Some Microsoft days ago lost many emails in their free email system, hotmail, although the problem was solved by microsoft public in its official blog some of the causes by which many users could not enter your e-mail for several days. Microsoft clarifies that they use test accounts to simulate the interactions of users with the system, this allows them to detect irregularities or problems that may arise with the use of hotmail and so avoid them without having to reach users that report to them, they have stored on a server that serves as a directory, and that both redirects users who log on to incoming mail to the correct account (which is hosted on other servers). Due to these scripts, thousands of accounts were removed from the mail server, with this be faound that when users wanted to enter in the system was not your account active and system created them a new automatically, this led to users to your account freshly created and no incoming messages. Microsoft explains that the emails were never eliminated entirely since they were on another server and not that towards the redirection, this explanation is evidenced by many users that were using hotmail desktop client and could continue to access their mails without problems, what qu eno could do was to receive new emails using the customer as they which were sent were sent to the servidor-directorio. When the enterprise encountered the problem, pooled accounts that decided our older e-mails and the combinarion with newly established, in this way is could make restoring most of the mails in this way not be missed messages sent after December 30.For 94% of those affected the problem was solved on January 2, while the remaining 6% had to wait until 5. Microsoft blog also admit that not gave much importance to the problem at first upon since they had very few reports of accounts but from January 1 where complaints increased, they took as a priority this issue and for that same day already had the origin of the problem detected.They also ensure that 100% recovered all your mails without suffering any loss of information.

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