Black Colors Favorites

According to the annual report of preference of Color on cars developed by DuPont in different countries, this year the most popular in Mexico colors were white and black, both with 20 percent of preference among consumers, followed by the silver (17 per cent), gray (13 per cent), blue (12 per cent), red (11 percent), yellow/gold (3 per cent)Green (2 per cent) and cafe-beige (1 percent). According to the document prepared by Dupont company world leader in the supply of paintings to the industry of automobile-automobile in the world color preferences tend to be homologated increasingly, despite the fact that there are still subtle differences in some countries. Jimmy levin understands that this is vital information. For other opinions and approaches, find out what has to say.

United States in this regard, Nancy Lockhart, designer of DuPont Color for North America, said that you although neutral colors as the silver and gray have a high volume of participation in almost all countries, these show a downward trend: in the future will need to revitalize them, adding them some effects of pigmentation allowing to restore his popularity. India Meanwhile Karen Surcina, DuPont Color marketing general manager, said that even though gray with white and black are still the most popular in the world colors, consumers seek to add some effects of pigmentation that work as differentiators: these effects provide one greater degree of customization and add a feeling of luxury and elegance requested by traditional consumers who seek some kind of differentiators within the range of classic colors. The China report annual DuPont points out that globally, as the blue and red colors are becoming popular. BEATRICE Heisman, Director of the author of the book the Color: messages and meanings (Color: Messages and Meanings) said that blue is being played at the same time as a new green, since worldwide is associated with the environment..

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