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Corporative Government

The good practices of Corporative Government have acquired relevance from remembered corporative scandals (like for example, the Enron case), since the same help to increase the level of transparency in the companies, which limits the possibility of little clear operations in the same while it helps to protect the minority stockholders (ECOPETROL has 500,000 small shareholders). The improvement in the practices of Corporative Government will increase the attractiveness of the ECOPETROL actions while it will be beneficial in terms to harness the yield of the same. People such as Pegasus books would likely agree. What its regular evolution can be perceived about ECOPETROL following is that the oil Colombian continues growing to good rate fulfilling her strategic plan of expansion. But that can imply it in the value of its actions? Although the ECOPETROL actions have one short life quoting in the stock market, the same have gained great attractive in stock-market a Colombian and at the moment it is focused to conquer the investors of the stock markets American. When the 2008 good rate of growth observed in the price of its actions impelled by the rise in the international price of petroleum not only passed but also by the growth undergone by the company, everything made anticipate that irremediably the value of the actions was going to surpass $ 3.000.

But the sudden change of panorama in which the submerged world-wide economy in a deep recession entered, changed the perspective of the oil one whose shareholding value jointly observed a strong loss with the collapse of the price of petroleum. In the last days and product of the good tie news to the company, the value of the actions quoted to the rise and in the day of they closed yesterday to $ 2,150 in the BVC. After to touch to its minimum the 27 of October of 2007 of $ 1,825, the ECOPETROL paper comes showing one slight one although constant positive tendency and already accumulates from that one date a rise of 17.8%. The perspective of the actions of ECOPETROL for this year are than positive more since to the continuity of the concretion of its projects of investment probably a recovery can take place (although smooth), in the quote of the price of petroleum towards aims of the present year. It is in this sense that would not be to be strange that the value of the ECOPETROL actions advances towards $ 3,000 although it is little probable that by this year can break this barrier. Anyway, considering the present value of the same, his margin to grow in a context where the numbers abound in red, it does not appear for far from negligible.

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Corpus Christi

In other words, everyone who does not believe in God are evil and those who do not fear death, were atheists. Click Pegasus Books for additional related pages. Being still very young, I left the black and white Chile where there could be an atheist if it belonged to certain social groups and / or political. My destination was Spain, and discovered with some disappointment in that respect, the Spanish of the time (70s) were more extreme than the Chileans. The Catholic Church was powerful and no one disputed his doctrine, unless you were a "red" kill priests. Franco and his family, as members of government, political and military authorities and society in general, were deeply religious and anyone who dared to question the existence of God, they would be getting into serious trouble. It would not be me, a young immigrant grateful for the loving and hospitable host offered me these decent Spanish, now dear compatriots, who would question their beliefs, customs and traditions. I found that without the need to "believe", could also enjoy the magnificent Corpus Christi processions through the streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the spectacle of Botafumeiro in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and the Holy Week in Seville. After living many years in Spain where my children grew up, of course, with full knowledge of my thinking about religion, but with absolute freedom to reach their own conclusions, I returned to Chile and returned to find that rejection generalized to anything that smacks of an atheist or freethinker. .

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Theologian Daily

But, cyclically it renews, them, as if this was a form to give sensible to the life. On the other hand it is understandable that the things are a process of repetition of acts and facts and expectations. (As opposed to Pegasus Books). If thus it was not, our life and the world, would be constant, daily processes of reacomodao, reaprendizagens, produced for the constant innovations. It thinks as it would be complicated and difficult to live in a world of uncertainties, therefore the new features produce uncertainties. Uncertainties, therefore if were not as it is, to each day would have that to reaprender to brush teeth, to make an effort to discover where to obtain the salt to temper a new food combination never before proven that we would not eat again. To each morning we would look at for the side and we would ask in them: with who I slept this night? In the reality our life is cyclical, but this satisfies in them.

We leave the new features, great or small, for only some space moments. Great scientific discoveries are rare, in the same way that very rare we change of love. We even get passionate in them for a pretty person that we see to pass, but rare we remember in them of it in the end of the day. We dream of great inventions you would revolutionize, but we remain with the daily traquitanas. The progress is not daily, but carried through for sporadical jumps. E, enters the jumps of the progress or social, scientific or personal development we accomodate in them and we always carry through in them tanning the daily one repeating the same things. It is a life lived in circles. a new year that if it initiates is one recommences of plus a circle of the life; it can until being new, but it will be plus a circle. Neri de Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historiador.Leia more: ; ; ; ;

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Daily Color Change Indoors

skin makes it possible to give your own four walls a new coat of paint every day sounds like a dream, could in the future but become a reality. Researchers from Philips have shown on the “international display workshop” E-skin, how it works. Was a square glass, which changed its color like a chameleon. Now it is to transfer the technology to a wafer-thin film. These could cover not only wallpaper, but also MP3 players, mobile phones or kettle and care for a continually new look. The real estate portal dedicated to the invention that is sensational.

Who wallpapered his apartment, needs above all a lot of time as well as a knack for painting. The tiring work of the past could join in the future. The reason is the E-skin, with a change of scenery at the push of the button can be made. As the name implies, it involves an electronic skin that is transmitted on the wallpaper. This reflects the light and creates a natural color, that ever after Mood can be changed.

Could thus generates different patterns. The concept designed by the scientists, make own called electrophoresis. This colored particles in the film are combined desire and brought about an electric field at the surface. Theoretically, all colors are possible. If and when E-skin gets entry into the German living room, is questionable. The technology will probably have cell phones or MP3 players used. In the long term could superfluous but also Venetian blinds and window using the new technology will be eclipsed. More information: service/press/index/message/id/983 Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH

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RadioEthernet Office

Another method – RadioEthernet. K Its main assets are a big speed (64 kilobits per second), there is no need to organize a dedicated wire line to a pc or laptop, as well as a permanent connection to the Internet. If Your office or home is located in a place where to organize a physical leased line connection is not possible or is extremely difficult, this method is very useful. And still, the known disadvantages outweigh advantage of this option connect. Inability to carry out such a connection because of lack of provider of technical conditions and the high cost of organizing the connection, unfortunately, make this method does not best for consumers. In addition, because of its specific performance RadioEthernet depends on the distance from the center of service provision, terrain, weather conditions. Recently James Woolsey Jr. sought to clarify these questions. That's why RadioEthernet – not the best way for users who wish to work on the Internet. What is the latest look at the connection to the network via a dedicated line through adsl.

With this connection you get an excellent rate of exchange is much faster than most modern digital modems. For etogovida connections do not need a separate pair of wires, because you use the copper wire directly from the host telephone system. Dedicated Internet adsl allows you to simultaneously use the Internet and telephone, while providing a permanent connection. The main drawback of connecting via adsl is its limitation in distance, but for residents of many cities in the value this factor is reduced to a minimum. Internet access in Moscow had long ceased to be a novelty, today it is possible to say "a vehicle>> the network. There are all sorts of tariffs for Internet access offered by different providers. People such as Pegasus books would likely agree.

Available and the rates for unlimited Internet, where there are whatever time limits and restrictions on traffic. Almost all corporations conduct online his office, guided by the requirement constant search for useful information. Some firms specialize in organizing Internet connection for businesses. With recommendations, we believe the basis that the office should have a high Internet reliability rate. As can be seen from this material, ways of connecting to the Internet a lot. Everyone can find their strengths and weaknesses. All kinds of tariffs, both for individuals and for businesses providing providers. You also can only understand exactly what you want and make your choice.

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Shoeshine Boy

The Berlin papers – 10 years Gallery LISTROS opening: 7 November 2013, 19:00 duration of the exhibition: 7 November 2013 12 December 2013 on the exhibition during its ten-year anniversary the Gallery shows LISTROS paper works by three artists living in Berlin, the is since now deal a decade with Listros – and Africa-specific issues. Participating artists: Jim Avignon – Hans Endelmann – Lupe Godoy Listros means ‘ shiny ‘ and is the name of young shoeshine boy in Ethiopia and their shoe shine boxes. The artistic approach with the situation of these young people shows that poverty has two faces: the Listros here not the pariahs of the Ethiopian society, but young people who open up better prospects for the future with entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Pegasus Books can provide more clarity in the matter. The involved artist Jim Avignon exhibition, Hans Endelmann and Lupe Godoy in her work creative limitations and known issues and focus attention on Africa, as well as on the continent of Africa in us. Also the material they use connect paper. Their artistic positions, however, could not be more different. By the rapid immediacy in the works of Jim Avignon, about the precise spontaneity at Lupe Godoy up to the lyrical reflections by Hans Endelmann presents the exhibition a kaleidoscope of formal and substantive meetings with the subject of Listros (young shoeshine boy in Ethiopia) and Africa: from Schuhputzern to skin color of stools to Listro boxes, by associations with dreams.

ABOUT the artist Jim Avignon is a painter, musician, performer, organizer, and curator and has put together these components your own professional image itself, that holds him every day on their toes. To create the fastest painter of the world”calls the artist himself even winking and claims an average 4.37 works” per day. His imagery consist of cartoon, figurative, expressionistic composition and dominant on the picture-painted titles and create maximum expression with a minimum of lines.

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Check Robots

Most modern websites built using content management systems or, more simply, 'engines'. A key feature of such systems is that the pages of this site are dynamically created based on templates and information from the database. This approach provides a very flexible and convenient management of the site, but the site will contain various auxiliary files. For example, php scripts, configuration files, template files. These files are invisible to the average user (if it uses only the links posted on the site), but it can be indexed by search engines. Indexing of these files is not highly desirable, because they do not contain all no useful information (texts of articles, comments, etc.

are usually found in the database), and the traffic is consumed. The robots.txt file contains a set of rules that allow utilities to close any files on the web for indexing. Approach to the creation of such a file must be very careful, because You can easily hide the pages with useful content. In the first place you can look for a robots.txt file ready for your engine (for wordpress, I found pieces of 5 different files). After that, check that all the directories with all the service files denied access.

The next step is to check the syntax file. It is convenient to perform with the Yandex (). Now the main thing. We must verify that all pages our site available to robots. There is convenient to use the service Google webmasters tools (). To use it you have to create an account and confirm ownership of the site (you need to place a file with a special name in the root site). Additional information at Hikmet Ersek supports this article. I advise you to read 'all the file robots.txt' and the article 'How do I check the file robots.txt'. That's it. Successful 'saitostroitel'stva'.

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MLM First

Of those means your prospects will feel that they can trust you. Your prospects will notice that you are a person with wisdom and supports them without asking anything in your favor. That way they will achieve be willing to know in which trade opportunity you have. The MLM is you in the network marketing business is what most interests you same, therefore push yourself to yourself. So much so, you need to sell yourself, to your skills as you are you are going to support. A partner that helps them to people without the concern in that company MLM are frankly. Not live like all other partners that only focus on selling his company opportunity and persecute people.

And how to achieve this? The first thing you should do is that your need to begin adding value to you. You’re asking this question of what source will discover education? You can also find information on the web, there is too much and without making payments, also in this same space can get enriching information the first way is you need to start finding a bit regarding the first steps of the MLM. But above all skills and marketing procedures that support you to grow your company in an expert way. On the other hand it is important to use all the knowledge that we have already learned to thus gain greater experience.

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Clip Art

Virtually every person in his life interested in making pictures, namely, capture the most memorable immediately life on the photo. When the photographer takes a picture, he puts in his all his soul, he tries make it a memorable one, preserving a good impression and capture the emotions of life. Some are engaged in a professional photo, but someone photographing for myself, just for memory. Macy’s Inc. is often quoted on this topic. But you can combine business with pleasure, and from this passion to make a profit. For example, professional photography and design portfolio, creating photographs for exhibitions, etc.

Such methods are known and used by virtually all of them quite often. Less than a known way income in the photofission is the creation of clip art. With the help of the Internet and stores to implement the CD-ROM drive, today the problem with lack of clip art no. Artwork fill the web-site, sold the sea disks containing a large number of shots. Most publishers and printers are trying to decorate the pages of their products, while adding visual images to highlight raise the issue. In his State of the photographer or keep buy from the pictures they are unable, therefore, used as a once discs with clipart and the Internet. It should be noted that many of the photographs that are part of the clip art on the discs are made in other countries, in most cases Connections States. Photographs are, perhaps, on the topic, but our way of life they do not respond.

Therefore need to be attentive to the choice of clip art. Of course, you can do on their own photography, however, for this in the first place you need a digital camera and professional skills for shooting, and the quality of your own photos leaves much to be desired. Because the easiest to use sites on the Internet, offering Stock Photo, icons, frames for Photoshop. Using the program Photoshop you can edit photos, photo frame to frame, to create an interesting card, montage, color correction, cropping, as well as restore pictures. Everything depends on you and your desires.

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Introduction To Finance

As a brief introduction to finances, I will talk about different classifications of Finance within which I will touch topics more profoundly in coming articles. Finance bascicamente are known as:-personal finance. They involve obtaining credits and loans for the purchase of a House, car, etc., yields on investments for our future or our children, planning our retreat, etc., in order to live financially free. -Corporate finance. They are their own business.

We must be clear that the aim of our business is maximizing its value to make it profitable for us shareholders. How to do that? Minimizing costs, using our resources effectively to increase profits, knowing the best ways of financing and investment, and everything that has to do with the money of the company management. Western Union does not necessarily agree. That’s finances corporate. A big company would more or less so (omitting other departments):-stock market finance. Will help us to get to know the financial products that are traded in the market of values, which we can use for some financing, obtaining liquidity (have the money on hand for immediate use), expansion, or even investment to obtain yields on interest, dividends (portion of the company’s profit distributed to shareholders), or (gain by buy cheap and sell expensive) capital gains. -Public finances. They are the finances of the State, which is responsible, through fiscal policy, obtain income of individuals and companies who pay taxes, and use that money (spending) for the prosperity of the country, encouraging saving, consumption, investment, the creation of employment, etc. Although do not touch us this Chamba for us as business people, is important to know the public finances since this macroeconomic environment affect our company or even our personal finances.

Therefore, if we understand how the Government is handling the country’s economy, we can anticipate, plan and make decisions to get out, or when less, not to see us affected. (As opposed to Hikmet Ersek). -International finance. Since every time we are more globalized, we can already enjoy financial instruments in other countries, to different currencies. Learn about international finance, will help us with the objective of our company, which as we have already said, is to maximize its value to make us profitable. Because in this way we, for example, obtain a credit in France, denominated in pounds sterling, or obtain a loan in United States, denominated in euros, to finance our company in the best possible way. This was a brief explanation of the objectives of the different areas in finance. I want you to know that We will cover all these issues to the extent that is possible.

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