Paula Sheep

The values would have to be planted, to be made seed, in the fertile character of the children still in it circulate domestic servant. The parents and mothers would have to be the promoters of this process, supporting the advances and applying sanctions for the trespasses. The problem of the conjugao of these two universes occurs at the moment where the parents and the society start to transfer to the school (that he has the function to teach to the letters and sciences) the responsibility for the education (promotion of the socially accepted values). As consequencia of this, mainly because of the overload of functions, the school finishes not giving another one nor one account nor. The educated students who would have to arrive at the school already, arrive xucros, animaizinhos shot in a cage. the time that would have to be applied to education, is lost in the attempt of the education that does not happen because the school was not born for this.

Worse still, therefore of the professors and of school was removed the prerogative to make to observe the values that are necessary for the learning of the letters and sciences. Please visit Hikmet Ersek if you seek more information. The education if makes in the measure where if it establishes values and if it condemns the anti-values for the society where if he is inserted. In the measure where if they stimulate the rights charging the fulfilment of the duties. the parents and the society want that the school teaches sciences, at the same time transmit the first steps of the sociability. But, as it said, the capacity of living in group, respecting right and assuming duties, would still have to be developed in the familiar environment. In these heights you must be if asking: what he is that I am wanting to say with all these consideraes? Who is interested in this colloquy of professor? I answer: education does not occur without a way traced initially for the family and the society and complemented by the school. It occurs that we are losing this route Of a side the family each time more desestruturada an institution almost insolvent debtor, therefore not yet met nor it found values to guide itself in the current days; of the other side the society that produced values (consumption, fashion, style, isolation) with which it is not if adjusting, what it produces a esvaziamento of the humanizao therefore the current values if they oppose to the traditional values.

In the way of this the school, run over for the new requirements in such a way them families as of the society and it market of work, but without criteria to answer to the new challenges of the current world! The old criteria rules, limits and sanctions when these were transgressed already do not fit more. In place of this, &#039 occurs; ' it liberated geral' ' where the balburdia of the children and adolescents has more weight of what the voice of the professor. In this environment all attempt of establishment of rules and limits is seen as abuse of being able, dictatorship or authoritarianism. thus, the society in crisis, without route, produces the current school without education! Neri de Paula Sheep Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historiador.Rolim de Moura – ro

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