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Perhaps an example might clarify it: the air pressure recommended for a brand of tires on a vehicle model. A newsletter informs users of the previous pressure and the recommended pressure. But, how to guarantee the user that the pressure is read on another continent with a different instrument, is correct? The answer is a science known as metrology; What are the registration and calibration systems needed to offer guarantees of a precise traceability of an instrument (for NIST or other organization). Another example might be the Chair where are you sitting. It is likely that the parts used to build and upholster or manufacture Chair, desperate in more than one site. How it is that they fit so well parts, paint or chrome plating or printing of packing is so uniform? and insurance that has gone through a good number of containers and machines.

The answer lies in repeated exact measurements from instruments for the exchange of the same string to measure the accuracy. Now well, why calibrate your Radiometry? The answer to this question lies in its use of the equipment: If you: a. Usa specific temperatures go B. Usa related temperatures Delta go C. Usa-related images with their corresponding nuances involving comparative temperatures of the displayed image D. Usa go to other data related to the instrumentation you will surely be a thermograph. If you are a thermograph, it will have greater thermal information relating correctly which can only be carried out with calibrated instruments.

Instruments not-settings, are sometimes good enough to provide an indication of who could be a hot or cold object. The fact is that it is you cannot demonstrate. Analyze your results is the fundamental reason to calibrate. If the instrument is calibrated and the customer (or his lawyer) asks: does the object in question is o so hot? does cold as you claimed? The simple answer is Yes.

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Brand Awareness

will give high with an own account) and can then continue infecting other sensitive users. As long as each infected user send mean email to more than one user sensitive (i.e., that the basic reproductive rate is greater than one), the performance standards in epidemiology imply that the number of infected users will grow according to a logistic curve. Certainly, manifesting in the present, what has been termed marketing viral, and as a very good reminder mercadeoglobal5. com, viral marketing is the best way to communicate about a product or service without spending a dollar on advertising. The news made by the media and broadcast Word of mouth would save hundreds of thousands of dollars. But specifically, what is meant by Viral marketing?, we are told, can be defined as a strategy that encourages individuals to quickly convey a commercial message to others in such a way of creating an exponential growth in the exposure of that message. It is advertising that it spreads also. Definitely, there is an interrelationship between the viral marketing and advertising.

The Wikipedia Encyclopedia also provides us with viral marketing or viral advertising are terms used to refer to marketing techniques that seek to exploit pre-existing social networks to produce exponential increases in brand awareness (Brand Awareness), through self-replicating viral processes similar to the spread of a computer virus. Are typically based on word of mouth through electronic means; use the effect of social network created by Internet and modern mobile telephony services to reach a lot of people quickly. The term viral marketing is also used to describe campaigns of undercover marketing based on the Internet, including the use of blogs, sites apparently amateurs, and other forms of astroturfing designed to create Word of mouth for a new product or service. Often, the goal of viral marketing campaigns is to generate coverage media using unusual stories, by a value much higher than the budget for advertising of the advertising company.

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Hugo Chavez

The break with Israel it is It is important to strengthen its alliance with the Islamic world, mainly with Tehran. It is no coincidence that the announcement was made when La Paz was Mujamad Abbasi, Minister of cooperation of Iran, which has been promising since many million investment in Bolivia, that even a single penny did not long ago. What is very likely, is that in return for the breakup, the Indians start to receive modern weapons, equal to which Iran provided to Hamas and Hezbollah. The Muslims want to settle in South America, and there is no better place to start colonization and Islamist indoctrination that Bolivia, which have large and naive indigenous population, without religious conviction. The new Constitution to be submitted to referendum next January 25, excluded for the first time in the history of the country, the Catholic as part of the State religion. In some not-too-distant time, Muslim clerics with copies of the Koran under his arm will begin to circulate through the altiplano and the minarets of mosques They highlighted from a distance.. josebrechner.

com Biography short biography Jose Brechner international analyst born in Bolivia. He was Deputy – 1985-1989 – Ambassador, and a founding member of nationalist democratic action, centre-right political party. He chaired the Committee on foreign policy of the National Congress of Bolivia and acted as the official representative of the country at various forums and international organizations, including the OAS. During its activity Congressman was listed by all the press organs of Bolivia, as the best parliamentarian of the country. Columnist of opinion and political analyst with regular presence in prestigious newspapers in Latin America, North America, Europe and the Middle East, is the most widely read in the world Bolivian journalist.

He participated in important television programs of the calibre of 60 Minutes and The MacNeil/Lehrer Report. Brechner is active supporter of private property, of the market economy and the freedoms and rights of the individual.

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Internet has become in recent years in the field of action of thousands of people seeking a revenue opportunity for a quality of life with comfort, by which every day are initiated thousands of people online by creating your first blog on the internet. Blog online becomes the main window of his entrepreneurship, his personal brand, since its maintenance offers us many benefits, some of which I mention in this article:-first and one of the main benefits is that a blog is the space in which you can express yourself freely, your way of thinking, your experiences, your advice and teachings, thus creating a blog is essential to represent our main passion so that you will be able to really add value with their articles. -It is an excellent means to socialize, find friends, partners, and people who think like you, can surely build lasting relationships and even It can be the beginning of alliances to obtain benefits on the internet. Always remember that your blog, its articles can reach millions of people. -Is a tool to transmit their services or online knowledge and thereby earn income, be a blog on the website gives you the opportunity to show what you know people that only through internet can be reached. -You can use your blog to generate income and thus access to another level of life, the blog integrated into marketing online are currently source of income for millions of entrepreneurs through the use of various techniques. -Do not need to have knowledge of programming or anything of related, since there are online platforms developed exclusively to be as simple as possible and are even free, clear that if we want to develop a business seriously it is recommended to use the platform in our own hosting, but that is another topic.

-If you want to use to earn money now we have many tools that enable us to this task, since the promotion until the companies that allow us to earn money by placing their own ads, really with the passage of time the blog, mainly those who speak of marketing, have become real platforms that allow us to live this quietly. -One of the advantages and not less is the mobility that allows us to have a blog on the internet, since we can interact or update it from anywhere with an internet connection, whereupon, if you opt to work in line with our blog as a means of contact, you can make it without any inconvenience. -A blog allows us the chance to listen to our audience, since they can leave your comment and you can answer them according to your inquiry; on the other hand you can use it to define trends or investigate the needs of its market by surveys or questionnaires. Insurance that have more advantages and also disadvantages, but is no doubt its usefulness and contribution of benefits. If you want to receive information related to the blog or to the creation of your own blog, I can recommend an excellent resource that will take you from your hand so that you can create your own blog and may thus start earning money online, you can see him in: in which you will learn the secrets of one of the main platforms of blogs is WordPress.

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