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Free Training Materials

Munich December 2009. The learning specialists of soluzione knowledge company offering from immediately free and customizable PDF courseware for Office 2007. For all the your employees, customers or just to even fit for Office 2007 would, is it from immediately a new alternative: the soluzione script Configurator ( to each his personal training materials themselves to together. Absolutely free of charge and tailored to the individual learning and training needs. There are basic of program operation or special topics such as pivot tables: the soluzione script Configurator opens with a large variety of topics and can be adapted to different levels of difficulty and levels of detail at the same time. With just a few clicks merging his personal PDF training documents out of 35 chapters with 380 units of learning.

The ready-configured PDF is then available for download. In the file using an intelligent serial numbers system is uniquely indexed and can be in the Reordered if necessary at any time easily are also completely free of charge. And who print version wishes, finds in addition his digital documents in the printing Hohnholt GmbH () the correct contact person: as cooperation printing prints by soluzione, binds and delivers the Bremen reprographics specialist with over one hundred years of company tradition all training materials at an exclusive discount price. More and more coaches discover the soluzione courseware for Office 2007 as a real alternative for themselves. Elisabeth Ebert, Microsoft Certified Master Instructor from Munich, had the documents already in use: “I’m very glad finally to have an alternative to the previously used standard documents for Office training as a coach. The understandable language of explanations of complex content is completely. The practical relation to the workplace situations of participating is unprecedented. Important themes in Word, such as the professional use of fields with form letters, finally once so comprehensively discusses how I she so far Yet in any training material found have.” In addition to the didactic quality scores training materials by soluzione but also in the field of blended learning: because the documents of the Munich-based teaching experts can be used not only in class lectures but also expanded with a precise pass conceptual and content e-learning: the soluzione learning world for Office 2007.

The innovative learning technology reduces the learning curve by up to 50% compared to traditional e-learning, achieve efficiencies of up to 70% and relieves the Helpdesk of a company by up to 30%. Companies that are migrating to Office 2007, for their employees acquire access to the soluzione learning world and their qualification measure to a blended-learning “upgrade” can a corresponding license model. The benefits: All learning materials, digital, as printed, are made of a cast and the usual disadvantages of heterogeneous materials molded together from different sources be avoided from the outset. But also “pure” eLearning is soluzione learning world possible. As enterprise-wide learning and knowledge she leads the way a company even without accompanying presence events through the conversion software.

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New Tips And Trends For The Office

bSb e.V. Invites to the bSb Office Forum Bamberg a bSb Office Forum 2010 Symposium for Office professionals (registration required) date/time: April 30th from 9: 00 and may 1st from 8: 00 venue: welcome Kongresshotel Bamberg, shall be 7, 96047 Bamberg office managers from quite Upper Franconia two days on Trapp keep Germany: the Federal Association of secretarial and Office management e.V. (glisten) held on 30 April and 1 May this year’s Office Forum in Bamberg. Interactive workshops, an exhibition and individual conversations take place in addition to a varied programme in the WELCOME Kongresshotel Bamberg. Top speakers meet on experienced professionals, and gives impetus to the whole office sector. Mayor Andreas strong supporting events of the BOD with full force. “See the networking Queen” Christine Schmidhuber about new career opportunities, lectures by successful networks.

Romana Meinhardt motivated in the innovation future office management”in particular meeting-weary people to actively participate in networks up to expand and to take advantage of the experience of the collective. Also Dr. Daniela Kuhlmann specializes in career management for women. “True to the motto power women lead differently: power versus humanity” describes the differences between men and women in leading positions. “How performance and behavioral differences expressed in the working world?” and what see the prospects for women? “are among the questions that explains the communication consultant. Completely equal whether- and sale, Secretary, Assistant, Office management or Office Manager glisten focuses with the Office Forum on possibilities of Ascension, the expansion of the network thought and informs about new trends of all Office workers.

We want to give food for thought for a modern office management this year”explains Monika Gunkel, Chairman of the BOD. All pursue the same aim, namely to demonstrate strength in the profession. We provide professional support and help to identify career goals and to achieve.” In addition to numerous professional makeup advice, practical workshops and a night watchman tour through Bamberg, you can visit the Exhibitor Marketplace. This exhibition offers new products, small knowledge test as well as information for professionals of the industry. The respective evenings with a dinner buffet, as well as on Saturday evening with a festive champagne reception are completed. More information about the program in Bamberg as well as the registration form see interested in the Internet at.

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The Essence Of Making A Profit On The Internet

Methods of making a profit on the Internet fundamentally no different from other methods of profit used in the real, physical world. But work on the Internet contains a certain peculiarity, because it includes a unique factor as – complete virtuality of its geography, in other words – your physical location. And it is absolutely necessary to imagine the following: all the laws of the market completely hold and operate wherever there is any kind of trade relations. And working in a virtual network is not an exception. After all, the Internet, in addition to the grand source of information is still huge trading platform, for all its performance is much superior trading platforms of the real world. And the only question is what labor effort you are willing to make to actually make money on the web and make serious successes in this field. For beginners who want to make money online, there is always some element of surprise and even originality of networking.

But we need to understand – nothing unusual and extraordinary in web not available. This is the same hard work, usually requiring at times of intellectual knowledge and considerable financial investment, as well as any other job in real life. And your income will directly depend on your own experience and skills. In other words, what can you do? Nothing do not know how? Then you should learn. A variety of techniques earnings on the Internet impressive versatility. But for the most part, all these works are a long time ago used these types known methods such as: frilansing, the notorious Clicking for cash, affiliate programs, pay for advertising, and more.

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Table Tennis Federation

If you look at the history of table tennis rackets, then we know that originally they were made by analogy with the rackets for tennis: the common framework, which stretched grid. Today, tennis rackets made of wooden base and rubber pads. Depend on the material weight and performance. In table tennis racket is an extension of your hands, so that the choice should pay attention to the length hand, the size and power of the brush. As for the racket, there must take into account the playing area rackets, weight, length and thickness of handles.

The average weight of tennis rackets is 150-170 grams. Pick up the weight of the racquet to comparing it with the player's physical strength and style of play. Typically, players with attacking technique chosen heavier racquet. It is also important to check how to connect the base and cover, some rubber lining is used. In table tennis lining on both sides of the racket may be different. From the rubber lining is dependent rebound velocity, impact force and direction. So combine professional players lining the racket under his style of play. But the Federation found that when plates are different, then they should be different colors: red and black.

In addition, the pre-event opponent has the right to inspect the bat and pad to check which correspond to the color. The surface of the tennis racket may be rubber or pupyrchataya bilayer. Sometimes the surface of the racquet does not cover the tires for greater stability to the rotation of the ball. But these shoes are not approved Table Tennis Federation and may not be used in competitions. Approved for competition tennis rackets on the basis of the emblem are marked with ITTF. There are ready-made (amateur) rackets and table tennis professional. The main difference is that professional rackets are made separately from the base and cover plates which are glued with special glue. And amateur racquet bought already finished form. The technical characteristics of professional racket are a class above amateur. This is evident from the technical characteristics of speed, speed and control. It is also important that the date range tennis grounds and pads large enough so that you can easily pick up that combination of base and cover with which you will be comfortable to play. The only negative factor could be called expensive cost in comparison with the amateur racquets. Linings, grounds, glue – everything can be bought separately, and thus, a professional tennis racket will be 3 times more expensive hobby. Amateur tennis rackets are sold already assembled. The advantage is that there is no need to separately buy the base, and then overlays it all stick together and trim. And there are amateur racquet relatively cheaper. Table Tennis Bats are divided into categories, which are indicated by asterisks. The maximum may be 5 stars. New to table tennis rackets suited to one or two stars. Fans can buy a racquet with two or three stars. Experienced lovers will feel good with the racket in 4 or 5 stars. Good luck to you and choosing a good game of table tennis.

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Sustainable Society

The Age of the Sustainable Society? E.S.S. Only that one is not idle that does not make nothing, but also that one that could make something better (Scrates). A moment of uneven transistion in history is lived, when the changes occur of unimaginable form and in all the social fields. The human being does not obtain to detect with clarity and Real importance and what in fact it is occurring. The recent technological revolution leveled the field of performance of the global economies, making possible that many for the whole world could compete, be connected and usufruct in real time of benesses of the fantastic process of globalization. At the same time it was created economy of the discarding, where the wild consumption becomes scarce the natural resources without allowing that the recomponha planet opportunely if. In 1798 eminent English economist Thomaz Malthus augured that the world would go to walk for a tragedy in face of the geometric increase of the population and arithmetical increase of the food production.

But the Green Revolution of years 1940 the 1970 moved this catastrophic scene: the human being with its intelligence and inventividade, ahead of an enormous challenge, developed technologies that had propitiated fantastic profits of productivity and disarmed the foreseen demographic bomb in the malthusiana theory of the chaos. The beginning of a new age In 01/01/2000, start of the third millenium, initiated the gradual and irreversible slow process of the ending of the civilization of fsseis fuels and beginning of the Age of the Sustainable Society? E.S.S. Lives ma transistion for the ecology of the prosperity, with use of intelligent nets of power plants renewed and clean, under gide of sustainable systems come back to pursue without truces the climatic balance. Projections give account of that up to 2050 the energies you renewed will perhaps represent 50% of world-wide the energy matrices – the biggest contributivo event of the human beings for this balance.

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Some exercises for the good leadership consist of several minutes introspection newspapers, technique that is used to help to think before responding, avoiding outbreaks, conflicts and adverse reactions. To avoid the impulsivas reactions and stress deserves several types of exercises, physical as emotional and as much mental. To learn to connect itself with the own emotions is task of all, to learn to connect itself with the other people’s emotions is task of the leader, and emotional balance of the leader, is known, been vital. Because " The anguish is a contagious emotion, just as alegra". Today in the highly competitive companies the economic stimulus is noncoarse welcome but, the climate in the work is very important to change the result of the company generally, and depends on the leader to foment this general state, being careful when critical and euphoric when it praises. But the greater emotional allowance comes from the hand to do a work that excites, that you can love and that you enjoy to realise. Everything what comes from the hand of the vocation and the internal recognition is source of the majors emotions positive, it reinforces the confidence and it leads by the way of the good accomplishments. Coaching enterprise and labor not only generates majors gains to the company but also enormous gains to the employee with conditions of yal leader who does not have them, since he generates a space of optimal work for all, that fructify in vital happiness. Original author and source of the article.

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Basic Education

It is in this picture that if reconceitualiza the citizenship notion, through a revalorizao of the action of the individual while proprietor, while individual that fights for conquering (to buy) property-merchandises of diverse nature, being education one of them. The model of neoliberal man is the privatized citizen, enterpreneur, the consumer. (GENTILI, 1996, p.20-21). In this manner, the education, in a neoliberal vision, is come back as instrument of improvement of the rationality, capable to unmask the secrets of the nature as much how much material human being, instead of improving the human being, developing its critical sense and its autonomy. The pertaining to school system if transforms into one ‘ ‘ market educacional’ ‘ , where the product must be generated of instantaneous form, in accordance with the quality norms: the efficiency and the productivity.

In Arroyo, notebook elaborated for the Ministry of the Education in the axle ‘ ‘ Educandos and Educadores: its Rights and the Currculo’ ‘ , with the purpose to fix minimum contents for the Basic Education in Brazil in way to assure the common basic formation and respect to cultural values artistic, national and regional it tells that the curricular reorientaes still are motivated by the market of work in its imposed requirements the young that in it will enter. The demands of the market, the society, science, the technologies and abilities, or the society of computer science still is referenciais for what teaching and learning. (ARROYO, 2008? p.24) Finally, the school can metaforicamente be compared with a system ‘ ‘ fast food’ ‘ the social spaces, that is, have as objective to supply to the necessities of the capitalism, of the market, where the educational institutions tend to be thought and to be reorganized under the model of certain produtivistas and enterprise standards. FINAL CONSIDERAES When analyzing the two perspectives regarding the State and Education, can be concluded that the permanent state of the education is to be in crisis..

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