Which The Real Purpose Of The Period Of Training

WHICH THE REAL PURPOSE OF THE PERIOD OF TRAINING? i In accordance with CHAPTER I of Law 11,788, of 25 of September of 2009 that it treats ' ' OF THE DEFINITION, CLASSIFICATION AND RELATIONS OF ESTGIO' ': Art. 1 Period of training is act educative pertaining to school supervised, developed in environment of work, that it aims at to the preparation for the productive work of educandos that are frequenting regular education in institutions of superior education, professional education, average education, the special education and the final years of basic education, in the professional modality of adult the young education of e. Analyzing the article ' ' The Importance Of the Estgio' ' published in 04/05/2008 for lawyer Adriano Martins Pine we see that: The period of training is a process of indispensable learning to a professional whom it desires to be prepared to face the challenges of a career. It is in the period of training the chance to assimilate the theory and the practical one, to learn the peculiarities and ' ' macetes' ' of profession, to know the reality of day-by-day, in what the academic chose to exert. To the measure that the academic has contact with the tasks that the period of training provides to it, starts then to assimilate everything what he has learned and even though what still he goes to learn theoretically. In another research I found the following definition: The function of the period of training is to make possible to the apprenticees the practical knowledge of the professional functions, and makes possible to the students an empirical contact with the theoretical substances that are passed to them in classroom. One is about the agreement, today consolidated for the educators, of whom the theory, without the practical one, is incomplete, harming the immediate access to the work market.

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