Administrative Offences

Topics of issue: Mitvol remains … Chips are dangerous for the heart. In Sweden, more advantageous to have a ‘green’ car. The volume of untreated waste in Russia has increased. The penalty for the destruction of plants listed in the Red Book. —- Review Environmental issues important article of the financial crisis …

Russian President believes that a healthy environment is more important problems of the crisis. Minister Trutnev signed an order to dismiss the deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor: Mitvol remains … In Danish capital was an international scientific congress on climate change. Actions to protect seals were March 15 in many countries around the world. With the advent of spring, many rivers in Russia are waiting for environmental disaster. Rubbish crisis: the mountains of rubbish in Russia and China.

Because of inadequate water and related diseases that annually kills about 3 million people. Global sea levels rising faster than previously predicted. Shells Marine microorganisms become thinner because of the global increase in the acidity of seas and oceans. Scientists have invented an original method of accumulation of solar and wind energy. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- Potato chips are dangerous for the heart – study by researchers at a favorite delicacy among young people worldwide – potato chips – can lead to serious heart disease. This was warn the Polish scientists study are published in the American medical journal ‘American Journal of klinikl nutrishn’ … —- In Sweden in 2010 would be better to have a ‘green’ cars in Sweden in 2011, will be expensive to go on fuel vegetable and cheaper – for environmental cars, which are exempt from tax on vehicles first five years of purchase. Read additional details here: Frank Armijo. The proposed measures are part of a long-term government program Sweden’s energy and climate change, which will soon be presented to the Riksdag parliament, the press service of the Government of Sweden … —- Punishment for destruction of plants listed in the Red book. Help From the beginning of spring in Moscow streets, pedestrian crossings, as well as in the subway you can buy small bouquets of flowers first, most of which are listed as endangered. Sellers of these gifts of nature for many years catch and fine bodies of internal affairs of the city. Bouquet of flowers in the middle of the city is from 150 to 200 rubles. Under the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences (Article 8.35), destruction of rare and endangered species of plants listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation or protected by international treaties, as well as action (inaction), which can lead to death of these plants, or collecting, collection, maintenance, acquisition, sale or transfer of these plants, their products, parts or derivatives (derivatives) without proper authorization or in violation of the conditions stipulated by the resolution, or in violation of otherwise established order, punishable by an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of one thousand five hundred to two thousand five hundred rubles with confiscation of guns getting plants and the plants themselves, their products, parts or derivatives or without, for officials – from fifteen thousand to twenty thousand rubles with confiscation of guns getting plants and the plants themselves, their products, parts or derivatives or without, at legal persons – three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand rubles with confiscation of guns getting plants and the plants themselves, their products, parts or derivatives or without …

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Learn Chinese Language

China is the second largest country in the world (after Russia), estimated that it will be the first world power for the year 2030 and not only economic power but as a nation of first level in political and military aspects. 20 Years ago, China opened its doors to foreign investment, and as such gave way to a series of changes not only at the political level, but above all economic and social level. Thus, Chinese industry has become a growth market, leaving its mark in each of the countries of the world: 80% of the production which we consumed worldwide comes from this country (is easy to remember the phrase: Made in China, in the majority of the artifacts that we have bought). Chinese is the language of the times some decades ago the English language was forged and formed from this same perspective, today is the time of the Chinese language that appears very hand in hand with its lavish culture for our good luck. Accept the challenge of studying this language, despite the difference of characters in the spelling, will give you a huge cultural horizon and the necessary tools to respond in time to these impending changes at the global level.

Increasingly, students who perform language travel abroad. It is way more effective and agile doing the course in the country where the language is spoken. The primary advantage lies in not only practise the language in the classroom but also all day in the street, shops and restaurants. In the case of China has specialized schools for those who choose to study languages abroad, so have programs to study semesters, trimesters or even a school term abroad, they have all the necessary equipment to make the stay of the student comfortable, rooms with wi-fi, computers, rooms with projectors for videos, gardens for recreation and relaxation, kitchens, game rooms. Major cities where these schools are located are: Beijing (or Peking) has been the capital of the Middle Kingdom for almost 800 years and was transformed completely to the 2008 Olympic Games. Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world and one of the languages with the greatest business projection. The language school offers many activities and excursions such as: journey to the great wall of China, the tombs of the Ming dynasty, Xiang Shan, Biyun Temple, forbidden city, Summer Palace, Lama Temple, Temple of heaven, Lashe Tea House, acrobatics Shows, massage of feet, Bike Tours, and many activities where in addition to studying the language you’ll be knowing this wonderful corner of the world. Shanghai: it is without doubt the most Western City in China. The University campus is located in the financial area. This course is 12 weeks and guarantees an effective language learning, although shorter periods can also be performed.

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Exhibitions Square

When a tram carrying Kremenchug year 2.8 million passengers in many European countries to register before mayoral candidate cities, the future mayor of a mandatory special Commission takes a strict examination of the history of the city. We do not have. Nevertheless, the history of his native city need to know! Few of the Kremenchug contemporaries knew that in this picturesque city on the Dnieper River as far back as 1899 – one of the the first in Ukraine – operated electric streetcar, built and commissioned the Belgian public company. ‘Even then, at the Kremenchug appeared in the streets of support for the tram wires, light fine metal and wooden sheds stops, sweeping curves of tram journeys’ – so poetically wrote in his book ‘The streets of the old Kremenchug’ Alla Lushakova local historian. Tram depot and power station were at the the foot of the sand hills between the Rue St. Catherine (now named after Lenin) and Trinity Lane (Chkalova). Plant capacity was 4450 horsepower, barn consisted of 16 motor cars with open areas on the biaxial trolley.

The length of the tramway in 1917 was 12 kilometers. Kremenchuzhane at the time, probably did not like walking. For the year, on average transported 2.8 million passengers. There were three routes: the power – steamship dock in Ekaterininskaya, Kiev (now Pobedy), Malcev (now Pridneprovsky park, street does not exist). From power plant to steamship piers, through Ekaterininskaya, Exhibitions Square (Ul.Halamenyuka) and the Alexander Street (now Perovmayskaya) ran the second route.

The third took place again on the steamship piers in taverns (Shevchenko), Maltsev, Kiev, Merry (ul.1905 year), and Kherson Ukrainian street. Unfortunately, due to historical cataclysms, Kremenchug tram ceased to exist after 1917, during the chaos and confusion caused by the civil war in Ukraine. In 1926, urban public passenger transport was a bus. On the current plight of the Kremenchug trolley already tired of writing. Would not it be nice to see on the streets of the Kremenchug effervescent Belgian tram sample in 1899!

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Inside from the school playing has suffered these transformations, being that the trick integrates a work space: the free trick passes to be considered a not productive activity. Free playing must happen in the school? For Moyles (2002), perhaps not, if the vision of the professor will be to the one of an instructor or giver of knowledge. However, inside of the notion of the professor as a mediator and starter of the learning, free playing and the directed one they are essential aspects of the interaction of the professor/child, because the professor in such a way allows how much he provides the necessary and appropriate resources. ' ' It had an advance as for the studies and research regarding the importance and understanding of playing, for the description-cultural preservation, to the education, the infantile integral development, the learning, the re-education, the security in the manufacture of toys, the adequacy of the toys to the different etrias bands. As for the esternos factors of playing? time, thematic, space, partners, objects -, the modernity conditions had compromised, of certain form, the chances ldicas' ' (FRIEDMANN, 2003).

For Grandson (2001: 46), playing provide a multidimensional development of being creative, inhaling to the autonomy, to the apt freedom and to live in narrow relation with the community. According to exactly author, fits to the professor to provide objective activities that allow free playing and directed playing in accordance with previously considered. Psicomotricidade and Aprendizagem the psicomotricidade is an educational boarding that has as objective to promote the development of the pupils assisting them in the alfabetizao process (ASSIS, HISSES and RASP, 2008). According to Molinari and Sens (2003, cited for ASSIS, HISS and RASP, 2008), the psicomotora education provides the development of the corporal project, very useful in the motor coordination, the slight knowledge of time, space and rhythm assist in the concrete situations in the learning and of the calculations; the space and secular organization contributes as well as in the efetuao of the mathematical calculations in the rank of the numbers in series and the combination of the forms to make geometric constructions, beyond developing the affective socialization and aspects.

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Basic Education

It is in this picture that if reconceitualiza the citizenship notion, through a revalorizao of the action of the individual while proprietor, while individual that fights for conquering (to buy) property-merchandises of diverse nature, being education one of them. The model of neoliberal man is the privatized citizen, enterpreneur, the consumer. (GENTILI, 1996, p.20-21). In this manner, the education, in a neoliberal vision, is come back as instrument of improvement of the rationality, capable to unmask the secrets of the nature as much how much material human being, instead of improving the human being, developing its critical sense and its autonomy. The pertaining to school system if transforms into one ‘ ‘ market educacional’ ‘ , where the product must be generated of instantaneous form, in accordance with the quality norms: the efficiency and the productivity.

In Arroyo, notebook elaborated for the Ministry of the Education in the axle ‘ ‘ Educandos and Educadores: its Rights and the Currculo’ ‘ , with the purpose to fix minimum contents for the Basic Education in Brazil in way to assure the common basic formation and respect to cultural values artistic, national and regional it tells that the curricular reorientaes still are motivated by the market of work in its imposed requirements the young that in it will enter. The demands of the market, the society, science, the technologies and abilities, or the society of computer science still is referenciais for what teaching and learning. (ARROYO, 2008? p.24) Finally, the school can metaforicamente be compared with a system ‘ ‘ fast food’ ‘ the social spaces, that is, have as objective to supply to the necessities of the capitalism, of the market, where the educational institutions tend to be thought and to be reorganized under the model of certain produtivistas and enterprise standards. FINAL CONSIDERAES When analyzing the two perspectives regarding the State and Education, can be concluded that the permanent state of the education is to be in crisis..

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The Constitution

Also they did not attend TV until afternoon, and they attended only the adequate programs its age, different of today, where the proper children choose what they go to make where as well as going, and to the times the parents nor are knowing what its children walk making and who is its friends. Infancy is not the same one of what it behind has some years, the children do not play more, or better, she does not have more time to play, are since very early assuming responsibilities that if equal of the adults, them has schedule for everything, for ballet, swimming, jud, English, between as much other activities that full day-by-day of the children. In many cases this happens why the parents do not have time to be with its children and thus they arrange a skill of them to have commitments and responsibilities since very early, and thus to take off the responsibility of the adults to have that to be and to take care of of the children. We can thus evidence: emergency of infancy it is, therefore, the constitution of the child as object of one to know that it takes care of to one necessity and to a will of being able: to know to govern, that is, production to know specific that they had defined infancy the adjusted technologies to intervine on it. (DORNELLES, 2005, P. 19). Infancy is disappearing, therefore with many tasks, and the media influencing the precocious growth of the children, them since very small, has innumerable activities, wants to be dressed as the adults, is very influenced by the soap operas, that make the same ones, to leave to feel pleasure in playing, with toys and tricks, truily, infantile, as for example, to play of doll, casinha, stand, marble, between as much other tricks that were part of ours infancy.

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Federal Constitution

However, still it has many that affirm not to have ability nor interest to work with the deficient one and that they will only make it will be obliged, this is lamentable, therefore all are citizens the same reality of the deficient one. The family must be the main link so that the integration happens, therefore is the first group the one that belongs a person and in it receives the stimulatons necessary to become related with the community and society, therefore the family always must be ‘ ‘ port seguro’ ‘ for the deficient one. The law of Lines of direction and Bases of National Education n 9394/96 when dealing with the Special Education, says: ‘ ‘ It is understood for special education, for the effect of this law, the modality of pertaining to school education, offered preferential in the regular net of education, for carrying educandos of necessities especiais.’ ‘ However, not yet it is possible to include to all, therefore a regular net of education does not possess adequate infrastructure and nor professional enabled. so that it has significant changes a justice is necessary that functions for that the professionals of the education know to respect the limitations of the deficient one, recognizing its differences and standing out its potentialities, and thus we will be able to discover the value to teach through the exchange, constructing the inclusive school. 1,2 Legal supports: Special education the Federal Constitution of 1988, in its Article 208, guarantees the right to the special education. It determines the creation of special programs and laws that make use on the construction of public parks and public buildings and manufacture of vehicles of collective transport, aiming at to the locomotion of access of the carrying people of deficiency and still make use on necessities of adaptations of the mentioned item, already existing. The Declaration of Salamanca, resulted international document of the Assembly of the world-wide Conference of Special Education, establishes to the governments the duty to prioritize politically and financially.

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Expensive Car Insurance

As it is known, the marital status of a driver influences in the way drivers and accidents that will suffer. Several studies point out that according to insurance online comparator,, leads to some insurance companies offer insurance more expensive for those living without a partner. If in addition to having no partner, the insured is a man between 26 and 40 years, le penalty for the exposed situation, is greater. Not always is so transparent and explicit say insurance comparer, because few times it appears reflected in models of calculation of the insurance companies own websites or in the pages of most of the mediators of car insurance price comparisons and much less in the final contract. In addition they indicate from this portal, that differences in the price of the policy can become up to 500 euros. The doctor and contributor to the Association on prevention of spinal injuries, Esperanza Valero, said a study he conducted on related accidents with the marital status to offences and traffic accidents rates they are 50% higher among single men and widowers than among married men and increase up to double between the divorced. Indicates that the marital status allows you to measure the emotional stability and establish its incidence in the accident rate.

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Quickly Learn English

Poll Results Employers in Russia indicate that they are even in a crisis are ready to offer potential applicants proficient in English salaries 30-35% higher than workers without such knowledge. So is it possible to learn the English language alone, or should rely on tutors and courses of foreign languages? Historically the model of teaching in Russian schools focuses on the detailed analysis and memorization and grammar neosmyslennoe retelling of texts from the textbook. A development of real conversational skills in English (we're just about English, since it in recent decades has secured the right language for international communication), no one does, so if you speak honestly and not, as teachers in our schools and colleges have no experience of communicating in languages taught, and often found their way abroad lost and can not express the basic ideas and conduct a simple dialogue with native speakers! Instead, they knowingly will point to your numerous errors in grammar in exams and tests, arguing that without thorough knowledge of this particular component of any language you should not even try to speak a foreign language! Catching yourself or taking courses in English to focus more on those that pay maximum attention to the development of skills, namely speaking and listening in the target language. The practice shows that learning English will require you to mobilize the efforts and hard work in addition to visiting language courses or study with a tutor for at least one year. Listen and sing songs in English, watching movies in the original (good now is not the problem) Find willing to communicate on the Internet through Skype it is possible do it for free, and hone the skills of spoken language is not zatsiklivayas for grammatical errors. The practice shows that learning English will require you to mobilize the efforts and hard work in addition to visiting language courses or study with a tutor for at least one year.

On what people pay attention to looking for a course? The results more than the annual vote visitors (more than 1700 voters) have shown that deciding factor in choosing a course of English or language schools is the cost-English-teaching (nearly 40% of voters). On the second position, ie, location quotient proximity to their workplace or residence. (25%). Reviews course, got the third position with 12% golosov.Na number of students in a group oriented 5.8% of the respondents. The so-called 'Razreklamirovannost' is located on the bottom. (Only 2% of leave-taking of the vote). By choosing to study English language courses in the first place, pay attention to the conversational focus of these courses is What percentage of time each session will be given to communicating in the target language. Ideally, the lesson should look like this: 40% communication 30% listening comprehension (listening) 15% 15% grammar-reading the Main Board, cease to be afraid to try to speak English! Stop fear crap grammatical errors in the pronunciation of your first few sentences! Try not to learn English and learn to speak it!

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Which The Real Purpose Of The Period Of Training

WHICH THE REAL PURPOSE OF THE PERIOD OF TRAINING? i In accordance with CHAPTER I of Law 11,788, of 25 of September of 2009 that it treats ' ' OF THE DEFINITION, CLASSIFICATION AND RELATIONS OF ESTGIO' ': Art. 1 Period of training is act educative pertaining to school supervised, developed in environment of work, that it aims at to the preparation for the productive work of educandos that are frequenting regular education in institutions of superior education, professional education, average education, the special education and the final years of basic education, in the professional modality of adult the young education of e. Analyzing the article ' ' The Importance Of the Estgio' ' published in 04/05/2008 for lawyer Adriano Martins Pine we see that: The period of training is a process of indispensable learning to a professional whom it desires to be prepared to face the challenges of a career. It is in the period of training the chance to assimilate the theory and the practical one, to learn the peculiarities and ' ' macetes' ' of profession, to know the reality of day-by-day, in what the academic chose to exert. To the measure that the academic has contact with the tasks that the period of training provides to it, starts then to assimilate everything what he has learned and even though what still he goes to learn theoretically. In another research I found the following definition: The function of the period of training is to make possible to the apprenticees the practical knowledge of the professional functions, and makes possible to the students an empirical contact with the theoretical substances that are passed to them in classroom. One is about the agreement, today consolidated for the educators, of whom the theory, without the practical one, is incomplete, harming the immediate access to the work market.

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