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Attitudes that in Levam to the Filosofar ADMIRATION: it is when we are ahead of a different situation, unexpected, we have an admiration attitude and this attitude is the starting point for the act of filosofar, therefore in them it takes the discovery of ours proper ignorance and to the questionings. DOUBT: the doubt is accompanying of the men at crucial moments of its existence and for the Philosophy it is the starting point for a deep reflection, trying to arrive at the roots of the problems. MORAL INSATISFAO: it is the insatisfao of the people with the customs and/or attitudes (rules of convivncia, laws, forms of government, evolution of science, etc.) they also surround that them lead when filosofar. The PHILOSOPHY AND OTHER FORMS OF KNOWLEDGE Exist many forms of knowledge, the human beings have explanations varied for the diverse phenomena of its existence and these explanations are searched to provide bigger security ahead to the man of the world. The knowledge is a form to understand the reality.

Myth: it is an explanation form that has validity only between the cultural group where it appears. Generally and made up of fabulosas explanations, does not have no linking with the reality and nor with the truth and nor with the rationality of facts; is not passvel of questionings. Religion: the form of religious knowledge possesss an accepted systematization and organization for that they have faith in determined belief. The religions possess codes of behavior (Former: The Ten Orders) and leaders who dictate to the behavior and the understanding of the reality its fidiciary offices. Common sense: it is a knowledge from the daily one, that it does not demand greater deepening or inquiry. It is a superficial knowledge, that is, it concludes from the appearances, and immediately is related to the Myth and the Religion. It is a knowledge acquired for tradition, inherited of ancestor and which we add the results of the experience lived in the collective the one that we belong.

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