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Expensive Car Insurance

As it is known, the marital status of a driver influences in the way drivers and accidents that will suffer. Several studies point out that according to insurance online comparator,, leads to some insurance companies offer insurance more expensive for those living without a partner. If in addition to having no partner, the insured is a man between 26 and 40 years, le penalty for the exposed situation, is greater. Not always is so transparent and explicit say insurance comparer, because few times it appears reflected in models of calculation of the insurance companies own websites or in the pages of most of the mediators of car insurance price comparisons and much less in the final contract. In addition they indicate from this portal, that differences in the price of the policy can become up to 500 euros. The doctor and contributor to the Association on prevention of spinal injuries, Esperanza Valero, said a study he conducted on related accidents with the marital status to offences and traffic accidents rates they are 50% higher among single men and widowers than among married men and increase up to double between the divorced. Indicates that the marital status allows you to measure the emotional stability and establish its incidence in the accident rate.

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