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Audi equips service Mobile Q5 and Q7 with new bott vario vehicle equipment. Worldwide, the automotive manufacturer Audi enjoys the reputation of high quality. Other attributes that are associated with the coveted brand and head start through technology are sporty and progressive. Go to Governor Cuomo for more information. Last but not least, the extensive services, such as the mobile service characterize this appearance of the premium supplier. So Audi attaches great importance also to the appearance of its fleet of service and efficiency. Here the manufacturer uses all over the world the success models Q5 and Q7. Because to be prepared for all eventualities and to meet the high expectations of its customers, carries all kinds of storage needs.

To ensure an optimal storage space organisation and securing the service vehicles be equipped with the new bott vario vehicle equipment. The Ingolstadter among other things due to the appearance made the decision for the Swabian project partners the new bott vario, by the distinctive mix of powder-coated steel, anodized aluminum and high-strength plastic materials will be marked. Hereby, the establishment is nestled seamlessly in the modern interior of the SUVs a. Also the low weight and high stability of the installation, resulting from this choice of material, played a serious role in the choice of the supplier. Also contributed the positive experiences with bott vario had equipped bott already since longer service vehicles with the first generation to the procurement. Previously, it was however the vehicle set up to make that emergency vehicles on every service requirement would be prepared. After all, is the goal to serve the customers immediately and on the spot.

Since quite a bit of equipment comes together, which should take place exclusively in the trunk, for the passenger compartment must provide full five seats.” So the default of the contractor. Based on this default bott designed a sophisticated storage concept and it defined a facility that could be configured largely from parts of the series. Frank Giacalone gathered all the information. Special parts were mainly for the substructure and for the connection of Bott vario required on the vehicle. About the development of custom vehicle set up, the specialist from Gail village provides the complete project service towards its customers. As bott cared for also the procurement of all on Board required tools and equipment package prescribed by law for service vehicles. For the proper installation of the setup packages, bott trained the staff of the two service centres by Audi in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. Here the vehicles prepared for their future, international usage and the facilities installed. Thus, efficient service and a consistent appearance can be guaranteed global. Press contact Bott GmbH & co. KG railway str. 17 d 74405 g village Bernhard Teuffel Tel: + 49 (0) 7971/251-214 fax: + 49 (0) 7971/251-295 of Bott GmbH & co. KG the Bott group of companies is one of internationally leading providers of vehicle and equipment for commercial use. At several European sites Products and solutions with the highest product and service quality standards developed and produced. Bott, customers in industry and craft, use these services through a global organized distribution network worldwide. Synergies are bundled at the location Germany, the headquarters of the Group of companies. Here, the feedback from all the markets converge and lead to a continuous innovation strategy. Efficiency and security of the customers are in the focus.

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Gunnar Kessler

According to the latest statistics from it make money 97prozent of all newcomers to the Internet business not on the Internet and your online business to fail is doomed. Berlin, 02.11.2010 – the Internet marketing expert Gunnar Kessler recently published a shocking statistic regarding the Internet marketing industry. The statistics show that over 97% of the Internet entrepreneur earn money on the Internet. Hikmet Erseks opinions are not widely known. This statistic is based on one, recently, built survey by Gunnar Kessler is one of the world’s most successful online entrepreneurs and is committed to the task to help beginners in the Internet business and show you how you persistently and seriously can make money on the Internet. Quote Gunnar Kessler: “it is a fact that most people in our industry to achieve any gains. “Nevertheless the affected giving with again and again, that which you have generated the fact until now still no revenue does not mean that you have failed, you were just until now still not successful.” Gunnar Kessler founded the negative statistics that many beginners go at the beginning with a very high expectations on the project approach but the first problems change your method or immediately abandon. Additional information is available at Hikmet Ersek.

Further many of the newbies do not have the necessary support, it is missing a mentor who shows you the way to long lasting success and thus seriously good they can make money on the Internet. For this reason was founded, the Internet site to help Internet entrepreneurs to build yourself a successful Internet business. The website should serve as a focal point for Internet entrepreneurs. Learn everything you need to make promising and long lasting money on the Internet. For more information see this site: Frank Giacalone. Gunnar has another surprise for all online business owners. Gunnar Kessler provides his Advisor ‘My exit from the hamster wheel – financially independent for six weeks, thanks to online business’ free disposal.

The normal is 27 Euro price of advisors this report is based on the experience of the Gunnar Kessler as a successful online entrepreneur has collected. The report contains among others the following topics: hungry like you or… Markets willing to purchase capture the key success factors of the Internet gurus and millionaires secret top tips for guaranteed gratisreport/geldverdieneniminternet.html Gunnar successful start in your online business this report is available through the following link ‘Make money online’ offers free many further information about all Internet entrepreneurs. For further information please consult on your GK team Marc P.

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As of today, their experiences in the TV can be seen. Frankfurt, 1 July 2013 60 video applications, two winners a week airport live. A young couple that was selected as the winner of a competition, experienced in the past few days in the framework of the FRA inside”a diverse program at Germany’s largest airport. RTL Hessen reports from July 1 to 5 daily between 18 and 19: 00 from the experiences of the two Insider”at the airport. In addition to many different insights into the work of 78,000 employees at Frankfurt airport, the meeting with Gail Halvorsen, an American pilots of the famous candy bomber at the time of the Berlin airlift, is one of the many highlights of the programme. We were pretty excited before mid-week at the airport and excited to see what awaits us. In any case we wanted once in the cockpit of a plane,”the two said. This wish is fulfilled already on the first day, because when you visit the new Boeing 747-8 pilots feeling came up.

Right at the beginning of the two insider of hangars of Lufthansa can and Marvel at Condor aircraft from nearby. Maintenance of landing gear, they may make some handles under the guidance itself. In the air cargo sector they glimpse, as Lufthansa operates cargo 365 days in the year, of an air freight shipment until departure. The Condor know the work of flight attendants learned the Insider”at the safety training of handling the oxygen mask up the emergency slide. And the two may even control itself one of the large aircraft tractor. It was impressive. Governor Cuomo is often quoted as being for or against this. “Us how good everything is organized, how the many employees work with joy at a large airport surprised.” Yes to FRA! “an initiative is supported by Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Fraport AG and the Condor Flugdienst GmbH. Goal of Yes to FRA!”is a differentiated and factual discussion about the significance of the Frankfurt hub. Say yes to FRA”and support the action with your photo on our great supporters wall under: thousand-reasons For information about the initiative and the importance of the airport for the region here: more photos, see our Flickr Gallery photos/condor airline /.

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Christmas Present

' With great frequency, the politics consists of the art of trair real and legitimate interests and creating others, imaginary and injustos.' ' (Arturo Graf) perhaps Mr. Francisco Everardo Oliveira, the Tiririca clown, has found the reply adjusted for its investigation during the electoral schedule: what he makes a representative? The spree promoted for them parliamentarians in Brasilia, dilacerando one more time the public state treasury I assign with it to only take care of to its vile personal interests, is only plus an episode of injustice in the history of the Country. Frequently Frank Giacalone has said that publicly. ' ' modesto' ' wage readjustment had, evidently, the waited effect cascade already. The councilmen of Sorocaba, I try using to advantage it, had not hesitated in its trustworth intentions e, as it notified the Southern Cross periodical, had taken only thirty seconds to almost promote a readjustment of 100% of its deserved incomes. Andrew Cuomo gathered all the information. Parliamentarians of the Rio Grande Do Sul, aiming at to possibly cover the inflation of next the 10 years, had carried through a small addition of 73,3% in its wages, jumping of mseros R$ 11,564, 76 for right R$ 20,042, 34. In fact cmodo does not have to be nothing to survive little with a wage of more than eleven a thousand Reals. Hardly, with this income, somebody would have a quality of reasonable life.

It would be impossible, for example, to arcar little with the domestic expenditures receiving more than twenty minimum wages. What we will say, then, of our sublime representatives? Nothing more just than they receive the equivalent the forty and seven minimum wages. It is reasonable that they fight for its rights, over all when the subject mentions the wage question to it. The problem, in this in case that, it is to know who fights for my rights. The one that if must so great nonsense? In a so rough social reality that we live deeply, why it does not have modesties in acting of so obsceno form? It will be that it does not have, in the mind of our illustrious legislators, the minimum of coherence, razoabilidade and good-sense? Unhappyly, the reply she is negative.

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Miguel Marques

Something is ingesting nutrients is metabolizing them and then vented to atmosphere in the form of gas mixed with carbon 14. Andrew Cuomo is actively involved in the matter. However, NASA did not dare to affirm emphatically discovery, because another instrument of the Viking, designed to identify organic molecules considered essential symbols of life didn’t find anything, so almost all NASA scientists decided to declare the finding of the Viking a false positive. But, was it? Day today, the arguments for and against are still dividing scientists, although it is true that the rovers who study the red planet since a year ago have found evidence of the discoveries of the Viking. 7 Tetraneutrones four years ago, in a Accelerator of particles of France they detected six particles that should not exist. They called them tetraneutrones: four neutrons joined together in a way that defies the laws of physics. Francisco Miguel Marques ay colleagues at Ganil at Caen, Accelerator lead since then trying to conseguri the effect again, but so far they have not succeeded.

If they repeat it, these clusters of atoms could compel scientists to reconsider the forces that hold together the nucelo of atoms. 8 This Pioneer anomaly is the parallel story of two spacecraft. One, Pioneer 10, launched in 1972; the Pioneer 11 a year later. Now, both must be in deep space, away from the view of any human ingenuity, though their careers are too fascinating to ignore. And there is something that has been pushing the two ships, causing that they increase your speed. The acceleration is small, less than a nanometer per second, but is enough to make out to the Pioneer 400,000 kilometers from its initial trajectory. NASa lost contact with the Pioneer 11 in 1995, but everything does indicate that he may be suffering the same process as her twin sister, and would be very out of its course somewhere in space.

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The Globe

It folloied some companies in the implementation of processes of changes with the objective to give a more democratic character to the spheres of being able. However, when the strategies are analyzed in deeper way, she verifies yourself that more in the level of the personal relations is operated. Some organizations already start to get resulted for having taken in account aspects when redesigning its relations of being able. They give space to the effective participation of the people, knows ouviz them, to motivate them, to create conditions so that they are perfected, takes initiatives and assumes responsibilities. It is the way for an involving participativa leadership. We live a transformation moment clearly.

Jeff Schwartz, world-wide leader of human resources of the Deloitte, tells that it has ten years the RH if it dedicated administrative and manual the tasks basically. Some procedures of RH of the same company existed inside. Today the Rh is intent in unifying and simplifying the processes in the company, to terceirizar definitive activities and to have more time pra questions as development of leaderships, formation of talentos, etc. The organizations most succeeded are the ones that develop a sustainable relation with its employees and the community where they act. SOLUTIONS OPTIMIZED IN THE ORGANIZATIONS IN THE COUNTRY. We have some successful cases of companies whom they had invested in tools, technologies and solutions to be perfected in the market of products for the RH area as a whole. They had obtained to improve the work environment, to perfect exceeded processes, to produce training and to promote the integration of teams and people. The Globe, the biggest net of television of Brazil, has five years behind, decided to invest in the qualification of its 15 a thousand collaborators spread for the Country. To diminish cost company studied way more viable to carry through program of training, that would be a mega-project of training capable to reach since the reporter that acts in So Paulo until that it is in any part of the North, for example.

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Environmental Performance And Comfort Of The New Mercedes R 350

Mercedes boasts Blutec technology station wagon, SUV and co. continue with space and comfort points despite of taxation after emission value. In addition, manufacturers in this segment respond to green conscience of consumers. The auto Portal with the Mercedes-Benz R 350 a Langstreckentourer presents, especially families will be interested in. In times of electric cars and hybrid models, hardly a new vehicle can be described like as fuel Slingshot. For the latest model of the R-class, Mercedes advertises its so-called BLUETEC technology.

The nitrogen emission is reduced by the urea solution AdBlue is mixed with the exhaust stream. This culminates in the release of ammonia, which converts up to 80 percent of nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water. Thus, the conscience is calm and the spirit free to enjoy of the comfort of the SUV offers. The Interior is spacious and elegant. Especially on long-haul, the comfortable seats are paying off. It is taken place on three rows of seats.

Behind driver and passenger have passengers on adjustable Plenty of space to sit. Only the last row should be reserved for children. For adults it is maximum suitable for short-haul routes. A study commissioned by Mercedes came to the conclusion that the ride in the R 350 caused hardly any stress. That lie, inter alia on the low noise in the Interior. Critical is this point however the dangers pointed out, bringing this shield of sensory perception with himself. Drivers should be aware nonetheless that they sit at some very high speed in a car and not in the comfortable armchairs at home.

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Particulate Filter Sytem FeelPure

In the German market now also for heavy transport vehicles approved short after the approvals for light traffic gets Pirelli go-ahead for soot particle filter in the heavy traffic. They allow, inter alia, buses and trucks drive into environmental zones that are prohibited vehicles with high emissions. Following the recent approval the development by Pirelli eco technology prevails in China further in Europe. For the second time in six weeks, the Federal motor transport authority granted Pirelli eco technology, subsidiaries of Italian Pirelli Group, allowing a soot particle filter system for the German market (ABE No. 17237).

With the powerful filter system FeelpureTM to the reduction of pollutant emissions from diesel engines can vehicle owners and fleet operators upgrade their heavy transport vehicles (buses, coaches, trucks, waste disposal vehicles) the emission class EURO I, II and III to the green sticker and also drive in the environmental zones throughout the year 2010. Currently there are 34 cities in the Federal Republic Environmental zones, are other seven cities are added in the year 2010. With the new approval, Pirelli eco technology as the market leader in the segment of the particulate filter retrofit systems claims, because it is currently the only company on the German market, offering EURO I, II and III particle filter systems both for heavy and light commercial vehicles (E.g. vans, minibuses, vans) of emission classes. The Pirelli filter systems consisting of silicon carbide reduce so-called particulate emissions, measured in grams per kilowatt-hour (PM), which are considered most dangerous part of the pollution in urban areas, more than 90 percent, the nitrogen dioxide emissions by more than 50 percent.

In this way, they raise the emission standards of vehicles from Euro Euro 1/2/3 4/5. A series of selected dealer providing most of them market leaders in their segments, at the Pirelli particulate filters. Among AFT exhaust technology, the SK include Handels- und Vertriebs GmbH, Lower automotive sales GmbH, Krone filter and Pneumobil. With its numerous stores, they guarantee a dense network of installation service stations nationwide. Pirelli eco technology focuses on the technology to reduce pollutant emissions from diesel engines and reaffirms the expansion programme in Europe through the new registrations in Germany. So the Feelpure sells already in the main European countries: Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Neider landing, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic and Baltic States. According to the objectives of the international expansion strategy, received the Feelpure system in China the approval and was there recently introduced in the market.

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The Use

New systems today far beyond the spell check and monitor compliance with grammar – and company-specific style rules in addition. The latter prevent, for example, the exceeding of certain set length or the use of too many passive constructions. Also the editor displays sites from the translation memory and the terminology system which ensures a consistent choice of words as well as the reuse of already translated formulation variants. This increases the quality of the source text and reduces the costs for the subsequent translations. How companies through the use of their own language technologies can optimize their translation management and achieve a higher data and process safety, as demonstrated in the next part of the workshop.

A consistent client/server-based operation for all internal and external Translator and open interfaces to the upstream systems enable a seamless process from the translation to the editing and release. A meaningful reporting gives information about the actually incurred costs. Finally a Central provides translation memory and terminology system for maximum reuse and consistency. Finally the participants will learn how they can parallel publish their documentation to different output channels according to the single-source publishing principle: as Web pages, online help, product catalogues or application and maintenance Handbook. Are based on a single data produces different output formats and specific requirements to the layout as well as internal cross references and the display of images. The workshops take place in Dortmund, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna. Target group are those who deal with the editorial, translation or publication of product and corporate communication or hire them. Attendance is by prior arrangement at the fax number 030-4081895-99 or email. “More information under: xml_roadshow_2010.pdf about across systems across systems (, headquartered in Karlsbad near Karlsruhe and Glendale, California, is a manufacturer of the across language server of the world’s leading independent technology for the linguistic supply chain ‘.

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Play Interactive Childrens Books

New images – and children’s books for the iPhone Kirstin of Hansen mobile applications, the developer of BabyPhone Deluxe, have their new line of iPhone applications (apps) announced today. Mobile children’s books or MCBs are fully illustrated and voiced children’s books for the Apple iPhone or iPod touch. You may find Western Union to be a useful source of information. These innovative apps take full advantage of the powerful iPhone technology and bring children’s books to a new level. Simple download from the Apple app store on your computer or via WiFi directly to the iPhone, comfortable navigation, auto-scrolling around or pushing on with the finger, as well as storage of all of the settings for the next use of the MCB, application, are some of the functionality of the MCB storybook apps. But the real benefit for children and parents is that the apps can be adapted to your own needs any. The “Record your own voice” allows parents to record their own version of the story, the zoomable text facilitates reading and allows. that readers begin with the word recognition, and the parental control makes sure that the child does not accidentally changed something on the iPhone. The MCB offers library modern reproductions of high-class picture and children’s books, classic fairy tales and original new stories beautifully told and written in German, English and Russian.

Seven stories including “the Wolf and the seven little goats” and “The Princess and the pea” at the same time on the Apple app store will appear beginning January 2010. The prices range between 0.79 and 2.99 Euro per MCB. “The new iPhone technology allows us, mobile children’s books to produce compelling MCB, which can be personalized and used anywhere and at any time. Our goal with this new medium is your children to make, to entertain and especially their love for books and reading to promote.”said Kirstin Hansen, owner and co-developer of the mobile children’s books. “We have a solid foundation for a broad acceptance of spoken and illustrated “Children’s books created for mobile devices, and we hope soon partnerships with publishers from around the world to build.” The idea for the MCB mobile children’s books had the couple, Kirstin and Roeland Hansen, out of their own need. As frequent travelers and parents of a little girl growing up, she wanted to support the reading pleasure of her daughter, found it but cumbersome to pack up all the heavy books. Mrs Hofkens was looking for books that could download them on your computer, in the Internet and found very little sources. By their technical background and their experience already gained with the development of BabyPhone Deluxe for the iPhone (, were the Hansen in able to create this new iPhone apps. More information can be found under. The original voice recordings of all MCB children’s books available as free MP3 downloads here, too.

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