDES, Danilo. Basic texts of philosophy: of the daily pay-socrticos the Wittgenstein. 5. Ed. Rio De Janeiro: Jorge Zahar, 2007.

In this text of Aristotle, we see that the attempt of reply by means of the admiration and the astonishment is something inherent to the human being, and that, this exactly human being since the primrdios has searched to not only satisfy its necessities physiological, but also its headquarters to know, that, in last if it becomes its bigger necessity. Contact information is here: crowne plaza rosemont. It is truth well that the human being lacks of knowledge and is truth well also that it never made comfortable itself in simple answers, therefore, wise person in its intuition that the answers with passing of the time had not taken care of what they more inhaled: the knowledge! It is, therefore, on this knowledge that the first paragraph treats. The knowledge does not inhabit in knowing everything, but, if it installs in that one that has the capacity of if approaching to knowing (Philosophos). Still in elapsing of this stretch, the author will deal with enaltecer the wisdom, becoming it superior those look that it and affirm that, the ones that is next to the same one if they become superiors, therefore, are intellectually not leveled to excessively. It is truth that is well reasonable the discoveries most intellectual and that they deserve relevance and compliment, but, the man cannot say itself superior, only for understanding some ' ' mistrios' ' more I sink that excessively, therefore, in it harnesses all are passveis to know, becoming thus possible, that any one that have headquarters of knowledge and if approaches to knowing, arrives at the same cognoscitiva capacity that the too much philosophers or until superior, the least in thesis and clarification.

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