Realistic Character

The romance of realistic character was what the great popularity conferred the Macedo, therefore its workmanships if it always fed of the conflict enters the romantic sentimental aspirations of the personages and the immediate reality. Jose de Alencar was one of the read national authors more in all the country, the fact to this prestige of popular character does not correspond not even to the simple interest of the great majority of our intellectuals. In the reality, the romancista still remains subject to explore, although its basic importance in the development of our literature. General way, critical in relation the Alencar rare left the plan of the feeling or the consideration of the facts of the biography, therefore its made literary formation in the love of the classics and later contemplated by the careful reading of the romantic ones, would not hinder to see it more far from what its contemporaries. An example of this was the act of the romance the Guarani, a well made romance and of solid structure. The pertaining to the state of Cear romancista divided the period of literature in three phases, incasing in each one of them some part of its workmanship. The first one, the primitive and second of historical character. It was understanding this that Arthur Mota divided the workmanship of Alencar in four groups: ) the historical romance which if initiates with the thematic one limited of the indianismo and evolved in the direction to extend the world in the time and the space: b) romance of the life of the city with objective to catch the conflict of the national spirit in face of it influences foreigners, whose theater it was of course the cut, the capital. Its urban romances present a survey of the bourgeois life of the century passed, but considerable of what led the effect of Axe: c) regionalistic romance what it would be the displacement of the interest of Alencar, of the national generality for the regional generality.

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