The Constitution

Also they did not attend TV until afternoon, and they attended only the adequate programs its age, different of today, where the proper children choose what they go to make where as well as going, and to the times the parents nor are knowing what its children walk making and who is its friends. Infancy is not the same one of what it behind has some years, the children do not play more, or better, she does not have more time to play, are since very early assuming responsibilities that if equal of the adults, them has schedule for everything, for ballet, swimming, jud, English, between as much other activities that full day-by-day of the children. In many cases this happens why the parents do not have time to be with its children and thus they arrange a skill of them to have commitments and responsibilities since very early, and thus to take off the responsibility of the adults to have that to be and to take care of of the children. We can thus evidence: emergency of infancy it is, therefore, the constitution of the child as object of one to know that it takes care of to one necessity and to a will of being able: to know to govern, that is, production to know specific that they had defined infancy the adjusted technologies to intervine on it. (DORNELLES, 2005, P. 19). Infancy is disappearing, therefore with many tasks, and the media influencing the precocious growth of the children, them since very small, has innumerable activities, wants to be dressed as the adults, is very influenced by the soap operas, that make the same ones, to leave to feel pleasure in playing, with toys and tricks, truily, infantile, as for example, to play of doll, casinha, stand, marble, between as much other tricks that were part of ours infancy.

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