Winter Sports Holidays In Bulgaria

Bulgaria is situated in Southern Europe, on the coast of the Black Sea. The neighboring countries are Turkey and southern Greece. In this area you think about a beach holiday at Gold beach, Bulgaria still has an excellent winter sports area with high mountains, lots of snow and numerous lakes in the middle of the high altitudes of the mountains. South of Sofia, the capital of the land cover are 2 mountains, the Rila and Rhodope Mountains. The Musala in the Rila Mountain is the highest mountain in Bulgaria, he has an altitude of 2,925 meters, 78 summits over 2,500 meters. The winter sports center of Borovets in the Rila Mountains already has alpine character. A big advantage in the Bulgarian ski resorts, the snow, where warm, moist air from the Mediterranean Sea meet at the clash of cold air from the northeast, so there are no problems with snow. There are good slopes from December to late April. The prices are very cheap, of course, many hotels are newly built and the roads to the mountains are well developed. The food in the restaurants is good BulgarianFood and very cheap. There are skis for rent, and German instructors. In the Rila Mountains, there are also many hot springs. There are, of course, resorts with spas and everything else that goes with everything. So if you want to also make a day of relaxation before departure and the battered bones would relax a little and this is the place to rehabilitate. In total there are over 600 mineral springs, cold and hot springs, even a geyser of boiling over 102 from the ground. Skiing in Bulgaria, sounds a little crazy but coming on strong and so far a secret.

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