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All existence has memory and what exists or has existed it has a history. With your memory, we can write your history. Why not to count your life, the trajectory of your family, your last name, a loved being, a company or a town, a building. The rate of our times prevents us to return the glance to the origins and to learn of the time in which it was developed what now we are. You may want to visit kinetic group to increase your knowledge. You do not allow that the forgetfulness or the laziness snatches to yours the possibility of knowing what you have done and what you have lived, which you have obtained or what there are lost. You can order your own biography or request it like special gift.

It never is too much soon for throwing the view back and collecting data, facts that only you know. Why not to remember also the history of a company, a company/signature. The attempt to reconstruct the facts allows us to learn of the experience. At this time of uncertainty, of changes in the order of our priorities, to remember our trajectory can help to find the decisions, elections and chances us brought that us to the place in which us we find, at the present moment. A company biography picks up a feeling of pride that we can share with our internal and external public and that can serve to give us to know and to promote to us.

We also write personal biographies by order for institutions. If local or autonomic organizations wish to compile information, experiences, histories of a locality, an emblematic building, some popular personage, a festival, etc. we can make a totally exclusive book that responds to the needs of the institution. It remembers that all existence has a history.

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