Business Travel

Every year more and more developing business tourism, many companies are increasingly enter the international market, the entire delegation sent to exhibitions, conferences, business meetings. To implement such a project logical to choose a reliable and proven company, as the organization of such trips depends on the success of your business first. Currently, the organization of business conferences, unusual, elite, use the capabilities of specialized tour operators. For example, typing in a search engine phrase 'Maldives Tour Operator' You will get a list of companies that specialize in organizing such events and club meetings. It is very convenient, you give the tour operator job and they fuss and cook exactly what you need. It is also important that all this clearly and professionally prepared group of people who are organizing business travel is not the first day. Pluses are obvious: 1.

Reliability of company 2. Guarantee Event 3. Understand the range of decision makers and you can relax and solve a lot of questions regarding your business. In addition, because of accounting can all be attributed to the fairly expensive part of the company. Therefore, it is advantageous to arrange such exit conference, even at the same Maldives)

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Diving Insurance

However, the purchase of a diving tours – just one way to enjoy this pastime. Sometimes usually travels to the sea is the beginning of dragging diving: payment for services performed directly in the diving center, attached to the hotel. Ibid tourists pass a training course required for familiarity with depth. Despite the fact that diving is considered one of the safest and even healthy forms of recreation, before purchasing the tour must pass certain medical examinations. Point is that There are a number of diseases that are not compatible with diving, and among them the usual chronic runny nose.

To avoid problems, on-site recreation, planning to buy a diving tour, the tourist should visit physicians, particularly specialists-ENT. Age limit for diving enthusiasts practically does not exist: there are special children’s programs, and elderly people this kind of active sport brings much more useful and enjoyable than others. Feature of diving tours is the existence of a separate insurance: make out it should be mandatory. In the case of treatment in medical institutions, the insurance company will pay not only the services of doctors, but also affected the delivery to the place of rehabilitation. Types of Diving tours Diving tours are conditionally divided into two categories: “Daily-diving” and “diving safari.” “Daily diving ‘(daily dive) – option for beginners. The service package typically includes 10 dives: Five days of two dives – in the morning and evening. Between them is usually a light meal and rest during which you can sunbathe, enjoy the nature and types of neighborhoods with the boat.

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ExpoPromoGroup Ltd

With rapid development of world economy in recent years particularly relevant and in demand has become a business tourism, particularly tourism exhibition. And if a few years ago, companies were engaged in self-organization visits to exhibitions, but now they prefer to use the services of travel agencies. In this tour companies also rely on the organization of programs of a professional nature, visits to various enterprises, representing business interest. Global exhibition business is under intense development, and its importance in international cooperation is increasing every year. The exhibition, being a reliable marketing tool gives companies the opportunity to enhance their image, attract media attention and effectively build a distribution and dealer networks. About 6 million annually attend professional exhibition events to establish business contacts at home and abroad.

To achieve these goals, the company must properly select the desired event of their enormous diversity. In this case, need information about ongoing exhibitions and travel company organizing the trip for them. Significantly help in this matter will draft EGMS ExpoStart, which has information from the world's largest database of exhibitions. It includes exhibition calendar (more than 12 thousand events), travel directory and service companies that participate in exhibitions, as well as news line – that there are important elements that make life convenient and informative for work. Now, business users do not need to distract you'll ever need when looking for information about the exhibition – all he can find on our site ExpoStart. EGMS ExpoStart ( – UK-based project ExpoPromoGroup Ltd. The system provides a unique travel company tool to develop the market of tourism exhibition.

Travel company, participating EGMS ExpoStart, have the ability to export to your site show calendar, receive on-line requests for travel, being entered in a special folder organizers, as well as enjoy many other benefits. A travel agency about its proposals and is broadcast on more than 70 sites of different subjects. Tourism Expo – one of the the most profitable areas in the tourism business. The cost of business travel is 3-4 times higher than the cost of mass tourists. If the day of the mass tourist spends about $ 300, the business tourist spends up to 1200 dollars. For travel companies such kind of tourism is attractive by the fact that tourism is relevant to the exhibition throughout the year, except summer, when the season is too hot for mainstream trends. Ie it allows you to actively make year-round.

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