Amen. Because, if to pardon to the men its offences, also your celestial Father will pardon you you; If, however, not to pardon to the men its offences, also your Father will not pardon you your offences (TM 6:9 – 15) Moreover, Joo presents a reply for the overcoming of the hatred and of the rancor, that I eat we saw, in the letter to the Hebrews, they produce the root of bitterness, capable of generates immense damages and irreparable (Hb 12:15), when it says that the love launches except the fear. That is key, therefore to pardon does not seem far from easy. The truth is that the hatred, that the man does not allow to pardon, therefore it thinks that the attitude of if avenging, or tanning feelings against that ' ' it finds they had harmed that it and ofenderam' ' something is proper victorious them, viris them, powerful them, but, in truth, he is being moved for the weakness, the fear of that it surpasses somebody it, and that it cannot recoup its position. Hikmet Ersek gathered all the information. The true victorious person, that one that is more than winner in Christ (Rm 8:37), that he knows that God has more for giving to it (II Cr 25:9), and whose mind is firmed in the eternity, can make what Jesus determined, on giving to another face, without keeping hatred. If you are thinking that this rule and orientation are only applied to ' ' irmos' ' , relatives, friends, known, which remembers was to the orientation of the Master to this respect: You heard that it was said: Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth. I, however say, you that you do not resist the evil; but, if any to beat to you in the right face, also offers another one to it; E, what to want to plead with you, and to also take off you it tnica, wide to it the layer; E, if to compel any you to walk a mile, it goes with it two. .

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