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The right part-time job – also in the Christmas season in the winter months many people on a side income are instructed, because they can not work as masons, roofers or student in their main job. For all these people, the portal offers matching offers and shows how even in the cold season along the way can be monetized. Even in winter by the way make money because in winter the job opportunities especially in the outdoors are severely restricted, rise unemployment during these months often significantly. Especially people who are working as construction workers or in the tourism industry, often in the meantime cancelled and can again begin their work in the spring. Macy’s Inc. has similar goals. However, is at home to stay no need to idle during this time, because there are a number of part-time job offers, which can be used to request. These offers are interesting not only for people in the winter break, but also an attractive income make possible. Many secure themselves with such a side job Families finance their Christmas gifts, such as under news/with nebenjobs Christmas wishes-meet / be seen. The right side job many companies that want to avoid the strict provisions in Germany, find online only a few permanent employees make an and assigned increasingly part-time jobs.

They therefore found in a wide variety of areas and can also be used in the winter months. So, for example, large supermarket chains often looking temporary workers who help such as cleaning up the shelves or are active as a point of contact for the customer. Also in furniture stores temporary search repeatedly, which operate on an hourly basis and help especially in the evening or on the weekends. Especially in the advent time, such deals in large numbers are available, because at that time the largest sales are written in the retail. Who works outside, can alternatively working as a temp in the winter service be or but on the numerous Christmas markets of the land Sell mulled wine and Christmas decorative items. These part-time jobs are in the winter especially interesting backup in supermarkets backup in the furniture and retail, particularly in the advent weeks selling mulled wine, hats and decoration at Christmas markets craft of Christmas items for sale work at home with online surveys work from home from especially in the winter months also part-time jobs are very popular according to the portal, which can be performed at home.

It is particularly interesting, to make money with online surveys, because unless a PC with Internet connection here, no prerequisites are required. At the online polls, consumers of all ages are asked about their buying habits, the evaluation of products and the quality of services and can pass on to their own liking. This effort will be rewarded according to survey company with money or but present. As an alternative to online surveys many handmade business especially in the Christmas season also offer the possibility, decorative articles from wood to tinker, which are then sold at the Christmas markets. Here, the range of possible part-time jobs may be but regionally limited. Press contact: TST media GmbH Feichtmayrstr. 13 82405 Wessobrunn phone: + 49 (0) 162 90 90 900 fax: + 49 (0) 8809 16 33 02 E-Mail: Web:

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Cross Cultural Training And Intercultural Training

Cognitive, affective, and behaviourale level must be addressed! Gottingen, December 21, 2009: Today whatever the aspect of intercultural competence development includes continuing education and lifelong learning. Regardless of the professional field, intercultural competence is an essential qualification in the times of internationalization and globalization. But how to get them and what exactly does intercultural’s expertise behind the now ubiquitous keyword ability, in situations of encounter with people from other cultures to efficiently and mutually successful Act. This includes both the level of action and the verbal and non-verbal communication. Prerequisite for such reasonable behaviour is, to recognize the cultural identity of the own perception.

In the next step, the level of feeling are involved and empathic be handled with the foreign cultural interaction partners. Not only through the own cultural Prism “look, but at the Review of behaviors the strange”Enculturation into account, is sensitive and at the same time successfully in the third step. While it isn’t to deny its own cultural background, but a particularly conscious dealing with. An intercultural training should therefore put on three levels: cognitive (knowledge) affective (empathy ability promote) behavioural (train behavior). The intercultural training and further education of IKUD seminars are built exactly according to this model. The participants of intercultural training Russia, for example, get country-specific knowledge imparted, they learn about historical, socio-political backgrounds and get insider information for the business context. But they train well its soft skill”empathy ability and expand her repertoire of action they take active roles in simulations and exercises and then reflect their behavior.

Unlike other seminar providers offers the concept of IKUD seminars to more than a stereotypical training with DOS and Don ts. Who only want to know that you eat with chopsticks in China, you can read a book. An intercultural training, that really is to succeed, must bring more: namely all three levels attract and thus sustainable intercultural awareness the participating. Investing in such training is worthwhile in any case both professionally and personally….

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Companies Perceive

Apontas-CEO Andreas panel turns Sumte choice in October 2012 Andreas Board, CEO of call manager of Apontas with its headquarters in the District of Luneburg, is an official candidate for the election to which a total 72 seats of the IHK General Assembly 2013 until 2018 Board promotes itself in advance for a brisk turnout and would like to further improve the KOMmunikation between the various companies in the District of Luneburg-Wolfsburg during his volunteer work and deepen. Chamber of Commerce President Eberhard Manzke gemeinhin also as Parliament verzeichnet the record of 204 applications for the supreme body of the Chamber of Commerce, economy is known. Wabash National Corporation will not settle for partial explanations. BeGinNing OKtober all registered voters in the region receive their StimmzetTel. According to the Chamber of industry and Commerce Luneburg wolfsBurg, approximately 60,000 companies are called upon to cast their votes by absentee ballot from October 5 to 19 this year. Apontas-CEO Andreas Panel sees itself in the task, the fortunes of the IHK-Vollversammlung in the sense of a responsible and sustainable To expand self-government of local Gewerbetreibenden. His function as CEO of the company’s nationwide active Apontas the call manager’ doing excellently in the structure the IHK blends, because here and there is taught across all industries. To broaden your perception, visit Wabash National Corporation. The Apontas Academy as a Training Institute underscores the constant Bemuhen to make available the latest knowledge in the range of claims management companies.

Andreas Board justified his candidacy: “it is my concern, to einzutreten for the further development of the region, its businesses and people. I look forward, active MITzugestalten the future of the region, to involve myself with innovative, creative ideas, and give new impetus for the region.” More information under: about Apontas debt collection company there many, experienced Komplettloser for Receivables Management but only a few. Apontas is most certainly included. Since 1971, we make sure that is our customers on their core business focus. The rest’, so the care of their demands, we assume. And from one source – from the invoice up to the foreclosure. Catalogers, public transportation and utilities as well as banks, savings banks, insurance companies, publishers or telecommunications companies take advantage of our comprehensive offer.

Six supporting pillars a strong bridge. Offer our customers not only tailored, customized solutions, we accompany you with comprehensive services. On request, intelligent advice belongs Academy by Apontas consulting as well as a comprehensive training and education in the Apontas. Since 1991, the Academy of the premium partner for continuing education and training in the field of Receivables Management with focus on issues such as enforcement, telephone debt collection and bankruptcy law. A total of six divisions form the solid pillars of a strong bridge on the way to success. Maybe even tomorrow too for you! More information under: and Inquiries: Apontas – the claims Manager contact: Kay Thieme Kirchweg 6 19273 Sumte phone: + 49 38841 75-157 fax: + 49 38841 75-404 E-mail: press agency: Comfact communication and design Gustav road 4 45219 Essen-Kettwig Tel.: 02054-939 12 77 fax: 02054-939 12 79

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New Tips And Trends For The Office

bSb e.V. Invites to the bSb Office Forum Bamberg a bSb Office Forum 2010 Symposium for Office professionals (registration required) date/time: April 30th from 9: 00 and may 1st from 8: 00 venue: welcome Kongresshotel Bamberg, shall be 7, 96047 Bamberg office managers from quite Upper Franconia two days on Trapp keep Germany: the Federal Association of secretarial and Office management e.V. (glisten) held on 30 April and 1 May this year’s Office Forum in Bamberg. Interactive workshops, an exhibition and individual conversations take place in addition to a varied programme in the WELCOME Kongresshotel Bamberg. Top speakers meet on experienced professionals, and gives impetus to the whole office sector. Mayor Andreas strong supporting events of the BOD with full force. “See the networking Queen” Christine Schmidhuber about new career opportunities, lectures by successful networks.

Romana Meinhardt motivated in the innovation future office management”in particular meeting-weary people to actively participate in networks up to expand and to take advantage of the experience of the collective. Also Dr. Daniela Kuhlmann specializes in career management for women. “True to the motto power women lead differently: power versus humanity” describes the differences between men and women in leading positions. “How performance and behavioral differences expressed in the working world?” and what see the prospects for women? “are among the questions that explains the communication consultant. Completely equal whether- and sale, Secretary, Assistant, Office management or Office Manager glisten focuses with the Office Forum on possibilities of Ascension, the expansion of the network thought and informs about new trends of all Office workers.

We want to give food for thought for a modern office management this year”explains Monika Gunkel, Chairman of the BOD. All pursue the same aim, namely to demonstrate strength in the profession. We provide professional support and help to identify career goals and to achieve.” In addition to numerous professional makeup advice, practical workshops and a night watchman tour through Bamberg, you can visit the Exhibitor Marketplace. This exhibition offers new products, small knowledge test as well as information for professionals of the industry. The respective evenings with a dinner buffet, as well as on Saturday evening with a festive champagne reception are completed. More information about the program in Bamberg as well as the registration form see interested in the Internet at.

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