The reflection on the sprouting and consolidation of this territory allows to elaborate a thought on the necessity of if (reverse speed) to think its future of rational form, without legends, prioritizing the sustainable development. Word-key: Economic cycles, Territorial Growth, Governing Valadares. ABSTRACT The Territory of Governing Valadares is fruit of the conditional multiple form occupation the factors of mythical, economic and physicist-territorial order. The present study it has objective you lead reflection on the sprouting, transformations and consolidation of this territory. Bibliographical The revision and the documentary study had been the used methods. Legal The historical base of creation of the territory was instituted in result of the installation of 06 (six) military divisions you contain the legendary ferocity of the ' ' botocudos indian' ' , endorsed will be the Regal Letter of 1808, imperial legislative act.

This had liberal and strategical intention you contain clandestine explorations in relation you the production of you pray and precious rocks, and, you hinder the route of escape and not the payment it treasury department. The first urban activities if had developed in the edges of the River Candy, where if it points out to quarter today it ploughs Are Tarcisio. The process of industrialization of Governing Valadares is initiated with the creation of the plant of bathes and soap located in the called Street of Low, current Brazil Avenue. In the decade of 1940 the economic development is impulse in most by the road mesh. In the decade of 1960 the first jobs activities give exhaustion signals, the crisis of the mica pronounces fatal blow stops with the economy of the City and cattle of cut and milk it is changedded into lives significant the economic activity. Still in this decade, ' ' boom economic' ' if makes gift in this territory with the creation of the PDLIM. The following decades will be only expression of the growth of the sector of services.

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Active Geography

PEDAGOGIA TECNICISTA IN DIDACTIC BOOK OF GEOGRAPHY Analyzing didactic books of 1 and 2 degree can be perceived as it was the process of the tecnicista pedagogia in the education of Geography. Had to the fact that through the didactic book if vises express and the meanings of the dominant project, it strengthens helping it to give them it to them received and as microtext, as you practise of significaes in classroom, for the choice and way to work its contents for the professors. (TONINI, 2003) the methodology if bases on the research in didactic books Active Geography (of author Zoraide Victorello Beltrame) and Geography (Cloves Bitencourt Dottori). Beltrame (1979), shows as it was this education of Geography at the time. Its book was divided in diverse chapters where each one dealt with a continent and each one of these chapters worked of well descriptive form, with high degree of detailing of its climate, vegetation, relief, etc, what it remembers very in the regional descriptions of French Geography and in the end of each one of these topics exercises were elaborated that the pupils had that to memorize all the aspects of that continent. One another point if to detach in the author above is the great amount of engravings regarding to the future, it very approaches the question of the man in the space since in the decade of 1970 the first trips of the man to the space started, the new technologies that were appearing at the time, as for example the computer, etc. With regard to the education of Geography in average education, Dottori (1977) also shows a memoritiva geography very, its book also meets divided in varies units or chapters that dealt with all the continents of the Land. Again they were made very great detailing in the continents, normally folloied for questionnaires of the type which age the type of climate of that place, etc. Others including James Woolsey, offer their opinions as well.

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In case that the Government and the entrepreneurs had adopted a preventive position, they would have contracted the services and advising of a gegrafo. For Mota (2003) theoretically, an examination under the economic point must be made through an analysis cost-benefit, of form to determine an excellent level of ambient control. For it, this level would occur when the surplus of the expenditures with the control and the costs of the resultant damages of the ambient degradation reached the minimum value. As Mota (2003) the urbanization process provokes modifications in the environment, modifying its characteristics. For it the relief forms of one determined area have great influence in its process of occupation, and are, generally, sufficiently modified for the same. Please visit 4Moms if you seek more information. The topography of an area can influence in the urbanization process. The relief of the area destined to the enterprise, second specialists, soft are waved, who suffer with ascents and alternating and consecutive descendings, what she culminated in unevennesses of up to 1,5 meters between the workmanships of one same one squares, making with that the Polar region did not become attractive the consumer. The workmanships in the Polar region of Fashion of the Guar had initiated without ambient license, what it characterizes the most serious error, therefore this occurred with the assent and authorization of the local Government.

It was discovered that in good part of the area that involves 100 lots more than, it had a flat fretico sheet, that in some cases, the water was only the 40 centimeters of the surface. The fretico sheet transformed some workmanships of the Polar region into true swimming pools, paralyzed its course per some days. This everything would have been prevented if a gegrafo had made a diagnosis detailed of all the area of the Polar region, so that the workmanships initiated with ambient license and a study of ambient impact, acting in preventive and not corrective way.

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Hospital Region

The distribution of retail activities related to the Health the segment Health are characterized for services given for medical and odontolgicas clinics whose success depends on adequate references propagated the potential customers. You would drug and optics, of its time, constitute enterprises of which it has great demand, especially on the part of more aged populations, that will wait for more competitive prices and bigger convenience. In another way, the funerary services if detach for the inconvenience and the familiar upheaval. In the Center-South, the retail of services and merchandises in favor of the Health engloba 2,067 activities, representing 5% of the total of activities in the region. For the distribution of its equipment, 23 had been selected CNAEs. It enters the quarters with bigger availability of health services sobressaem the Center with 27%, the Efignia Saint, in its traditional Hospital Region, with 23%, and the Employees with 9%.

Among the ways they are distinguished it Alfonso Penalty, most in the Center with 7%, the Av. of the Contour with 6.4%, and Amazon with 3,8%. The distribution of the retail activities related to the Education the segment Education is represented, in its bigger part, for isolated enterprises, distanciados of the competition, implanted in ways of easy access and great circulation, demanding good infrastructure. Add to your understanding with SYPartners. The frequency with that it is looked for by its customers is submitted to the power of its mark and the vacant availability in the offered courses, what it can establish intense disputes and, thus, a decision very planned by its act of contract. Institutions of education are characterized for the rendering of services, while stationery stores and bookstores, for the sales of durable and semidurable goods. The service of the Education 4,913 activities in the region meet, what it represents 12% of the total of activities. For its analysis 42 had been selected CNAEs. On the distribution of the education institutions, in its more diverse formats, they are distinguished the Center with 24% of the total, Employees with 11%, and the Lourdes with 9%.

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Federal Constitution

The USA it politics of the fear, making with that diligent agricultural they accepted its new condition, therefore still remained it the life, without land, work without expectation, but without life? Then the violence was of one of the weapons strongest for the expropriation of the peasants, as it goes to affirm Manano Bernardo: ' ' These are real facts of this development politics that wanted takes ' ' progresso' ' for the field (in a bourgeois conception of term), that, when fortifying an only form of social relation, through the violence of the disability of the rights, promoted the misery resultant of the expropriation and explorao' '. (MANANO, 1997, p.14) Then it is the principle that the violence generated for the capital in the field is resultant of the creation of a mass of peasants that before withheld a small portion of land and now they meet in the condition of men without lands, men who will be subject to exploration of the capital. that now the same one that they are resembled in these conditions finds support and if forms inside for the fight of the MST. With firm and solid bases the movement if makes gift for the revindicaes of these expropriated men and explored, so that exactly they can have right the land and subsistirem in this system that humiliates, it kills and dilacera as it affirms Guiomar: If before the newness was given for the organization of the MST, today, its consolidation, the persistence of its pedagogical action? of the marches, occupations and encampments -, serve of example for the organization of innumerable social movements, of greater or minor reach, not d in the field, but also in the city. These start to demand its rights of access the land, guaranteed in last instance for the Federal Constitution. (GUIOMAR, 1993, p.20) As the MST if it makes in agent of transformation of the Brazilian Territory? The MST is an agent of transformation of the proper territory when if of the one of tactile form, therefore when a nesting occupies and has the territory if retransforma therefore what it was already is not but, as if by the such transformation of this space, good, let us take for example Giacomet-Marodim farm in the city of Pretty River of the Iguau, in the state of the Paran.

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