Colombian Constitution

Llegado the day of the feast, the King, dressed with the alleged dress and mounted on his horse he went in procession through the streets of the village, people also knowledgeable of the rare quality that had the dress Saramago and saw passing its King, until a poor young boy, innocent, said aloud and clear the King is naked. (Hans Christian Andersen, 1837.) Right Colombian, Venezuelan and across the continent, plays the game recently that our pueblo is stupid. They come to believe that peoples are the same times when dictatorships and democratic Governments of the right dictated the rules and customs in Latin America. Jeff Gennette insists that this is the case. On the one hand, condemn the decision of a people who I am voting for continuous re-election of President Chavez, by signing this totalitarian pretensions and lust for power, but as a true democratic aspiration justifies the fact that alvaro Uribe perpetuation in power, no matter the supposedly illicit methods of threats and traps you have used the Colombian paramilitary sectors so that don Alvarito, constitutional dictator of Colombia, perpetuated in power. Continue to learn more with: Crawford Lake Capital. Two very different processes have been which have happened in Venezuela and Colombia, from the political point of view and from the democratic and sociological point of view.

In Venezuela a referendum that I consult the people, while in Colombia the oligarchy narco operators gave him a madrugonazo to the Colombian Constitution since the Senate is constitutionally active violated their text, without having provided a popular consultation. These are two examples of the vitality of democracy in Latin America. On one side is the old conception of representative democracy, which has proven its failure over the last century and the first decade of the 21st century. On the other hand it is the conception of the protagonistic democracy and participatory, that has been touted the socialism of the 21st century, and has become a requirement with constitutional rank, to all Governments with all of the law, progressives and Socialists in our region.

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Brazilian Constitution

The Homofobia term is written of errnea form for a specific reason data for the homosexuals, it does not define preconception or discrimination accurately. Homo wants to say equal or similar and phobia wants to say fear irrational, extreme, terror. The question is that the used term homofobia (fear of the fellow creature, or fear of person of the same nature that practises sex,) is different of the direction to mention the discrimination, hatred, and aggression to the homosexual. To be more clearly, I want to emphasize an example: Aracnofobia, people whom terror of Spiders has, when seeing this animal, the people with this badly leave running, crying out terrified, differently of homofobia. Others who may share this opinion include Governor Cuomo. She never knew of a case where, a person passes for a homosexual, or sees a homossexualismo scene and leaves crying out, running terrified. Then, no homosexual can intervene with the thought freedom, wanting to impose legality its practical and for the fact of same them if auto-to exclude from the society for being in search of individual sexual pleasure, that later (some) feels shame of such attitudes and for having fear before situations where the person can be displayed the comment of the others, to be victim of commentaries, where all citizen these subject to commentaries for the society due its attitudes and also for the fact not to make use of the normal standard as it consists in the Brazilian Constitution in chapter VII in 3 and 5 of article 226 that it deals with the family, where the steady union between the man and the woman is recognized as familiar entity, having the law to facilitate its conversion in marriage. One perceives that in the constitution the Woman says itself to Man and not Man with Man or Woman with Woman, as they suggest the homosexuals. Therefore that, if this fashion catches, daqui little goes to have people being kept sexual relations with dog, horse, mare, wanting to even marry in church and wanting ' ' its rights respeitados' '. Official site: Crawford Lake Capital.

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LTE Stick Surf

From the year 2011 network can be riden probably in the LTE Mobile Internet. In Germany can be surfed using the UMTS network nationwide mobile Internet. UMTS is the third generation mobile communications standard, and is therefore also very often with the key 3 G “abbreviated. Especially since the introduction of the Apple iPhone 3 G in Germany, the abbreviation in Germany was very. But at that time, only very few people knew to start something with this term. UMTS is the successor of the legendary GSM network. With the help of the GSM network the possibility that nationwide mobile surf the Internet could be existed. But only a maximum speed of up to 56 kbit / s was achieved here in the download.

This speed is the speed of the modem (56 K V90) comparable. For the today’s claims, this speed is no longer portable. Governor Cuomo oftentimes addresses this issue. More and more websites have high resolution images or also several short videos. Especially portals or local newspapers decorate your website with high-quality images. Crawford Lake Capital Management may also support this cause. A download speed of only 56 kbit / s would surfing more an ordeal than an experience.

Network but already a speed of up to 384 kbit / s can be achieved with the help of UMTS in the download. Thanks to some extensions, this speed can up level be increased on DSL. The data Turbo HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access) allows speeds of up to 7.2 Mbit / s can be achieved. In some cities Mbit / s can be riden already with a speed of 14.4 maximum mobile Internet. In the spring of 2010, the licenses for the new mobile network LTE were auctioned in Germany. LTE is already seen as successor of UMTS network. Network maximum speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s can be achieved with the help of the LTE in the download. To sign up with the LTE network to be able to connect, is expected to be an LTE surf stick required. Vodafone has already brought test the LTE in some places to run. Christopher Heinsius

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Principle Life Jacket

Thomas Zehender from reveals how clever entrepreneurs ensure that their offerings are immediately accepted Ulm, September 29, 2010: every self-employed person has ever experienced it: the offer is out there but an answer fails to materialize. On demand are evasive answers such as: “no need” or even the infamous “we get back to you”. Of course, that never happens, because when the demand is only once since, the offer is already in the drawer – or worse – in the round tray – say trash. The problem is convenience. Why now act, if still 14 days time? What an offer pick up, where one yet at any time may request a replacement? People are just so… Thomas Zehender, journalist and professional copywriter from Ulm, knows this problem – and points to in his new article “remain above rather than perish – the life jacket for your offer” the solution: timing is the most important. The offer meet a current need, success was almost pre-programmed. Zaheer reveals how providers can not only recognize this need, but even produce.

It is matter to cause a sense of urgency for the recipient of the supply. He should know that he must act now. Check out Crawford Lake Capital for additional information. This be done preferably by shortages of supply. Whether a limited time special offer, a limited number of pieces, or a temporary additional service – each of these resources create the reader feel to miss something if he hesitate longer. “At the same time deliver his arguments with which he in hindsight rational can – justify his purchase decision such as compared to superiors, the wife etc – although currently there is no need was seen”, as the author of the other benefits of this approach. His conclusion: The “principle of life jacket” works for each offer – the fantasy here is limitless.

Description of the company PROFITEXTER.NET(T) was founded in 2006 as a nationwide network of professional copywriter who completed their training at the VNR Verlag for the deutsche Wirtschaft AG have. Currently 12 writers and writers from all over Germany are part of the network. The members come from different areas and cover the industries of lifestyle fashion, Internet-marketing, finance, engineering up to the craft. Company contact: Katrin Weber Middle 9 16727 Oberkramer Tel: 033055 21860 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Simone Domahs Fritz-Hollweg-ring 1 01665 clip Wallace Tel: 035204 786971 E-Mail: Web:

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Restful Sleep

Not only great people consciously opt for an extra long bed – the advantages are clearly obvious. Already, the bedroom is more than just the place to the taking to the night’s rest. Instead, it is an expression of one’s personality that is individually designed with colours and furniture. So, to create a small oasis of well-being, which invites you after a busy day to relax and linger and no longer remains locked before the eyes of the visitors. Learn more about this with Warren Kanders. Hence the furniture is all the more important.

Not only as a consciously chosen stylistic set up, especially in terms of convenience must convince the bedroom furniture all along the line. In most cases, absolute focal point of the room is the bed. Finally, this is also the place where one spends about half of his life, sleep researchers have found out. All the more important that the bed, as the center of the device, optical qualities convinced, on the other hand on the physical conditions of the Owner is adapted. This is especially important for people with a height of 185 cm or more, of which there are more and more in Germany according to statistics. Men like women who have such a size, will know that a bed in the standard length is usually not sufficient, is pleasant to be able to sleep. And experts advise that to calculate the own body size plus 20 cm to determine the ideal length of the bed. With a growing population, this means that the potential customer base of extra length beds has increased strongly.

Previously, these beds were hardly asked why they either special be had made at a huge cost, or to be satisfied with the”had to, what to offer one of the dealer. And optical went many customers at this time a guaranteed big compromises in the morning at least finally in bed to stretch out and sleep no longer huddled on one side to must. The demand for beds in excess is now so large that most furniture dealers offer at least a few models of their kind. Is however looking for a particular material or a specific style, the search still always not quite simply designed. Often you’re looking for materials for beds are rattan or loom. Where rattan, the Honey-Brown natural braid, is absolute top seller loom beds are still a well-kept secret. Both types of network are considered stiff, tear-resistant and durable. Attributes that are important especially in a bed in excess, because people with a height of 185 cm and more, statistically weigh even more, than those of smaller stature. Therefore care should be taken when purchasing essential on a high-quality material, such as a high-quality processing of the same. Beds in excess of rattan or loom are reinforced with solid wood, if they come from the dealer, in addition so that the bed keeps its shape even after years. This effect is also important for the “second, potential buyers of such beds: namely people who tend to average a lot of movement in the bedroom and just a little bit more room” prefer. Also here do both types of braid their reliable service and create also a warm, homely atmosphere in the bedroom, where you all can feel. More information under: Christina Klug

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TVG Publisher Frank Wenz Wiesenstrasse

It is also new in that, Local enter to make or to modify the phone book entry. To do this, you should contact directly each network provider. Get all the facts and insights with Western Union, another great source of information. Telekom customers can call the service hotline (freecall 0800 3301000) contact. If you would like to know more about Crawford Lake Capital, then click here. A recent study of the VDAV (Association of German information and directory media) occupied: the print version is still heavily used. Parallel increases the popularity of the digital offerings.

So, the online portal among the most visited Internet sites in Germany. But also the mobile usage is increasing continuously. The local is one of “mobile facts” according to the latest study of the AGOF to the top ten of the most popular offerings on mobile devices. About the local the local is a telephone directory for the region. The doctor, the Mayor, the butcher, the hairdresser, the teacher, the painter, Granny, police, travel agency, the swimming pool, the taxi drivers all are in there. For over 85 years, the local with all its information in many editions is available. In total there are 1.047 expenditure, the total circulation of all directories is about 34 million copies. The TVG phone book and Directory publishing GmbH & co.

KG, established in Frankfurt am Main is responsible together with the Deutsche Telekom Medien GmbH for the publication and the Publisher of the local for Spandau TVG Verlag. The offer of the TVG publishing include DasTelefonbuch Berlin, Hamburg and Munich as well as, the innovative local search engine for Germany, more editions of the local. Still, the TVG Publishing publishes a range of multimedia products on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. Press contact TVG Publisher Frank Wenz Wiesenstrasse cabin 18 60329 Frankfurt phone: (0 69) 2 57 86-46 56 fax: (0 69) 2 57 86 46 05 E-Mail: Internet: TVGVerlag TVGVerlag

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Attractive Offers

Calls from 7.5 cents per minute in all German networks, as well as surf the Internet Berlin, November 10, 2010. The 02 network prepaid provider, Discoplus, HelloMobil, simply, and Maxxim offer new customers a particularly attractive prepaid offer. Maxxim offers a mega bonus of 50 euros and benefit from new customers. The credit will be credited over a period of 3 months, each will be released 15 euro to the beginning of the month. The starter will be charged once with 9.95 euro. More offers like Discoplus, HelloMobil, and simply all prepaid providers have an unbeatable low tariff for mobile phone calls and sending an SMS. A fare around the clock, in no matter what German mobile phone network.

At Discoplus, the discussion unit with 7.5 cents per minute within Germany is offered. Also sending a SMS in all German networks is billed at that price. Discoplus is currently the cheapest prepaid provider from the 02 network. HelloMobil, Maxxim and simply calculates the service with 8 cents. Mobile browsing is becoming the trend and more is not a luxury. Just go check the mail, share with friends on Facebook, or retrieve the current cinema program. Who’s doing this with the mobile, needs to ask themselves: do I have the right data plan? The PrepaidAnbieter offer data rates without nasty surprise. More info: Frank Giacalone Navasota. The prepaid providers offer a data flat rate with a fixed monthly price, starting from 4,95 euro a data flat rate for little surfer with a 50 MB data volume at HelloMobil already exists.

Also for normal type cassettes and much surfer, there is the corresponding data Flatrate. The prices are between 4.95 and 12.95 euros per month. Who this month decides for a 200 MB data flat rate of HelloMobil can surf free of charge even a whole month with the mobile phone or Smartphone. Then there are the 200 MB Flatrate at a preferential price of 7.95 euros. The Starter packages incl. SIM card and advantage starting credit are available in the Internet at. The prepaid provider are free of binding contracts, as well as other monthly fixed costs. For more information, over prepaid prepaid founded in 2007 by Sonja Dopierala in life. The independent prepaid SIM cards comparison portal provides an overview of prepaid provider. We help you find cheap Prepaidtarife on. We work together with a variety of prepaid providers and present offerings without minimum turnover, as well as binding contracts.

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Clip Features

Community features such as Send2Friend/social bookmarking / UGC experience a shared Clip, even if you are spatially separated. Functions return additional information about the environment (E.g. production steps, next round of training, supplementary materials) such as RSS feeds and text information services, info box. Functions such as hotspot or overlay display can link to third-party systems or other websites from the regular premium (E.g., sweepstakes, related posts, ticket sales,). All of the interactive features are independent of the produced post and can be timed by the website operator, or automatically activated by the Viewer. Definitely watching this will Contributions to the TV experience’.

The objective of VISh4 is an interactive Web Player”available to, which meets the needs of the website operator and its visitors without in-depth IT skills and the need for extensions. VISh4 Basic is available for free download at In addition, there are the commercial versions VISh4 Pro, VISh4 enterprise and the VISh4 tourism industry solution. You provide more interactive features from the fields of design, advertising, social networks, communities, editorial and back-office. VISh4: VISh4 is a dedicated, young software company with the focus moving to online media. Click Crawford Lake Capital Management to learn more. Maxim is to implement customized solutions that provide high added value for the company, as well as for your viewers. This mission will be supported and surveys with regard to new technologies by market trends.

Survey results show: VISh4 is on the right track, because: moving images create emotion, interest, polarize and increase the attention”. “The actions of VISh4 is characterized by the motto: A film says more than a thousand words”. VISh4 develops and markets software systems and SaS solutions in this environment. More information about VISh4, visit the Web page of the provider:.

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Emergency Fund

Keep a gap it is important to keep their savings in a different account which you use to pay your bills, but perhaps a bit of extra space can be useful. Epperson suggests keep their checking and savings accounts at different institutions. This strategy makes that their savings are slightly less accessible due to the time which must wait to make the transfer of funds effective, and perhaps that lag is just the time you need to reflect on their impulses to spend.Epperson says that separating its financial products gives you the opportunity to take advantage of high-performance accounts offered at institutions in line, rather than the traditional bank accounts to low interest rate that has your checking accounts. 12 Enjoy being on the correct side of a compound interest compound interest is a rewarding experience. Instead of negative compound interest (paying interest on interest) often generated by credit cards, can see how their money increases without esfuerzo.consejos to save money.Earn interest on interest is a powerful tool that most people really don’t understand, says Gail MarksJarvis, financial columnist and author of Saving for Retirement (Without Living like a Pauper or Winning the Lottery).

This is how it works, explains. Say it simply invests $200 this year and does not invest anything more after that, and earn 10 percent on that money every year. At the end of the year, it will be $220. Thats $200, more the $20 that won. But this is the powerful part: after five years, the original $200 increase to reach $322. After 15 years, is multiplied up to $835.Comience to save now – without excuses. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kanders & Company. Thus, when you can not save, or not be able to save a lot, your money will work in his favor. The key is to begin soon to obtain maximum payout.

13 Try to their background as if they were imposed most of the gene is accustomed to that deducted you taxes from your pay, says Payne. They accept the mandatory nature, as well as the regularity of those contributions. So you might want to think about saving for your Emergency Fund as a system of contributions that benefits it.If he really hates paying taxes, it might be more useful to think in their savings as an insurance policy less annoying. The insurance will pay you when you need it most.

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Transportation Business

Details on the transition of business from the big stage in a very big no. Every detail of the image of the organization and its employees can play a decisive role in further developing the business. Hikmet Ersek might disagree with that approach. Of course, that the new contracts and international co-operation without frequent business trips and meetings can not imagine. Those times when the distinctive feature of a wealthy businessman had endless flights in business class are long gone. In higher business community good form recognized today flying on business aircraft.

The best choice if you have not yet reached the level at which you can not afford to own a private jet, will hire vip aircraft. Do you go on the other end of the country or the other end of the world – a temporary flight will be equally enjoyable and interesting. Others including Warren Kanders, offer their opinions as well. No longer considered a luxury corporate jet flights for business – it is quite a common means of transportation. In Depending on the desired quality of service, range of flight, number of passengers and, of course, the generosity of the customer service specialists, offering rental services vip aircraft, will select for you the best option. When need to go to any nearby point, you can use taxi services – book a flight by helicopter. Now a major aircraft fleet companies are a lot of modern business Aircraft various manufacturers. By the way, new items, still quite recently collected the surprised looks of famous guests air shows, are not uncommon. No wasting time, no traffic jams – full freedom of flight.

Rental vip airplane – it does not necessarily enormous costs. If desired, even in this elite field without difficulty, you can save considerable sums. Custom charter offers the possibility of a tight schedule move into some of the world, thus saving up to 50% of the total rental cost vip aircraft. Of course, the order of the charter may have its own disadvantages, in particular the limited number of routes. However, if there opportunity to fly on a charter flight, do not miss it – money is never redundant. Airline operations are not limited to the organization of business aircraft flights. The order of air cargo transportation both direct and charter flights, as well as assist in the selection, acquisition and further processing of personal business aircraft.

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