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Fashion posing in bikini also comes to the young stars Disney. This time, Ashley Tisdale is the way we see the great and sexy on the cover of Shape magazine in January, always characterized by publishing the same kind of pictures but with different faces. Yes, it’s very original, but the results are so splendid. As there could be less, in the interview, Ashley has to keep making that Tipaza. It’s method simple, this used to lead a good diet, not smoking, not drinking (which he claims to have acquired habits of his mother) and always goes to the gym as well. Hello dear friends and friends:
He completed two years ago while working in this magnificent project to celebrate the occasion and thought to write a comment or talk to one other bit of what has been the experience. Starting congratulate everyone for making this a perfect place for such a huge amount of restless minds who enjoy the constant search of knowledge that gives us the space within the site.
I never should have thought of that afternoon in August so many moons ago that this place back end becoming one of those loves dogs, as our Mexican friends say ‘Love, that workout is unbearable to open the doors of our minds and hearts to share this little thing, that comment, is the subject that once we learned there and realize that their absence or mistake that we dared on the deals, first with fear and then more and more courage, arrogance, blindness and strength to change it to create and defend “Dog, that this courage and obfuscation has become for some of us” enderrepente “a true obsession ‘andalusia always ending with a final exercise balanced’ learn to listen to ‘learn to tolerate and learn to learn.
How many times we were not angry at any other user or an anonymous partner with wantonness, disrespect and lack of change and vandalized approach we’ve taken a long time to give birth, let grow and mature “But all we have lasted more than one station to work here, I think we have learned to be more comprehensive and astute, or if that does not confuse us, we lose the enthusiasm with which we encourage you to click on the tab that says wonderful edit and do what some elegance we have learned to do with so much happiness’
I would love to know so many good people who continue to work here once and that had not abandoned the cause ‘even fitness those who hate for several days for holding just the opposite has taught us that life “as in almost everything in life, his presence always short, never left. Well, that’s part of what I felt this time, and despite the lack of some (especially families, couples and friends) I can not say it was more, and I believe deeply that it will be and remain a wonderful ball experience. Thank you all.
With great esteem and affection,
Rakela 04:58 30 Aug 2007 (EST)
Thank you for sharing and being here with us. Inevitably, this is a human, very human is generous enough to say (and that is incomprehensible to many) and is confrontational, sometimes even well enough to say … but it is because it is human. Your comment shows, and personally makes me feel even more proud to participate in something that someone like you is also participating. – Camima 18:13 30 Aug 2007 (EST)
I share your feeling that emphasizes very well what is to contribute in this project, most of all the human side, the most important of this project. Thank you for sharing this commentary. Erodrigufer (Talk) 01:21 2 Sep 2007 (EST)
Thank you for your words Rakela, has said much of what others feel the matter. A further poniendole hard to make this encyclopedia is better every day and try to survive. We have almost the same wikiedad (one week apart)! : D. Greetings. Lin Lina, have you tell me ’01:49 3 Sep 2007 (EST)
Rakela, thanks to people like you live as our encyclopedia is. Dark 18:15 9 Sep 2007 (EST)

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