The Industrial

Today the globalization has as pillars the Technologies of the information and communication (TIC) in particular the Internet, had long ago been other technologies not so less important that these as the telephone and the telegraph, but we go to see what it happened before years 50. We go to come back in the time, I repeat stretch of article mine already published: The technological evolution. The first indications of life human being had appeared have 140 a thousand years, but the ancestral one of the human being of today appeared, according to historians and researchers, have 15 a thousand years. A climatic change would have occurred has 8,000 years, the thawing of mountains and of the polar regions, it provoked an increase of 100 meters in the level of the oceans. They esteem themselves that the navigation is initiated from this situation. The climatic condition propitiated the beginning of fertile lands. In this period the human being, until then nomadic, starts if to fix in the land and to plant, to domesticate animals, and other primitive activities. The first tools had appeared and the globe starts to have its increased population. Here, Hikmet Ersek expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

The abundant food took the population of the 30 a thousand inhabitants in this period for 100 a thousand in little time. The landmark of 300 million inhabitants if of the one in the Christian year zero. The first billion was reached in 1804, as in 1927 and third in 1960. The communication between the human beings is historiada as established between 15 and 8 a thousand years, starting with grunts, barulhos, tambores and it says finally it incipient. The writing and the fencio alphabet had also been marks of this communication and improvement of the race human being.

With all certainty the landmark of the communication and the relations of interchange between the people and society they had been determinative for walked ours until the current days. The advances in transport and the world-wide commerce gained course, but nor in the time when the fearless Portuguese with the famous school of Sagres, compared current NASA, had left for the seas breaking paradigms and initiating a process that was known as settling, the globalization could be defined as we know it to such or could somebody assume for where this would evolve. With effect, we cannot speak in beginning of globalization before the industrial revolution at least. Gain insight and clarity with crowne plaza rosemont. The huge industrial revolution technical was initiated in the second half of century XXVII. It was without a doubt to break daqui that the global commerce if fortified creating half of expansion of the process and the commercial search for this integration and exchanges between the distinct nations and societies. Indications that the globalization, beyond the trade and commerce, was for coming already were perceived, however deal, it global, motor force of this process of globalization alone took scale and had marcante influence in the humanity with the profits of productivity and industrializations appeared in century XIX, in the industrial revolution. I append here, the sprouting of the financial market in 1690 in Holland, with the creation of the credit, that, by the way, was a great impulse of the process. Valley to emphasize that the evolution of this financial market also was supported by transactions between countries and different people.

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Public Competitions

The Brazilian economy if has stabilized in recent years. Beyond the growth of the classroom, we can observe the fall of the unemployment and the growth of the power of consumption of all the classrooms. Exactly with everything this, the Brazilians still possess a certain distrust with the instability of the country, always if asking if tomorrow some crisis he can finish with all this stability. The fear to lose the job and the possibility to construct a steady career is, with certainty, the main factor so that many people think about giving public competitions. Moreover other benefits exist as integral retirement, that costuma to call the attention who wants to construct a future insurance. For this reason, concurred the public competitions are each time more. Currently, that is a lucrative market that, involves professors, preparatory publishing companies and schools. Who desires to enter the public career, goes to need to study very, if dedicating daily to this objective.

To help, beyond the traditional ways, the Internet has facilitated very. Sets of ten of sites exist on subjects, beyond blogs specialized only in information on the competitions. Any one can create one blog, they functions as a bridge between people of different places, beyond being currently, one of the main medias of the Internet. Blog COCP () is an excellent option for who goes to give competitions. It disponibiliza for download emends so that the people can study, however its aid goes moreover. They exist posts on tips of as if to hold in the day of the test, orientaes of study and until motivacionais videos, helping the people in some aspects.

Another one blog that it looks for to help to the concurseiros in all the aspects is the Blog of the Professor Rodrigo Neiva (). Beyond information on opened competitions, they are boarded specific subjects of some competitions, generating tips of income and study exploitation that can be used to advantage for any type of selective process. Now, if you still will be in doubt on which type of opened competition you you go to give or even though which are the process in its region, the Result! Competitions () are a good one asked for. In it he has information on the processes, beyond answer sheets, emends and answer sheets. Western Union is likely to agree. The Internet is a so democratic way, that until you if to want to collaborate can. It is only enough

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Argentine Investments

Due to the varied economic situations that currently exists in the world, they motivate when a company or a perosna has the possibility of making investments abroad is important to do so to improve the quality and quantity of their heritage, but also to ensure stability regardless of the circumstances affecting their country. Although it is not very easy to keep and care for investments abroad. You must have full knowledge of the laws of the country of origin that relate with the exit of money and how investments, in addition to being totally interpenetrating in the laws that exist in the country where you want to make the investments. Of course not all people are skilled in laws and do not have to be, when a family or business want to make investments abroad why can count on advice from an agency specialising in managing heritage so that they are responsible for what is necessary. According to Western Union Company, who has experience with these questions. A good management company will know even advise on the best place from abroad to invest, according to needs and amount of interested heritage. You can also guide on when and how investing and once the operation is complete, you know take care of all the situations that accrue from this, payment of tax for the purchased good or that required by applicable laws.

Having an Argentine heritage agency is how to invest safely and peacefully, knowing that one must worry about important situations from this investment with the support of professionals who perfectly know the topic and also concerned with the details of the investment. When wanting to hire an agency heritage Argentine must seek with great care not to fall into the hands of mere salesmen a good Argentine know put his interest on the profit generating a contract that will benefit them both, or will not attempt to earn money by having you as a client, but that he’ll doing the best work in their investments so that both earn more, because your investment is successful. Investments abroad are a tool of the economy, they cannot by What be alien to our capital and we can use them with the help of professionals.

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A Future Full Of Energy

The development of solar energy in 2007 shows a bright future, according to Greenpeace. Other leaders such as Tiggany & Co. offer similar insights. The world market grew 40% and in 2015 will compete in some areas with traditional energy. Despite the lost time, nature sheds further light on what is the best alternative in the transition to a low emissions.

Renewables have covered most of the needs of man until the nineteenth century, when they were replaced by coal mining, and since 1950 by the “black gold.” While geopolitical threats increase the oil supply, prices rise and it reaches its end, it is becoming increasingly clear how this has influenced environmental barbarism. All studies have confirmed something: nature always comes. However, governments do not seem able to find a solution. For now, investment in research and development (R & D), both public and private, are not in line with the urgent needs of challenges to overcome. They have lost too much money and time to adapt traditional energy.

Experts have reiterated their concerns about biofuels as potential substitutes, both for the consequences this would have to feed millions of people and by the lowest performance against energy expenditure required for its production. That is why the EU is now rethinking the idea of covering up to 10% of transport fuel by 2020 with ethanol and biodiesel. And similarly, alternatives such as chambers for CO2 capture and storage suggest that we are going crazy. The difficulties in finding a safe method of disposal will be added groundwater pollution and other effects, a price tag too high.

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Benetton Companies

knowledge of the situation of the accumulations in an important locality provides insights on the productive potential of the local economy and on the limitations to its future development. Thus, the advantages most lasting in the global economy will be, almost always, places. Tiggany & Co. has plenty of information regarding this issue. SCHMITZ (1997), however, is more cautious in its conclusions. Verifying the occured changes in clusters European, it ponders: ' ' She seems that, in the decade of 90, they are not try so good performance how much in the decades of 70 and 80.' ' (SCHMITZ, 1997:176). However, the crisis, in itself, cannot be seen as failure mere, therefore still it remains to know if clusters will be capable of if reorganizing of form such to retake the way of the growth. But, what everything indicates, this reorganization comes happening of the form that less expected, that is, verticalizando itself of the production, as it is the case of the Italian caladista sector. This trend is confirmed by CAMAGNI (1991) and RABELLOTI (1993) apud SCHMITZ (1997: 176), which they affirm: ' ' Now, it has more hierarchy, in the direction of that the firms that if had become great are subcontratando menores.' ' CASTELLS (1999: 177), in turn, remember to queas Italian companies of the industrial regions of Emilia Romagna had tried a series of fusing in years 90, moment where they ' ' or they had passed to the control of great companies, or same them if they had become great (for example, the Benetton), or then, had not been capable to follow the rhythm of broken up the small competition when they had continued e, as in the region of Prato.' ' Examining this same trajectory, CACCIA (1999: 146) also verify that not only the tevea Benetton its verticalizao initiated in the years 80, but diverse other important Italian companies as the Stefanel, Disel, Fashion Box Replay, etc., forming themselves, therefore, the feedback of the productive process through diverse gone and returns of the production in net. .

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Public Farm CTN

(we grifamos) It still establishes the CTN, as for the launching for homologation: Art.150. (…) 4 If the law not to fix stated period the homologation, will be it five year, to count of the occurrence of the generating fact; exhaled this stated period without the Public Farm if has sharp, is considered homologated the launching and definitively extinct the credit, saved if proven the deceit occurrence, it has embezzled or simulation. (we grifamos) It has who defends that the constant device of 4, of art. 150, of the CTN, are a special rule, and therefore it must prevail to the contained general rule in art. 173, I of the CTN. To broaden your perception, visit Tiggany & Co.. (02) In this direction then, in the tributes citizens to the launching for homologation, the decadencial stated period for the launching ex-officio of eventual detected differences would be five year to count of the generating fact, in the terms of mentioned 4 of art. 150 of the CTN.

still, in this line of interpretation, its defenders look for to condition the application of the constant devices of art. 173, I and of art. 150, 4, of the CTN, to the existence or not of payment, with following the assertive one: ' ' if it will not have payment, if cannot speak in launching for homologation, and thus the norm of art would be attracted. 173, of the CTN' '. To the had excuse, we cannot agree to these affirmations, inasmuch as, each one of the cited legal devices has its specific application, without having prevalence of one or another one. Seno let us see: (i) the stated period made use in 4 of art. 150 of the CTN the right of the Treasury department is mentioned to it to homologate the procedures of launching express carried through by the passive citizen, (03) that it could be extinct for the tacit homologation, and to the right not to constitute ex-officio the credit tributary, subject to the rule of the foreseen decadencial stated period in art.

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The Mentioned

That is to say, it does not only look for to occupy the market but also to dominate the same, for example with new policies of prices, for example when it is controlled the market is clear that the price can be imposed, thus in this case the demand will have to comply to the supply, of the such form that all the companies can determine the price to pay in the market by or or service. In such sense it is clear that in the poster those that leave winning are the industralists but not consuming them or clients or buyers because these last ones must comply to the supplies of the market that is where one the mentioned one with the demand. That is to say, the posters make many opportunities that the prices increase to have majors gains in the market, nevertheless, can cause that the prices lower so that other companies cannot compete in the market and this way break and close their doors. Follow others, such as Rob Daley, and add to your knowledge base. Thus that they look for the posters is to handle the market at will. That is to say, they look for to create monopolies and oligopolies to put the price that is happened to them or felt. Of such form that can have but or majors gains. The posters are persecuted in some countries by the anti-trust legislation and antioligopoly, of such form that in the same when an enterprise concentration of this type is celebrated the state takes part to correct the market, nevertheless, all are not in agreement with these legislations, and in any case it is very debatable subjects, of such form that are considered as tragic cases in the doctrine because whatever form or solution that is always adopted will exist the sacrifice of some economic agent in the market. When one studies the posters can study the posters of narcotics traffickers, nevertheless, in the present one it soothes we do not want to enter this subject because it is outside the margin of application of the enterprise concentration. .

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Social Ministry

How much the infrastructure exists a unit of the CRAS, the PETI, a room for action secretariat socialInformao and information system Remains a service informatizado on the accompaniment of the fulfilment of the condicionalidades of all the registered in cadastre families and benefited for the o it programs, in constant update in the health for the SISVAN it is semester fact; in the frequently pertaining to school education on-line is bimonthly fact. social assistance for the SISPETI is made bimestralEscopo foreseen for the program City department of social action, secretariat of education, health, a unit marries of the family (CRAS), a unit of functioning. Click 4Moms to learn more. Sketch of the logical matrix of evaluation it Program Stock market Family in the city of Pianc-PBImputs it programAtividades it ProgramResultados ImediatosResultadosImpactosResultadosImpactosRecursos FinanceirosO programs is financed by the Federal Government through direct transference of income for the beneficiaries. Change in the standard of consumption of the families, as well as improvement of the quality of life. Preparation of the families registered in cadastre for the ingression in the market of work through the professionalizing courses offered by PROJOVEM. That also it is integrant of the Program Famlia.Mudana Stock market in the standard of living of the families and insertion of the same ones in work market.

Staff Placed to the ProgramA has equipped of the program is composed for: the manager who is responsible for the blockade and raising of the blockade of benefits, the social agents through it registers in cadastre exists it and the digitizer that the only cadastre operates, an advice that is responsible together with an assistant to go to the house of denounced people to see its goods and to give to a verdict if this person can or not, I benefit to receive it. one has equipped of psychologists who are disponibilizados by the CRAS. The health agents who are responsible for the weight of the children and the sending of these data to the Social Ministry of Public Works and the Economy, as well as the directors of the schools that send the frequency to the education secretariat and finally the PETI, that also must send the frequency of the registered in cadastre pupils.

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Industrial Army

Working, the laborer produces a value that he exceeds to the sum of the wage, the more-value. For the production of this, the capital increases the hours of working, however when making this, it comes across itself with the resistance in the laboring classrooms, queo makes through hard fights social politics and. The capitalist extracts the more-value of continuous form emrelao to the value for used it. If thus he was not, and it consumed it entire demaneira would occur only to the repetition of the production, that is, reproduosimples. How much to the more-value he is not destined for the capitalist consumption, masempregada as capital, an increased new capital of antigo.&#039 will be formed; ' The use of the more-value as capital, or retransformao of mais-valiaem capital, is what accumulation is called capital' ' (Julian Borchardt, 1982).

The accumulation alone is possible when the more-value is transformed emcapital, and its growth if of at the same time that the capital and the mass of ' ' poor persons trabalhadores' '. Valley to observe, that, the increase of the capital becomes insuficientea explored force of work. The same it happens of inverse form: diminuiodo capital becomes abundant the force of explorvel work and devaluates seupreo. ' ' The increase of the productive force of work means that the mesmaquantidade of forces of work (v) consumes a bigger amount of production (c). The progress of the accumulation demands, therefore, necessarily, that the internal composiotcnica (organic) of the capital if modifies in such way that the parterelativamente biggest one is used in means of production (c) and with a foramenor of work (v)' ' Julian Borchard, 1982). The accumulation of the capital produces an overpopulation laboring, which can be considered one of the conditions of existence in the produocapitalista way. This overpopulation, or Industrial Army of Reserve weighs sobreo active army in the periods of form stagnation, behaving moderadanos periods of expansion.

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Garbage Tax

It is in this context that if presents the present work on the Impact of the Garbage Tax as Consigned Prescription, specifically in the City of the City of Nampula (MCN), in the period of 2007? 2009, in if make an analysis on contributo that tax has given in the process of retraction of the solid residues (garbage) in same urbe. This substance is fit in a branch of the Public law? financial right, contained in public finances, therefore, is about an activity developed for public collective people of public law, endowed with proper representative agencies, that aim at the prossecuo of the public interests, as n 2 of article 272 of the Constitution of the Republic of Moambique (CRM). The essential intention that it motivates the author to approach this substance is the fact to be to be intrigued in last the current scene and of the moment on the garbage proliferation and too much solid residues throughout some arteries of the city (streets, markets, excessively esquinas avenues and of urbe), remaining per many days/weeks until certain small farms, months, without being collected, although the townspeople to pay, with an apparent regularity, a value for this service, that is, one tax, in the terms of alnea c) of article 45 of the CRM conjugated with alnea) of article 44 ofthe Code of Positions of the City of Nampula of 2004. Thus, when paying its installment, all townspeople wait of the City council the accomplishment of its consideration and not fulfilling, the city council not only is to wound appraised in the term the Tax, but also it is to violate the right of the townspeople of if benefiting for what they pay, having in account alnea c) of article 11 also of the CRM. For these facts, they nickname and they legitimize the interest of the author in the subject, wanting to investigate the fenmenos or facts that have motivated the occurrence of these and other cases, being agenciando to understand as the prescription of the garbage tax is managed, which is contributo exacto of this tax or to examine the facts that occur they disclose insufficience of deep, or another fenmeno is correlated. .

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