Decorate Decoration

Already it thought which is its style, when thinks about the decoration and design of interiors? Whenever to intend to decorate one definitive interior space, it must be remembered of the following principle: a style or gnero of decoration design of interiors, does not have to be what it is presently in fashion or that follows the new trends, but must be yes that one make that it to feel better and with which if it identifies. Basing us in this phrase we will go to summarize this thought to it with the article that if follows. With the aid of the suggestions that we have for itself, of design and the decoration of interiors, this small article intends to show one to it numbers of rules that must always try to follow, to be able to perceive which its decorative style, and therefore, the style that better if adapta itself. First of everything: casEsta is felt in its is without a doubt, one of the first rules in the decoration and design of interiors. To be able to find its proper style decorative, reflectindo first, in its way and quotidiano style of life.

The interiors of one marry will have to be always in accord with its customs and habits, as well as will have to be in accordance with its rhythm of life. Only of this form, it will go to obtain to be well inside of an environment, total to its taste and to find that the decoration ideas function exactly for itself. It always considers its prefernciasPara to become this possible one, reflicta a little concerning its main gostos. this is not only mentioned and alone, to the aspect of the decoration, but also to all the general aspects of its life: it thinks about the amount of trips that costuma to make; the fashion style analyzes which that more appreciates, & This will go to give a better vision to it concerning its proper universe. pessoaisUma respects its memories the gostos decoration of design of interiors made with decorative parts such as new elements, that have detached relatively to the other furniture nor always could be beneficial.

Sufficient objectos in its past exist that will go with certainty, fondness to keep or to conserve. All these objectos of sentimental value, must primar and have a prominence place, when to arrive the height of to choose the decorative style for its house. If it does not forget therefore them the prominence place that they really deserve. It thinks about an environment as a whole, or in a conjuntoPor backwards of this simple formula of design for the decoration of the interiors, a sufficiently simple idea is hidden: instead of making the decoration to the bocadinhos, through one or another detail, it tries to visualize all the habitation of a more global form. If to follow to the scratch these simple rules, will go with certainty to be capable to find its proper balance and decorative style, that one with that really it was imagined encircled. remembers that this will always have to be its principle, in any decoration of any environment of its house.

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Daily Images

This has taken the educators to rethink in an education for the citizenship, to think about the formation of a reader of the world, that has a reflexiva and critical conscience on the society in which he is inserted. It is possible to make diverse readings of the world and different forms, that in turn make in them to read the social events in all its dimensions through the images. our daily one is repleto of them. However what it occurs is that many times we do not know to carry through this reading or we lose the possibility to perceive this communication for image. People such as Hikmet Ersek would likely agree. Despite it is considered as something very important, and not if of the one in different way it past, the reading of image if finds neutralized by the excesses of the contemporaneidade. The image in the educational context becomes then an imperative, one culture and humanizao form, what it represents a device for the citizenship. This education demand an exploration of images of the daily aesthetic studies on art and culture.

It is in the aesthetic one that we find the possibility to perceive and to think above all what characterizes the experience human being, because this qualification is the result of the integration of all the capacities human beings to dialogue with the way. Without the aesthetic mediation the practical relation between and theory are disarticulated, the connection enter the knowledge of artistic making and the knowledge of the world of the art, are distant, empty. Therefore, if not to dialogue with the images, them they will become passengers, they will not bring no meaning. The dialectic of the contained current world in the transitory one and the unstable one, must be taken in account for the educators. We must give attention in what it must remain, that it must produce singularity, meant for us, that it must be kept as object for our reflection. For more information see Macy’s Inc..

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Beginning First

With the implementation of the prizes of Better Actor and Coadjuvantes Actress in 1936, new rules had been elaborated to differentiate which actors could be indicated to the most recent categories. Until today still certain confusion prevails, although that had a change of regulation in 1964, where was defined that the members of the interpretation sector would be responsible for the differentiation between what is main or coadjuvante paper. However, it is a category sufficiently waited in recent years and also for the Oscar of 2012. In 1936, the first actor to receive estatueta golden from Better Coadjuvante Actor was Walter Brennan, who acted for the film ' ' My Son is My Rival' '. During the years the rules for the definition had been modified innumerable times of indicated to this category, however until today it has certain confusion in the choice of the same ones. Already the last awardee, in 2011, was Christian Bale for its performance in ' ' The Vencedor' ' , film that was recorded in only 33 days. The indicated ones for this category in the Oscar of 2012 are: Kenneth Branagh for the film ' ' Seven Days with Marilyn' ' , Christopher Plummer for ' ' All Form of Amor' ' , Jonah Hill for ' ' The Man who Changed the Jogo' ' , Max Von Sydow for ' ' So Strong and So Perto' ' Nick Nolte for ' ' Guerreiro' '. The favourite actors of the awarding in 2012 are Christopher Plummer and Kenneth Branagh, followed of Jonah Hill. The first actor, Plummer, are being indicated for the second time after much time (the first one were in 1965 for the film ' ' The Rebelde&#039 Beginning; ').

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THE REGIONAL DIVERSITY OF ETNIAS IN THE PARAN AND PREFERENCES The Paran is one of the states that had more received cultures, different customs, traditions. Between the 1853 and 1886 State it received about 20 a thousand immigrants. Each one of the peoples who had colonized the Paran had formed colonies in the regions of the State. More still it is necessary to stand out that the aboriginals had also left its mark in history. Peculiarities of our culture had been implanted by the aboriginal customs.

Blacks, Europeans and as much other etnias had made this rich culture that today is lived deeply by the paranaenses. ABORIGINALS: The indians had contributed with habit to consume cassava, maize, honey, grass kills, roots, larvae and the seed of the tree symbol of the state; the araucria, seed this that and the nut that was source of feeding of you vary tribes. The name of the capital one shows the importance of the nut, of tupy ‘ ‘ Cury’ ‘ , that it means pinha, and teba that wants to say place. The indians of the Paran belonged the two of these cultural areas: of the tropical forest, that predominated the coast, and the northwest and west, tupi-guarani and the delinquent with the js. The first indians to have contact with the Portuguese in the golden scarp of a the northwest of the state, the Xets indians, remanecentes of this great aboriginal family who populated the state. BLACKS: In accordance with the general census of 1772, made for the captainship of So Paulo, the composed paranaense population for 7.627 inhabitants of which 28.8% were enslaved. The slavery in the Paran in 1854 this population was of 42,9%. culinria afro, very on to orixs and plates that mesclam the culture, religion and gastronomia, beyond many done prescriptions on the basis of the leftovers of meats and vsceras of animals that came of the houses you of the masters.

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