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Online Education is divided by levels, as the educational system in the United States. The elementary level online degree consists of degree grades from distance learning kindergarten to sixth grade. The intermediate level since the seventh grade through online education ninth grade. The upper level is composed of the tenth to the twelfth grade. The university conferred degrees of Bachelor, Master and Doctor in the case of the Degree Venue University of Puerto Rico at Humacao (UPRH), only grants online degree of Bachelor. In the post-graduate level non-university institutions are created with the aim of providing primary education or vocational sedundaria to people who have not been able to study and want to overcome.
The schools belonging to the public education system in the municipality of Humacao are:

The Greenwood Commonwealth
Former students on campus for Degree Venue homecoming Saturday expressed mixed feelings about online education Mississippi Valley State Universitys ongoing presidential search. About half of those surveyed supports the online school College Boards choice last week of Dr. Donna Oliver as the preferred candidate.
Fond du Lac Reporter
Fairwater In 1966, Jerry Sanders, Brandon, a graduate of high school, fell from online education college at Lawrence University, temporarily, to mobilize in the army.
Welland Tribune
Student eyes on employment can the reason for increasing enrollment at the university. When Colleges Ontario released its first year enrollment figures Thursday, Niagara […][ NT] Sierra College candidates discuss the issues

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