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Exhibitions Square

When a tram carrying Kremenchug year 2.8 million passengers in many European countries to register before mayoral candidate cities, the future mayor of a mandatory special Commission takes a strict examination of the history of the city. We do not have. Nevertheless, the history of his native city need to know! Few of the Kremenchug contemporaries knew that in this picturesque city on the Dnieper River as far back as 1899 – one of the the first in Ukraine – operated electric streetcar, built and commissioned the Belgian public company. ‘Even then, at the Kremenchug appeared in the streets of support for the tram wires, light fine metal and wooden sheds stops, sweeping curves of tram journeys’ – so poetically wrote in his book ‘The streets of the old Kremenchug’ Alla Lushakova local historian. Tram depot and power station were at the the foot of the sand hills between the Rue St. Catherine (now named after Lenin) and Trinity Lane (Chkalova). Plant capacity was 4450 horsepower, barn consisted of 16 motor cars with open areas on the biaxial trolley.

The length of the tramway in 1917 was 12 kilometers. Kremenchuzhane at the time, probably did not like walking. For the year, on average transported 2.8 million passengers. There were three routes: the power – steamship dock in Ekaterininskaya, Kiev (now Pobedy), Malcev (now Pridneprovsky park, street does not exist). From power plant to steamship piers, through Ekaterininskaya, Exhibitions Square (Ul.Halamenyuka) and the Alexander Street (now Perovmayskaya) ran the second route.

The third took place again on the steamship piers in taverns (Shevchenko), Maltsev, Kiev, Merry (ul.1905 year), and Kherson Ukrainian street. Unfortunately, due to historical cataclysms, Kremenchug tram ceased to exist after 1917, during the chaos and confusion caused by the civil war in Ukraine. In 1926, urban public passenger transport was a bus. On the current plight of the Kremenchug trolley already tired of writing. Would not it be nice to see on the streets of the Kremenchug effervescent Belgian tram sample in 1899!

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– Serious: I say this because use a sound of vts sytrus that it is of the DX7, with which I accompany the low one thus giving him but it forms to the base, in fact what it does is to complement to the low one, to this sound the ecualizo raising even more the serious ones. Not loose it in all the safe subject in the silence of minute 5.56. 4. – Syntes is 13, of thirteen synts 4 they are of effects with the VTS poizone 2 of them of 24 compasses that are those that gives to ascent to the subject the other two him are hihats with echo effects and deley, other 2 with poizone of 1 compass that them use to inflexionar the subject in some of the changes of rate. Other 2 sounds with poizone that are those that gives musical quality him to the subject: arp strat and arp Tdream, to these I apply to an automatization in the button cutof to them of the filter giving therefore a point of modulation to the subject where I have believed advisable, this gives much sense him to the subject. A sound with a DAP-gate of the VTS of nexus at the end of the subject giving him a change of rate in the end by far echo and reverberation in its construction. Other 4 sounds with the VTS vanguard that use to give some flexion them in the central part of the subject. Development of subject: It begins with kick and the low ones besides hihat that stands out more already the 15 seconds I enter with first synt of poizone that begins to give musical quality him, minute 45 already begin perc and the flexions with the sounds of vanguard besides the first automatization in syn giving modulation to the subject, in minute 1.31 I put the first long effect of 24 compasses giving him an ascent 8 compasses later I leave the big drum without sounding 16 compasses, for my the first silence, normally do not leave very deep silencios in my subjects then I am not very loving of them I prefer the modulations and changes of rates, I am conscious that group of people the risk of the monotony, but is as well as I like the subjects, in any case in this subject there is two silencios more and enough deep of 8 compasses minute 4.54 and de16 compasses minute 5.56, I end an automatization in the sound syn arpTdream and incorporate synt DAP-gate of vts nexus, giving another sense to the musical quality of the subject, in minute 8.52 finishes are like I have said 60 working hours, even that considering the advice of some friend dj of this page I am making a replica to be able to improve it, certainly they will be more hours to my backs. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kellyanne Conway and gain more knowledge.. Original author and source of the article.

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Certeau Word

Change of content, forms, amount and quality. Passage of the symbolic exchanges, enters the field of the erudite culture and the industrial system of the culture (BOURDIER, op.cit.) that it was spread for the world. Practical escriturstica that made to multiply, for example, the style of the letters baton. Same, vibrant and seductive alegricas letters for itself; you propagated and propayers of offer and look for the value of use and exchange of the merchandises. Garrafais writings that they had transformed, inversely, the body of the cities in diverse places not-visible directly, needed always the mediation of the reader. A torrent of codes shot in a constellation of signs, where another different city of that one known of all starts its old or modern inhabitants.

It appears, thus, the city space defined by the letters. The inspired architecture of Rama (1985), of where ' ' in the distance between the rigid letter and the fluid word falada' ' it made to appear, historically, ' ' a escriturada, reserved city to strict minoria' '. In this direction, the city of the letters is that one that opens way for real city, breaching claustro of the romantic letters for the vanguard that illustrates, according to author, the fact of Latin American literature, mainly enters the intellectuals of years 1890? 1930, to enter into an alliance it the project of modernization of the national States and in the formation of its new burocracias. What it interests here, however, is to verify such mutations suffered in the end modernity of century XIX, that it includes the intersection between the said word and the writing. Moment of diffusion of the literary societies in many countries of Spanish and Portuguese language. Therefore, it is important to stand out that where the literary critic Angel Rama (1985) sees distance, rigidity and fluidity, the historian Michel de Certeau (1994) sees reciprocity and mobility.

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Maria Eugenia Corrales Manager

we inaugurated our cycle of interviews with Maria Eugenia Corrales, Manager of the Business Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CETEX). We aim at least once a month to interview relevant characters of the business world. What are the training needs most in demand by industry We speak of a highly diverse and, therefore, has characteristics and needs.If we look at the accommodation subsector materials demands more broadly, are those related to customer service, quality, new technologies and languages applied to tourism, especially Portuguese and English. As part of the subsector of the restoration is often preferred over actions related to performance in each of its business, such as room service and bar, wine tasting or cut ham. In any case, it is particularly important that any person performing their activity in front of a tourist establishment, have a basic understanding not only of the supply of its own establishment, but the supply of resources and tourism services from its environment next. What should improve in training that is offered to better meet these needs The hospitality-related occupations tend to have certain job characteristics, in terms of hours and shifts that make it difficult for staff to reconcile their work and training. For this reason, it should bring the learning to students, either through distance learning (for matters that they may say) or their own workplaces. How is the crisis affecting the sector of the Hospitality and Tourism in Extremadura We can say that the tourism sector is experiencing similar effects Extremadura other economic sectors in the region. During 2009 it has accentuated the decline in tourism demand started in mid 2008, the average stay has been reduced and there is greater sensitivity to price and a growing tendency for late bookings.While concern is the decline in overnight stays, it is even more cuts in average expenditure per tourist, and that is what most directly affects the profitability of and hence the development of the sector. What are the opportunities that may arise at this time for tourism in Extremadura The decline in disposable income in the Spanish families, to a fall of long trips out of our country, for an increase in domestic tourism and also for short breaks and getaways to nearby destinations. I think given the cyclical trend, Extremadura destination can be a reference for different types of demand, seeking other alternatives for entertainment and leisure. How do you see the future of tourism in our region In line with this, I am confident in the enormous potential of Extremadura, although I feel that we still have challenges to address.We must identify specifically what are the values that bring us a differential nature and selecting, in each case which is our target market to do it. It is essential to further the diversification of supply, based on multiple types of customers and know how to offer this added value that makes us unique from competition.

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Administrators Government

The Argentine government rises the directory of the companies: Why it is bad? April 16th, 2009 How difficult is to ahead take a productive activity in Argentina! Besides an uncertain and unstable context (mainly product of the official economic policy), of the controls of prices and the high rate of inflation, now the government tries to put in the companies. Although the strategy is not the same used by Chvez, it either does not seem to be different itself too much from her. The estatizacin of the Administrators of Bottoms of Retirements and Pensiones (AFJP), in Argentina not only represented a problem for the contributors the deprived system, but also was it for several deprived companies of which the missing organizations of administration had participation shareholder. To think that when privatized the system of pensions and retirements in Argentina, and it was allowed the AFJP to invest a portion of the bottoms in battles of local significance, it as much represented the very good news for the stock market the premises like for its subscribing companies that strived to improve their qualification to be object of investment for the same. Swarmed by offers, 4Moms is currently assessing future choices. Now these companies tell within himself with a shareholder nonwished and that it can affect the perspective of the same negatively. The estatizacin of the AFJP system changed the club structure of the companies of a nonsmaller way since the property shareholder of these companies who was in the hands of several AFJP happened to be in the hands of a single shareholder: the State. A shareholder with major to be able and a different vision on the businesses. Which is the problem that the government enters to comprise of these private companies? The main problem is that the State does not think just as the private sector reason why its influence in the decision making can move away to the companies of its objective of maximization of the benefits and can prevent the strategic decision making for the future development of the companies.

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Cross Cultural Training And Intercultural Training

Cognitive, affective, and behaviourale level must be addressed! Gottingen, December 21, 2009: Today whatever the aspect of intercultural competence development includes continuing education and lifelong learning. Regardless of the professional field, intercultural competence is an essential qualification in the times of internationalization and globalization. But how to get them and what exactly does intercultural’s expertise behind the now ubiquitous keyword ability, in situations of encounter with people from other cultures to efficiently and mutually successful Act. This includes both the level of action and the verbal and non-verbal communication. Prerequisite for such reasonable behaviour is, to recognize the cultural identity of the own perception.

In the next step, the level of feeling are involved and empathic be handled with the foreign cultural interaction partners. Not only through the own cultural Prism “look, but at the Review of behaviors the strange”Enculturation into account, is sensitive and at the same time successfully in the third step. While it isn’t to deny its own cultural background, but a particularly conscious dealing with. An intercultural training should therefore put on three levels: cognitive (knowledge) affective (empathy ability promote) behavioural (train behavior). The intercultural training and further education of IKUD seminars are built exactly according to this model. The participants of intercultural training Russia, for example, get country-specific knowledge imparted, they learn about historical, socio-political backgrounds and get insider information for the business context. But they train well its soft skill”empathy ability and expand her repertoire of action they take active roles in simulations and exercises and then reflect their behavior.

Unlike other seminar providers offers the concept of IKUD seminars to more than a stereotypical training with DOS and Don ts. Who only want to know that you eat with chopsticks in China, you can read a book. An intercultural training, that really is to succeed, must bring more: namely all three levels attract and thus sustainable intercultural awareness the participating. Investing in such training is worthwhile in any case both professionally and personally….

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Active Geography

PEDAGOGIA TECNICISTA IN DIDACTIC BOOK OF GEOGRAPHY Analyzing didactic books of 1 and 2 degree can be perceived as it was the process of the tecnicista pedagogia in the education of Geography. Had to the fact that through the didactic book if vises express and the meanings of the dominant project, it strengthens helping it to give them it to them received and as microtext, as you practise of significaes in classroom, for the choice and way to work its contents for the professors. (TONINI, 2003) the methodology if bases on the research in didactic books Active Geography (of author Zoraide Victorello Beltrame) and Geography (Cloves Bitencourt Dottori). Beltrame (1979), shows as it was this education of Geography at the time. Its book was divided in diverse chapters where each one dealt with a continent and each one of these chapters worked of well descriptive form, with high degree of detailing of its climate, vegetation, relief, etc, what it remembers very in the regional descriptions of French Geography and in the end of each one of these topics exercises were elaborated that the pupils had that to memorize all the aspects of that continent. One another point if to detach in the author above is the great amount of engravings regarding to the future, it very approaches the question of the man in the space since in the decade of 1970 the first trips of the man to the space started, the new technologies that were appearing at the time, as for example the computer, etc. With regard to the education of Geography in average education, Dottori (1977) also shows a memoritiva geography very, its book also meets divided in varies units or chapters that dealt with all the continents of the Land. Again they were made very great detailing in the continents, normally folloied for questionnaires of the type which age the type of climate of that place, etc. Others including James Woolsey, offer their opinions as well.

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Sellers Franchising

This is a factor that the rate of increase of earnings from a network of often very small. The exception to the rule are people with talent Sellers, their income increases rapidly at the expense of personal direct sales, incidentally, they create a network. Its rate of growth certainly is not high, but when done right it will be very qualitative, and bring a tangible return. Agree that the terms of employment in any business is precisely the maximum earnings in the shortest possible time. Other leaders such as Hikmet Ersek offer similar insights. In summary, I would say that the network business model has tremendous potential to truly distribution of products.

The only drawback – a strong binding to the human factor and the absence of tuned circuits can accelerate the process and mitigate the human factor. Now let us consider the system combines both franchising and business networking. The essence of the proposed scheme is based on combining the principles of franchising, namely the means of transmitting business models, systems of work, trade mark, a special software to its franchisees. In principle there is nothing new and the very essence of the franchise has not changed. As for the quality of work with the franchisee, the proposal here was very strong.

Given that Company DeSheli who first applied the principle of franchising association of cosmetics and MLM, the proposal does not simply reflect, believe me it was not easy. But after you realize it comes to understanding the features and promise. So, as regards the system of knowledge transfer that here again the company reached a fairly unconventional – that is to train the franchisee organization system business from the ground before entering the main contract.

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Life Coaching

These models involve a sequence of stages of coaching sessions, which aims to achieve from each session, the maximum effect. National security advisor helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. During the session, the client is in the process of answering the questions the coach gets opportunity to see the situation from a new perspective, to understand all the causal relationships that led to the status quo. Most importantly, the client can understand that he still needed to actually what he unconsciously seek, and that will bring him real satisfaction in life. It would seem that this is all very simple and can achieve the same result by simply asking effective questions to yourself. However, it is not so. Samokouching, Of course, in its own way is effective, but it is far from the efficiency of full of coaching, which conducts coaching professional. The fact that we are so constructed that avoided the "critical" issues, especially if these questions are asked themselves.

Coach just will not avoid what may seem unpleasant, will not once again like the ostrich, "bury my head in the sand." This means that they will consider all, not even very pleasant moments and to be adopted solutions that really will get out of this situation and achieve success. Coaching (Life Coaching) affects every aspect of life of the customer. While working on the coaching sessions the client can discover their the true intrinsic value, to determine their true life goals and priorities, to find the most appropriate way for him to achieve their goals and tasks of life. In addition, the client can find the strength and talents, which previously had no idea completely redefine their relationships with others, find the most effective behaviors for different situations. It is important here is that the client can find all solutions, the coach only helps him in this.

Often, an hour of work (and so much, usually lasts for a coaching session) completely transforms a person. A series of several coaching sessions, which sometimes gives better results than years of soul-searching and reflection. During the coaching takes the part of ourselves that is constantly dissatisfied with something which constantly interferes in any process in any of our business and tries to limit our opportunities. One of the main tenets of coaching states: "Everyone, without exception, has enormous potential, has all the capabilities and resources to get out of life what he wants." And this premise is being implemented in the process of coaching.

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Moreover, the guerrila groups made the calls banking expropriations to be able to defray great amounts of armaments and other alternatives to be able to make the revolution. With the success of the kidnapping of Charles Eubrick, VPR (Vanguarda Popular Revolucionria) together with the FLN (Front of National Release), they had now planned a plan of kidnapping of German ambassador Ehrenfried Anton Theodor Ludwig Von Holleben in 11 of June 1970. In contrast of the kidnapping of the United States diplomat who did not have resistance, nine men who had been part of the direct action had participated of exchange of shots with the federal policy that made the security of the ambassador. A policeman died and two militant ones had been wounded. With Holleben in captivity the guerrila requirement of the age again the release of prisoners politicians, that now they were only 40 prisoners who appeared in the list between them Daniel Aaro Reis and Vera Silvia Magalhes who had participated actively of ' ' Blow of Mestre' ' of September of 1969. After five days of captivity, the diplomat was freed in 16 of June of 1970 and the prisoners politicians one day had been before taken of airplane until Algeria. However, these revolutionary paramilitary initiatives had cost very expensive for the left organizations. Read more from Western Union to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The military had hardened the line still more persecution politics and tortures stop with the guerrillas, as for example, then after the kidnapping of diplomat of U.S.A.

in which the military government created the penalty of banishment to the freed prisoners and Decree 898 that it put in new vigor Law of national security. However, the guerrila fight is extended in the attempt to take this alternative for the field, as we will see ahead. GUERRILLA OF THE ARAGUAIA: The REVOLUTIONARY ATTEMPT IN the FIELD the intention of all (or almost all) revolutionary groups age to reach the socialist revolution from the field, being had as reference mainly the victorious Cuban Revolution in 1959.

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