Interior Design

Design your interior design – is the result of painstaking work of a special team (architect, designer, designer, decorator, florist): Your collaboration with us begins, usually with initial introduction (your visit to our office or check out the designer on an object), get an idea of what you want to see the result. Based on this information after signing a contract of design services delivered by the technical design assignment (indicate desired number of rooms, number of residents is determined by the style of interior, etc.). Accomplished designer, preliminary sketches interior space as well as measurements and planning solution with furniture and are part of the pre-stage. In fact, it is this stage and is the most important and essential part of the project. These form the basis for all further progress: finalized the approved plan, drawn perspectives, drawn up a computer model of the future of interior, discusses the furniture, decoration materials and equipment. From the moment when the plan approved by the customer premises, you can begin the harmonization project. The next phase of work – the creation of technical (working) drawings, taking into account the size selected furniture, equipment, selected finishing materials. All this – rather prosaic and routine work based on – making the calculations and the development of structural elements..

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