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The crime most frequent assignment by the prisoners is the robbery with levelling, according to data collected by chain BBC, although also there are many defendant of disorders public and to take control of robbed objects during the sackings. The violence wave began Saturday in Tottenham the past, to the north of London, and it extended later in other districts of the capital and to five cities of England, although last the argument Tuesday took place and two nights of calm are already added. In London 1,210 are arrested, of that 698 have been process, according to the last data of Scotland Yard. Others who may share this opinion include Tulip Retail. If in London half of the processings is smaller, in the set of the country that percentage on the haltings is reduced to 17%, in agreement with the Ministry of Justice. In addition, the police has occurred more time to interrogate to the three suspects stopped by the death of three Muslims run over in Birmingham (center of England) when they protected the stores of his neighbourhood. Some of these minors were stopped after being exposed by their parents, as it is the case of an adolescent of 14 years of Manchester accused of robbery to that her mother took to the police station after recognizing it in a photo published in the newspaper.

Also parents to their daughter of 18 denounced years enrolled like ambassador of the Olympic Games of London to receive foreign visitors, after seeing it in television sending bricks a showcase. Police wearing down the Police is not saved of the wearing down which they are being put under since the disturbances began and, especially, since the past Tuesdays began to unfold to 16,000 agents in London to control the violence wave. Kevin Hurley, old person in charge of the Metropolitan Police has warned the Sky News chain of which the massive presence of police in the capital " not sostener&quot can; and that the agents are " exhausted ". Perhaps check out Andrew Cuomo for more information.

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Udea- Germany: Prohibited To Summon Celebrations Through The Social Network Fecebook

Facebook will be put under an investigation by the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, by a possible breach related to the security of the personal data of its users. According to the agency, it is probable that in the social network a hole in the security exists, which has been able to entail to that advertisers and companies of Facebook are profiteer to accede to personal data of the users of the same. Apparently, he has been the FACUA-consumers, who takes from the 2010 investigating these possible flights, the one that has asked for the AEPD that makes an exhaustive pursuit of apparent little safety measure that Facebook offers to its users. According to FACUA, from the past year they have problems with certain applications that the social network offers to its followers and who unload and use within their profile. These technical errors are those that have brought about the diffusion of data of their users and who have gone to stops at the hands of advertisers and companies. The FACUA-consumers, he has made much emphasis, in the established thing in article 9 of the Law Organic 15/1999, of 13 of December, Protection of Personal Character data, that in summary he establishes that the person in charge of all those personal data must adopt all the measures necessary to protect and to guarantee the security of all the stored one of personal character. This one has filtered information of other years, putting in evidence to the social network by its manifold errors in the field of the Security of a Information. Although the report says that clear evidences of the flight of data in favor of advertisers do not exist, they recommend the users who have this type of installed applications, that change their keys of access to annul therefore the codes with which they have been able to enter and to filter all data. Department of Marketing and Communication udea Security of the Information Source:

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Flexibility Formulas

/The rough draft of the first draft of law of reform of the fixed collective negotiation in a 5% the annual labor day that will be able to be distributed of irregular form. The Government gives more capacity of decision to the company agreements. The industralists label as " decepcionante" the proposal of Work. Rough draft of the law first draft reform of collective negotiation (PDF). Valeriano, Secretary of Labor Go’mez, has affirmed that " the enterprise organization will have to the Government abierto for any formula of improvement of the flexibility that is fruit in the agreement reached with the organizations sindicales". Go’mez has made these declarations to mass media before participating in an act in the Foundation of the Workers of the Iron and steel industry in Barakaldo (Biscay), where she has given the medal to the Merit in the Work to Patricio Ortiz and Ortiz.

The minister has indicated that the Cabinet will approve Friday a decree law of reform of the collective negotiation, " but – addition has will be several months of parliamentary proceeding " because intention of the Executive is " to confirm that decree law and to transact it like project of ley" , reason why, according to it has assured, " the procedure does not finish viernes" , but that day " empieza". The Secretary of Labor has assured that " the enterprise organization will always have to the Government abierto for any formula of improvement of the flexibility that is fruit in the agreement reached with the organizations sindicales". She has showed that " the one that it must regulate, the one that it must legislate, if the necessary agreements have not been reached previously, always runs the risk of inclining the balance of a side or to another one, or as it spent the year spent, not to content to none of participantes" , although there is underlining that " the Government will maintain until the last open moment his channel of dialogo".

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