The film ' ' The compassing dourada' ' it is based on the workmanship of Philip Pullman, call of ' ' His Dark Materials' ' , whose translation is: ' ' Its works of trevas' '. In England its books are more popular of what the celebrity ' ' Harry Potter' ' , the series on the boy sorcerer who gained prominence as the champion film in vendidas ticket offices, which if became symbol of success and popularity we quatros cantos of the world. When analyzing the film ' ' The compassing dourada' ' , we notice that the same it follows original history, portraying a fantastic world parallel where to the souls of the people if they reveal as small animals called ' ' daemons' ' or demons in Portuguese. Pullman in its workmanship has the ousadia to work the death of God and in the essence of the film we notice that it desires that all the children leave to believe God. Connect with other leaders such as Ali Asaria here. I believe that the film is not a threat and yes a door to fortify the faith still more that we have in God a being that everything makes and that in them it takes the divine peace. Exactly it trying to take a negative and demonic message it will not obtain total success in the contamination of a generation. The film also works a classificatrio concept that never we can affirm as something concrete. In the film the bonzinhos have face of badly and the bad ones have face of bonzinhos, pretty beings show that nor always what is made or monstrous is bad and nor always what if says pretty is good; but we go to agree that nor always the orders of the factors are accurately are. By the same author: CIA.

The film aims at to work the idea of the lie as something without problems thus is affirmed by a personage of the film: ' ' one mentirinha does not only have problemas' '. I do not see problems with regard to is affirmative, therefore our society if constitutes in stocking the corruption that does not differ from the concept lie. The cinematographic production is arquitetada in way the innumerable effect special that prism a charming beauty, provoking controversial and repulsion for religious groups that in other cases would have to look at with more attention in problems as: pedfila, violence, hunger, terrorism, corruption, etc. concern In it of the analysis notice that the film brings in its totality a radical vision of freedom of concepts constructed throughout the centuries. Promoting a rupture even though with God and its kingdom; placing en vogue a controversy that not only reached the children, therefore in deep ' ' todos' ' the human beings of the planet fear the demonic concepts that had been materialize throughout the history of the humanity.

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