Romanesque Hermitage

This protected space runs on the banks of the River Duraton and corresponds to an area ranging from the Villa de Sepulveda to the embalse de Burgomillodo, about 27 km. It extends into the municipalities of Sepulveda, Sebulcor and Carrascal del Rio. In this middle of this tributary of the Duero stretch, the river has created a deep canyon in an area of limestone, the sickles, which reaches more than 100 meters high at some points.It was declared natural park in 1989, in response to their landscape values, flora and fauna. Noteworthy are its population of Griffon Vultures, one of the largest European colonies; In addition to other birds like Egyptian vulture, Golden Eagle, Kestrels, owls, peregrine falcons are differentiated three areas or ecosystems: navaluenga (at the top), the cut and the bottom of the valleAl natural value must be added the cultural heritage of the area. In addition to the Villa de Sepulveda, which deserves special mention, within the Park can be found the Romanesque Hermitage of San Frutos (which offers some of the) best views of the sickles), the cave of the seven altars (Visigothic Rock Church) and the monastery of our Lady of the angels of the Hoz.El Park has several panoramic views, recreational areas and hiking trails. Sepulveda is the interpretation Center, the Park House, where to get information, and some necessary permissions in steer on areas of the Park Reserve.One of the most popular tourism options is the routes in a canoe, by the waters of the Canyon, and can observe the flora and fauna from the river bed.

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