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Federal Aviation Authority

The Federal Aviation Authority certified Flottweg SE to the ‘known consignor’ with this certification to the known shipper”Flottweg still ensures a fast and reliable supply of its customers around the globe. The countdown is running. There are new conditions as companies to handle its air cargo to the date 23.03.2013. Companies that still want to send their wares as “safe” by air, must be certified by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA). Educate yourself with thoughts from Western Union. Non-certified companies must expect from March 2013 with significant delays and additional costs. Only who has the coveted status of BV after 25 March 2013, can easily send his urgent freight on the trip. Otherwise require elaborate checks. Flottweg received approval from the Federal Aviation Authority.

It was drawn up by the company of an air cargo security program, appropriate security areas installed, go through the authorisation procedure and passed a prior site audit. The entry in the EC database for known Consignors and regulated agents is done and is involved compared to the others in the supply chain as proof that the known shipper status has been granted. As a known consignor, Flottweg ensures that the identifiable air freight at the premises in Vilsbiburg is protected adequately against unauthorized access and tampering. As a result you must undergo the identified air freight of any renewed security check at the airport. Made in Germany stands for highest quality Flottweg. Certification as a known shipper”is further proof of the high standards of the product and the comprehensive quality management of Flottweg. Ultimate goal is a fast and reliable supply of customers worldwide, which is also ensured thanks to the certification. FLOTTWEG SE cutting edge technology manufactures Flottweg decanters, separators, belt presses and systems for mechanical solid liquid separation made in Germany more than 60 years.

This technique takes over industrial key functions in the clarification of liquids, separation of liquid mixtures or concentrating and dewatering of solids. Flottweg is one of the leading solution providers in the field of mechanical separation technology currently generate over 600 employees worldwide sales of EUR 135 million, of which exports accounted for more than 85%.Flottweg evolving its centrifuges and belt presses, brings new types and variants on the market. Today, the Flottweg decanters range, Tricanter, Sedicanters, Sorticanter and plate separators as well as belt presses comprises. Flottweg machines are available as individual components or as complete systems. The decanters manufactured exclusively in Germany, separators and belt presses are characterized by a high efficiency, high performance and longevity.

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LLC Systems

Company JNet systems LLC introduced an integration platform iJANet, built on the principles of SOA, at the II International exhibition-forum e-Kazakhstan, which was held in Astana, the official support of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 2 to 4 April 2008 year. In further implementing the State program for the formation of "electronic government" in the Republic of Kazakhstan, presented solutions to overcome the "digital divide", system integration, information security software. Company JNet systems LLC supports this initiative. During the exhibition, a presentation of the first Russian SOA-platform iJANet, which aroused the interest of public structures and visitors information and communication technologies. The exhibition reached an agreement on future cooperation with a number of companies in Kazakhstan. Implementing an SOA will allow them to to integrate business processes, extend the functionality of the systems, to implement a centralized data management, business applications. "Our company took part in the exhibition e-Kazakhstan . We felt interest in SOA and our product JNet, – said Leonid Gladkikh, director JNet systems LLC..

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Lehman Brothers

According to the new regulation, all company/signature that is considered, has insufficient capital, can be reconstructed or even closed by the regulators. The subject happens here through the suitable measurement that can realise the regulators, that must neither underestimate nor to overestimate the level of sufficiency of capital of the companies. That can be assured through some type of regulation? The subjective component in these evaluations can be a determining factor at the time of considering if an organization has capitalization problems. One is due at least to recognize that it is a good initiative. The challenge for the new regulation happens to have balance and capacity of immediate action. The regulation must be effective to control that the financial system and its component institutions, do not exceed in the taking of risks, but the regulating action does not have either to drown the development and growth of the financial system. An important element that it adds the regulation proposal is that the bad administration of the financial organizations can put in risk the stability of the high positions.

In fact, to those organizations in which the capitalization level is insufficient, putting in risk their solution, their executives could be dismissed (with possible loss of prestige). Among others measured to avoid the excessive taking of risk regulation will look for to limit so much the risky positions as the incentives to take these positions: it is so the regulation will limit the exhibitions of credit, as well as the wages and bonds (limiting in this way the incentives the cortoplacistas decisions of the banking executives). For the new regulation, the size yes matters. From the government of the USA it is preferred that too great financial organizations do not exist to fall. The sad experience of Lehman Brothers, has demonstrated that it is not possible to drop to a financial institution of great size without waiting for deep and lasting consequences on the financial system.

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GmbH Feichtmayrstr

The right part-time job – also in the Christmas season in the winter months many people on a side income are instructed, because they can not work as masons, roofers or student in their main job. For all these people, the portal offers matching offers and shows how even in the cold season along the way can be monetized. Even in winter by the way make money because in winter the job opportunities especially in the outdoors are severely restricted, rise unemployment during these months often significantly. Especially people who are working as construction workers or in the tourism industry, often in the meantime cancelled and can again begin their work in the spring. Macy’s Inc. has similar goals. However, is at home to stay no need to idle during this time, because there are a number of part-time job offers, which can be used to request. These offers are interesting not only for people in the winter break, but also an attractive income make possible. Many secure themselves with such a side job Families finance their Christmas gifts, such as under news/with nebenjobs Christmas wishes-meet / be seen. The right side job many companies that want to avoid the strict provisions in Germany, find online only a few permanent employees make an and assigned increasingly part-time jobs.

They therefore found in a wide variety of areas and can also be used in the winter months. So, for example, large supermarket chains often looking temporary workers who help such as cleaning up the shelves or are active as a point of contact for the customer. Also in furniture stores temporary search repeatedly, which operate on an hourly basis and help especially in the evening or on the weekends. Especially in the advent time, such deals in large numbers are available, because at that time the largest sales are written in the retail. Who works outside, can alternatively working as a temp in the winter service be or but on the numerous Christmas markets of the land Sell mulled wine and Christmas decorative items. These part-time jobs are in the winter especially interesting backup in supermarkets backup in the furniture and retail, particularly in the advent weeks selling mulled wine, hats and decoration at Christmas markets craft of Christmas items for sale work at home with online surveys work from home from especially in the winter months also part-time jobs are very popular according to the portal, which can be performed at home.

It is particularly interesting, to make money with online surveys, because unless a PC with Internet connection here, no prerequisites are required. At the online polls, consumers of all ages are asked about their buying habits, the evaluation of products and the quality of services and can pass on to their own liking. This effort will be rewarded according to survey company with money or but present. As an alternative to online surveys many handmade business especially in the Christmas season also offer the possibility, decorative articles from wood to tinker, which are then sold at the Christmas markets. Here, the range of possible part-time jobs may be but regionally limited. Press contact: TST media GmbH Feichtmayrstr. 13 82405 Wessobrunn phone: + 49 (0) 162 90 90 900 fax: + 49 (0) 8809 16 33 02 E-Mail: Web:

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University Building

"Since the hospital has joined the University of Oslo, now and in southern Norway is known transplants serdtsa. hospital is quite harmless: it is lined with gold brick at the entrance is a small tower, which overlooks a courtyard – a wide open area where the patients settled dormant. This – the inner part, which received high praise. "I would say that is the best example of all the hospitals available today that combines both artistic, social, and therapeutic features of hospital design, "said Mr. Monk, who posted photos from this hospital on the cover of its knigi.Bolnitsy – a complex of buildings, notorious for its facilities. Architects need to know the basics of medicine, its technology and understand the requirements and needs of patients, their relatives, as well as hospital staff. Arvid Ottar, one of the main architects of the hospital, said he and his partners are trying to design a hospital, being guided by one question: how hospital design can improve health patients and create all necessary conditions for its employees? "Let's call it" humane Hospital – the hospital, built by people for people, "said Mr.

Ottar. "We do not know what to do with our environment, but it is obvious that its influence is obvious. Can a beautiful picture to help you recover? I do not know. But, if I lived in a slum, it would not have made me feel better. James Woolsey Jr. contributes greatly to this topic. "Hospital building to a small village, say, a 585-bed capacity hospitals, begins with a beautiful main road, which makes a small bend, the building with skylight and a large stained-glass window from floor to .Krasivye lampposts with hanging plants along the road, and most importantly, a great number of works of art – fountains, sculptures, hanging textiles – serving as a guide in the area among the various hospital departments.

On the main street is even a piano for patients and visitors so that they can play whenever they want it. Medical personnel can move on scooters through bolnitsy.My wanted to build a building where you could not lost, the yellow print-tracks to help you reach the desired destination, "says Mr. Ottar.Arhitektory insisted that the room had many windows overlooking the gardens, to produce indelible impression fjords and a beautiful old building, which was once a psychiatric hospital. Even in the operating room have windows, and windows of patients go to sadam.Pediatricheskoe and maternity wards are located in individual buildings have their own entrance, lined with glass walls. There are playgrounds, a babbling brook, a ski trail. The room has a playground and a fountain of bright colors. The department has its own school, each child's room bed roditeley.Bolnitsa constructed in horizontal mode to reduce the time normally spent waiting for medical personnel lift. Patients lying on a gurney, not see the harsh light of fluorescent lamps, and a rather pleasant ceiling with soft lighting. Since the opening of the hospital has doubled the number of their patients (250 000 per year), decreased the number of empty seats, decreased staff turnover – says ceo Danielson. "Patients have given us a higher rating is higher than all other hospitals. We did not think it will make such a strong effect. "

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Fullsize Electric Car

In this article you will learn about the full-size electric vehicles (Full Sized EV) – small-scale professional conversions of existing vehicles with internal combustion engine. The term "full-size electric car" involves not only the size – the characteristics of these machines often exceed the parameters of donor cars. A powerful electric motor provides excellent dynamic performance (motor torque is very high even at low revs, unlike the internal combustion engine). Usually, these electric vehicles are equipped with a powerful enough battery, which allows you to travel up to 200-250km on one charge. Two hundred miles – a fairly respectable figure, a power reserve, with interest, covers basic needs of most cars.

In a lot of attention online ruskoyazychnom udelyalyaetsya electric car Tesla Roadster sports (Often at the expense of other equally interesting patterns elektromobilestroeniya). This electric car conversion is the famous Lotus Elise sports car from the British automaker. After four years of research, prior to release in the series, in March this year saw the first Tesla Roadster their respective owners. Despite its price of around 100000USD, already pre-paid orders for nearly 200 electric. Tesla Roadster offers its owner not only the usual For many sports cars' four seconds to hundreds of "rich interior, excellent handling. Unlike gasoline sports car it requires a lot less expensive care (maintenance intervals are 45000km, which is 2-3 times better than the comparable performance cars). Compared with conventional gasoline-hungry sports car Tesla Roadster surprisingly economical – 1200kg electric consume, on average, about 150 watt-hours power to overcome one kilometer (costs less than the mini).

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Dealer – Addresses Web Portal Is Online

Web portal with dealer addresses and extensive information around on the wheel is online the Internet Agency Symweb from Leonberg, Germany, has placed a portal on the Internet with extensive information around on the bike. Hear from experts in the field like NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for a more varied view. The bike shop is a pure information portal around the bicycle and bicycle dealer. On the left side there are the main headings bicycle store locator, dealer places, dealers suggest, the bicycle, bicycle lexicon, magazines / books, test / experience, bike events, frequently asked bike links, Gallery. “Dates” with events and trade fairs, which involves above topics can be found under the main headings on the left hand side. In the section “News” there is breaking news topic related to bike / cycling. There are previews for major trade fairs, as well as company news by company related topic to bike shop.

Also find a section on the left side dates”. Here you will be around through exhibitions and trade fairs Bicycles are kept up to date. All terms are explained in the bicycle – lexicon, which are important for this issue. The rubric “Keyword” allows a quick take on all the pages in the a certain term is included. If you need a help before buying a bike to the purchase decision, can test / experience in the rubric”look if you can find a suitable test report.

As well, it gives an overview of all major journals. There are currently about 4,000 addresses in the portal. If you know an address of a bicycle dealer, who is not yet registered in the portal, can after click on this heading bicycle dealers suggest”communicated. The Internet Agency Symweb pleased with each new address and enlists them for free. Contact: Internet Agency symweb Bodo Schradi Waldenser road 15 D 71277 Rutesheim Tel.: 07152/928590 E-Mail: Internet:

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Never Give Up

"Do not give up, never give up, never, never give up" Winston Churchill Persistence is an essential ingredient for long-term success. Josh Wexler is likely to agree. Throughout the history of mankind, famous men and women were successful because they solve the obstacles of life, learned from their mistakes and were tough to persist in their endeavors. If you feel challenged today and is ready to give up, I want to invite you to read biographies of people who were successful in their lives. It is amazing for all that had to pass before becoming successful. Had it not been for his persistence and tenacity, never have achieved their goals.

Most of us would have to humbly admit that we had stopped fighting under similar circumstances. However, these people did not consider surrender was an option. They knew that, somehow, find the results they were seeking. When we are strong in facing the adversities of life's success opened the doors to her. Faced with obstacles seem impossible to solve our brain starts a process of finding solutions that will ultimately pave the way to victory. Winston Churchill said: "Success is going from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm" Sometimes we have a wrong way to deal with our failures. Our society dictates that mistakes are bad and condemns those who are wrong. That's why so many people have a tremendous fear of failure and never dare to do something new in your life.

Almost they run the world when failure looks for his life. Successful people, however, have a different idea of failure. Do not believe that mistakes are good or bad. For they are simply part of life when you're trying to do something that has never done before. They learn from their mistakes, but do not let themselves be intimidated by them. They just keep trying until you achieve your goals. That's why optimistic people are so successful. Optimism helps them achieve better results in life, because it is less likely to surrender. Of course it is very easy to be optimistic when things go well, but real optimism is demonstrated when there is still enthusiasm for a project despite that everything is turning out wrong. Pessimism, however, conditions us to fail. The key to not losing optimism, and to be persistent in life is faith. Faith in the promises of God will keep us walking when everything gets colored ants. AY You can also discover how to achieve your goals! Visit and you will immediately free inspirational e-book with valuable information about how to teach their children (and you) to think differently in order to build a business. You also get the support, inspiration and tools for personal fulfillment is not just a dream for you From Bettina Langerfeldt, whose passion is to teach people of all ages how to acquire a vision for their life, as set goals and then pursue specific education to enable them to achieve them.

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Geographic Coordinates

Materials and Methods the city of Cuiab bes situated in the portion Center-South of the State of Mato Grosso, in the limit occidental person of the domnios of the Open pasture and next the edge east to the Pantanal Weed. It currently possesss a territorial extension of 3.224, 68 km. One meets located in the called geomorfolgica province Lowered Cuiabana. The rocks that its area composes belong, in its bigger part, to the domain of the Cuiab group. Read additional details here: Keith Yamashita. The geographic coordinates are 1510? 1550? S and 5410? W.

The 146 altitudes vary of m the 250 m (OLIVEIRA apud ROSS AND SAINTS, 1982) This are a given quantitative research and qualitative that aims at spoon of temperature in C (Celsius Degrees) through a device of mark THDL 400, these data had been collected in diverse places of the capital of Mato Grosso. We at the end of the month harvest the May data during 3 (three) days of the week, always in the same schedules, with the intention of if to determine the difference of temperature between determined local in Cuiab but in the same hourly. Beyond the temperature also we catch the Geographic Coordinates of each point, catch also a control point, the hour and the time, everything this was launched in a spread sheet for analysis. We start to collect the data in one sixth fair day 28/05/2010 to the 10:00 and cover the 8 (eight) points of collections chosen until the 10:40, these points had been chosen of strategical form, some points with many building, cars and intense movement of people and other points with little building, cars and minor flow of people, we do not choose no peripheral point very or that it does not have asphalt, all the points if locate in the center of Cuiab and surrounding places.

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The Initiative

Of course, they had been repeated frequently osencontros. Now it also took the initiative of the search. They very liked to deconversar. They were seemed in some things. in what they differed if completed naverdade. Five or six weeks correramassim, One day, being in a store in the center of the city, I do not know well where it was, it saw it to enter folloied of the sister, and estremeceu. It looked at for it; if she oconheceu did not say it in the face, that if showed impassvel. Of another time going to the market, she gave with the eyes in the beautiful young woman; but she was the same that she looked at herself for the nothing; amoa was not moved; it did not modify in nothing its beautiful face.

It intrigued that it. Would have elefeito something of made a mistake? It would have it hurt of some form? It left that the end of semanaacabasse to make contact. He was curious to understand that behavior. The hours seemed sluggish, as if they dragged and they delayed to pass. Second fair arrived. Clock looked at parao. It was still early. As he was anxious.

It bound thus exactly. For suasurpresa, exactly that hour, it took care of. It said who to precisavamconversar. The voice of it was not of the best ones. A distant tone if perceived. Eleconcordou and suggested a meeting. It accepted. Still she had that to face all tomorrow. The meeting was in the end of the afternoon. The worse hypotheses populated suamente. How it could be so pessimistic? Two hours before it already seencontrava in the marked place. He played to count regressively to kill otempo. He added the numbers of the plates of the cars that passed for the street. Of tudofazia so that these interminable one hundred and twenty minutes passed.

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