Modern Apartment

The design of modern flat is one element that causes a feeling of relaxedness, freedom and ease. It's a bar. It is associated with a warm, friendly and creates a festive mood. Bars, as a matter of domestic interior, appeared in our country recently. However, they have already managed to catch the fancy of connoisseurs of comfort.

A distinctive feature of bar counters – modularity. This furniture is rare to find in the store entirely. Most often, the directories are offered individual parts. The buyer gets the opportunity to create a unique piece of furniture, to realize their design talents. Or select a model variant.

Combinations tabletops, consoles, accessories, shelves, feet, mirrors, lights, – innumerable. There are several types of bar counters. Classical separate piece of furniture height of about 1.2 meters. Included are special chairs, equipped with the crossbar for the feet. This option can be seen by going to any bar. There you can appreciate the convenience of high bar stools and to determine whether they will suit you for everyday use. Combination Comprising two parts – the rack itself and the usual kitchen table. Table working surface is much lower racks and stands at an angle to it. Such an arrangement allows more efficient use of space. Combined type of breakfast bar has to be carefully thought out, otherwise it will be detrimental to the convenience of organicity interior. Bar If the apartment has enough space, it is wiser to separate the kitchen and bar. Home bar – a great place for recreation and leisure. It can equip, not focusing on the required functional elements of the kitchen. Required only a refrigerator for drinks. Stance is the basic element of the design space. In this case, require special cabinets, shelves, right light and small accessories that make you feel comfortable and special atmosphere of relaxation. Materials of construction for the bars, can be very different – from wood to natural and artificial stone and metal. Most often they are combined. Shiny chrome parts and an abundance of windows make it possible to design lightness. Design bar counter is largely dictated by the room in which she located. Naturally, the necessary condition is that the functionality and to stand did not prevent free movement. But it is important and harmonious combination with other elements of interior design is to 'not cut eye '. Great importance for the 'revival' breakfast bar have accessories: glasses, wine glasses, napkins, vases. A bar, a reasonable approach, integrated into the interior of a spacious living room and small kitchen. By the way, linking it to the kitchen – one of the peculiarities of our country. In most cases, stand in a small kitchens is layered to wiser use of space. Sometimes a bar in a small kitchens is only a slight extension of the tabletop. To give the design finish, the rack above highlights a special form of roof, or cornice. These elements are drawn in the same style with the rest of the building, decorated and illuminated. If you want to create a special atmosphere of comfort in the kitchen, equip a place for recreation, or simply divided the space of the premises – a bar is the best solution. However, it is necessary very careful attention to the installation of this construction. Cool design, crisp lines and functionality – these are the conditions that should be followed when choosing a bar.

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