Real Ecoelectricity

Latest test results from oko Test and Robin Wood and orientation tips from consumer protection experts eco power offerings that deliver what they promise, are very rare. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is likely to increase your knowledge. Demonstrated by the two recent analyses by oko Test and from the environmental organization Robin wood. * the test magazine okotest rated only twelve of the tested eco electricity supplier with a very good score such Polarstern. And Robin Wood concludes in his analysis at all, that only six of the nationwide make green electricity supplier are recommended, also here such Polarstern. “The company is either proprietary or via the power plants, from which they obtain power similarly offered no tariffs of the few nationwide providers, which according to the analyses among other things… not with nuclear and coal-fired plants are intertwined, included offer minimum rates the coal or nuclear power, which is fed to 100 percent from renewable energy sources, or in the case of Robin Wood exclusively green electricity tariffs” offer, whose power mix at least to 50% from renewable energy sources and 50 percent comes from gas power heat cogeneration plants obtain electricity from new plants independently all these criteria in determining own change to take into account, that is often too much for individual consumers to invest in the expansion of renewable energy says Birgit Holfert, energy expert at the Consumer Council Association. Therefore, consumer advocates advise as they to inform one even on the website of the eco power provider about the way the promotion of renewable energy. This gives a good first impression. “Because who promotes anything, tells nothing.” Also helping change deciding on trusted guides such as the prestigious seal of approval to implement tests and recommendations of environmental and nature protection associations, to orient themselves in the jungle of green electricity tariffs. Finally, intransparent eco electricity deals are the most common point of criticism when switching to green electricity.

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An Ambitious Start For The First Watt EffizienzAllianz In Hamburg

North German businesses develop action plan for energy saving of Spiegel Verlag, the Jungheinrich AG, Pfannenberg and more medium-sized companies in Northern Germany are great. By 2014, they want to reduce their energy consumption significantly, quite in the sense of the environmental year in Hamburg. “It supports the Frankfurt energy professional Watt Germany and successfully launched the first Watt EffizienzAllianz North under the motto energy use rather than wasting” at the Dorint Hotel Hamburg Eppendorf. Getting to know the company, the setting of common objectives, as well as the vote of the next steps were at the center of the opening ceremony. It is the age of energy and with the energy revolution we is the question of how go in the future with energy, have moved into the focus of politics, business and population”, welcomed Otto Klatte, CEO of watt Germany GmbH, participants and guests. With the Watt EffizienzAllianz we encourage renewable thinking and want to connect with an efficient, cost-conscious and sustainable behavior for more responsibility, more partnership and greater success of medium-sized companies.” Special guest of the kick-off event was Michael West Hagmann, Chairman of the Hamburg-based industry association (ivh) and Director of Siemens region North.

In addition to the rapidly growing energy hunger in Asia, he spoke of the specific challenges facing the German economy: by 2020 the primary energy consumption in Germany should be reduced by 20 percent. The balance between security of supply, efficiency and environmental sustainability must be respected but at the same time. This is an ambitious goal, considering the many questions that we on the issues of energy efficiency and mix still stand. To achieve this goal, it needed Lighthouse projects such as the Watts EffizienzAllianz. Because she has role for business, politics, and population.” Target Watts EffizienzAllianz North is to optimize the energy efficiency of the participating companies without sacrificing performance for more competitiveness as a learning community and one common, binding action plan for this period.

The participants are heart and motor of EffizienzAllianz: benefited from their energy, their cross-industry experience and their innovative ideas specifically each individual participant. Watt Germany creates the constructive and creative framework for this platform, accompanied the company over the next three years with adequate expertise, regular evaluation and intensive advice. Three or four events of watt EffizienzAllianz North per year are planned. The next meeting will take place on February 29, 2012 at the PAV GmbH in Schierensee directly in the participating companies. More information about the Watts EffizienzAllianz see under: de/MainNav/Mittelstand/Effizienzallianz/Seiten/default.aspx about Watt Germany Watt Germany GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, was founded in 1998 as one of the first new power suppliers in the German’s liberalised electricity market and since then has become one of the most important energy providers for enterprise customers developed. Chain stores, as well as medium-sized enterprises are key target group for the individual energy solutions. 2010 Watt total was 2.337.000.000 kWh to about 23,000 delivery locations. With revenues of EUR 331 million, Watts has currently 125 employees.

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Sustainability Creates Efficiency

Energy efficiency in building & renovation is exhibition focus on the CEP CLEAN ENERGY POWER 2009 CLEAN POWER 2009 will ENERGY to renewable energy on the CEP from 29 to 31 January 2017 and turn the energy efficiency of building & renovation. Professionals from the building industry find product innovation, competent contact persons and individual solutions for sustainable business at the fair. The topic of energy-efficient construction and renovation will be exhibition focus and occupy about one-third of the exhibition space. Numerous well-known companies in the industry such as the BASF SE as a Gold sponsor, AEREX HaustechnikSysteme GmbH, Lignotrend Produktions GmbH, ISOQUICK GmbH & co. KG, Finnforest Germany GmbH, MISAPOR AG, LTM GmbH, Zehnder GmbH comfosystems, Internorm window GmbH, PAUL heat recovery GmbH, Max Weishaupt GmbH, more dominate VARIOTEC sandwich elements GmbH & co. KG, Viessmann Werke GmbH & co, Drexel and Weiss Germany GmbH, Ludwig Haussler GmbH Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, and many of the the CEP 2009. Is this the subject of passive house Exhibition focus dominate and highlighted. Under the motto of passive House feel”held many actions, lectures, exhibition tours and discussions around the future – the passive – building standard.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be many other activities at the fair: “Energy efficient building and renovation” with Businessmatching, the two-day European cooperation Exchange strengthens the construction area and provides another way to international exchange. For the subject of construction and renovation, there will be first a private Exhibitor Forum, where the exhibiting companies give short presentations. If you have read about Andrew Cuomo already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In the framework of this forum, the developer day will take place again. Indoors are welcome here. ARCHITOS, an Association of international experts, informed about the topic of passive houses and energy-efficient construction and renovation.

The nationwide energy-savings-check of the craft day Baden-Wurttemberg e.V. goes on the CEP in the second round. The following institutions make the ESC round: Ministry of the environment Baden-Wurttemberg, Baden-Wurttemberg trade day e.V. (BWHT), GIH building energy consultant engineers craftsmen e.V., BW engineering Chamber and the Chamber of architects of BW. The meeting place for the energy consultant scene makes the energy island with the GIH e.V. Here you find technical talks from professional to professional. During the fair high-profile conferences including the Congress will take place workshop architecture in stock”. Experts in housing finance, architecture and science provide an overview of how you can remodel the House of the energy spin to the flagship project cost-neutral restructuring with appropriate measures. The European passive House Conference”deals with the topic of passive house from international point of view. The building envelope is the focus of the Conference.

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Power Switching: Electricity Calculator For Fast Comparisons

Save money and nerves using electricity tariff Calculator in terms of telecommunications providers, actually most consumers are well informed. The electricity tariffs are compared with each other and also any contract clauses. Constantly, it is anxious to find the cheapest electricity supplier. If necessary, climb to just on another. Everything no problem now! Many consumers also have several mobile phones or SIM cards.

The one that is used offering other times times depending on the savings. As you wonder why so many consumers refrain from taking the different electricity suppliers or their terms and conditions more closely scrutinized. Why does the topic change of electricity provider not in the area of interest of many consumers, although this could save perhaps a lot of money? It it not uncommon that people get worked up about the immense electric bill or huge payments. But a change of electricity provider is not considered yet. The Theme change of electricity provider “is relatively new.

While until 1998 at all there is no competition in this sector was possible due to the monopoly in terms of electrical energy is free since then but every customer, to adopt a change of electricity provider. The problem is that many consumers have fears in this regard. Now so many possibilities which have a bit of confusion. Some people have ever tired to cramming all the treaties. But it’s also easy! Electricity tariff calculator it’s easy way to have the conditions of different electricity supplier at a glance is possible. A power calculator is really gold value and is still free! On the basis of a power tariff comparison, which simply perform is through a power calculator, there is the possibility to save money effectively in future! Why should one miss this opportunity? A change of electricity supplier enters shortly before him, you must either run from A to B, yet one must fear a power failure. A power calculator saves money and Nerves!

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