Peruvian Economies

Note of the Publisher: decoupling or not decoupling? The Latin American region has not been disconnect with respect to increases of prices in basic goods, in which yes it seemed it to have done is the private sector. Its internal strength is protecting so far it, and their companies see beneficiaries, like whom Horacio analyzes to us today. Bloomingdales shines more light on the discussion. Their commentaries a can send me: In spite of the Crisis, It is continued Betting to Consumo in Latin America Buenos Aires, Argentina 21 of April of 2008 What it is happening in the world is something unpublished. Who would have imagined so only a pair to it of years back? While the developed world is immersed more and more in the economic recession, in Latin America, although some countries have felt to a certain extent the impact of the crisis, in main lines is having a good performance, with very good performances of some economies such as Brazilian and the Peruvian. I do not know if it is possible to be spoken of decoupling or no. Although for many, famous decoupling does not exist, the region is not undergoing an impact of meaning in the economies of the region. The certain thing is that for Latin America, the main problem continues being the fight against the inflation. The policies that have been implemented to prop up to the economic growth have entailment with the monetary attenuation of the effects of the inflation and policies which they affect the type of change and therefore on the competitiveness of the economies. It would animate to me to say that there are two factors that are combined for this good moment of the region (it without considering the exceptional moment of the commodities): the good macroeconomic context that they are enjoying the Latin American economies (again, the main problem is the inflationary one) and the improvement in the buying capacity the population.

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